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Brenda Brown [Parents] was born 5 May 1949. She died 1 Dec 1977. She married Weimer.

Harry Bowe

Nancy Trescott

They had the following children:





Sharon Irene Bowe

Joe Brown


They had the following children:





Kathy Brown

Cornelius Barlow [Parents] was born 1770. He died 1820 in Washington County, Kentucky. He married Catherine Sibert 20 Feb 1796 in Washington Co, Ky.

Catherine Sibert. married Cornelius Barlow 20 Feb 1796 in Washington Co, Ky.

Robert Brumfield. married Elizabeth Barlow 11 Feb 1796 in Washington Co, Ky.

Elizabeth Barlow [Parents] was born Aft 1775. She died WFT Est. 1803-1869. She married Robert Brumfield 11 Feb 1796 in Washington Co, Ky.

Charles L. Thompson

Mary A. Thompson [Parents] was born 23 Feb 1892 in Hamburg, Ia. She died Dec 1978. She married Charles L. Thompson.

George T. Hoffman   married Emeline Jane Wilson 10 Jun 1860 in Atchison County, Missouri.

Time Line for James C Wilson and Nancy Barlow Wilson with connections with their children below.

Emeline Jane Wilson [Parents] was born 1842 in Shelby County, Indiana. She married George T. Hoffman 10 Jun 1860 in Atchison County, Missouri.

Children of Emeline Jane Wilson and George Thomas Hoffman are

1.      William Henry Hoffman b: May 18 1861, Iowa  d: Mar 13 1915, Tucson, Pima Co, Az

2.      Mary Elsworth Hoffman b: Apr 27 1864, Iowa d: Sep 6 1865, Iowa

3.      Rosebelle Hoffman b: Feb 14 1866, Davenport, Scott Co, Iowa d:  Jul 20 1946 Colton, Clackamas Co, Or

4.      Rosette M Hoffman b: Apr 10 1868, Iowa d: Dec 16 1945, Sandy, Or

5.      Seth Thomas Hoffman b: Apr 5 1870, Iowa

6.      Cora Elizabeth Hoffman b: Feb 22 1872, Ne

7.      Elnora Hoffman b: Apr 16 1874, Ne d: Sep 13 1953, Pleasant Home, Multnomah Co, Or

8.      Diamond Clark Hoffman b: Sep 12 1876, Or

9.      Ida Edessa Hoffman b: Sep 16 1878, Marmot. Clackamas Co, Or d: Oct 11 1950, Portland, Or

10.  Freeman Sharps Hoffman b: Oct 27 1880 Marmot, Clackamas Co, Or d: 1955, Sandy, Oregon

Yvonne Nasshahn Price, a descendant of George and Emeline can be reached at, to share more information on their descendants.

Cyrus John Dunn was born 11 Jul 1844 in Buffalo, Erie County, New York. He died 22 Sep 1886 in Council bluff, Patawatamie, Iowa. He was buried 23 Sep 1886 in Council bluff, Patawatamie, Iowa. He married Susan Margaret Wilson 3 Aug 1870.

Susan Margaret Wilson [Parents] was born 1851 in Atchison County, Missouri. She died 25 Apr 1932 in Salem, Marion County, Oregon. She married Cyrus John Dunn 3 Aug 1870.

A descendant of Susan Margaret has her birth date as 14 June 1853 in Linden Post Office, Liberty, Clay, Missouri

They had the following children:





James Henry Dunn was born 18 Feb 1872.





John Anderson Dunn was born 1 May 1874.





William Allen Dunn was born 22 Jun 1876 in Red Oak, Montgomery County, Iowa. He died 7 Nov 1948 in Salem, Marion County, Oregon.





Female Dunn was born Abt 1878 in Council bluff, Patawatamie, Iowa.

Richard W. Barlow [Parents] was born 19 Jul 1852 in Atchison County, Missouri. He married Louisa A Burger Adcock. Richard was counted in a census 1 29 Jun 1900 in S Polk Twp, Atchison Co, Missouri.

In a General Affidavit made by Dr Richard Buckham he states that Richard W. Barlow was
1. Named after him
2. Born between 1852-1853
Dr Buckham didn't keep very good record if he kept records at all. In a statement by Richard W. Barlow he claims there were never any records kept by his family.

Louisa A Burger Adcock was born 1 Abt 1831 in Missouri. She died 9 Apr 1916 in Auburn, Nebraska. She married Richard W. Barlow. Louisa was counted in a census 2 1870 in Clay Twp, Atchison Co, Missouri.

Other marriages:

Adcock, J D


Information from Gone but not Forgotten Cemetery Book
Linden Cemetery
Rock Port, Mo.
Mrs. Richard (Louisa A) Barlow
Died: Apr 9, 1916 age 85 yr 1 Mo 29 Days
Husband Richard W. Barlow

Below article is taken from the Atchison County Mail, Friday April 14,1916

Mrs. Richard Barlow, ninety years of age, an old pioneer of this township, died at her home in Auburn, Nebraska, and was buried in Linden Cemetery on the 11th, the Christian pastor of Rock Port preached the funeral sermon to a large crowd of friends. We extend our sympathy to the bereaved husband and relatives.

John Crutchfield.  married Barbara Lincoln 1819 in Harrison Co, Indiana.

Barbara Lincoln [Parents] was born Abt 1802 in Kentucky. She married John Crutchfield 1819 in Harrison Co, Indiana.

They had the following children:





Keziah T Crutchfield


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