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Selected Families and Individuals

Billheimer.Billheimer married Saloma Sherfey.

Saloma Sherfey [Parents] was born Abt 1842. She married Billheimer.


Maude Ethel Sherfey [Parents] was born 1887. She married Crummett 27 Jul 1920.

Steinour.Steinour married Dora Catherine Sherfey 26 Mar 1903.

Dora Catherine Sherfey [Parents] was born 8 Jul 1869. She married Steinour 26 Mar 1903.

Heckman.Heckman married Edna Jane Sherfey 24 Oct 1894.

Edna Jane Sherfey [Parents] was born 21 Jul 1874. She died 30 Jul 1935. She married Heckman 24 Oct 1894.


Mina May Sherfey [Parents]

Henry Miller Sherfey [Parents] was born 8 Apr 1846. He died 1 Jan 1916. He married Never Married.

Never Married.Never Married married Henry Miller Sherfey.

Never Married

Mary Sherfey [Parents].Mary Sherfey [Parents] married Never Married.

Wilcox.Wilcox married Elizabeth Sherfey 13 Oct 1874.

Elizabeth Sherfey [Parents] was born 19 Feb 1851. She died 5 May 1896. She married Wilcox 13 Oct 1874.

They had the following children:

  F i Daughter 1 Wilcox was born Abt 1876.
  F ii Daughter 2 Wilcox was born Abt 1878.
  F iii Daughter 3 Wilcox was born Abt 1880.
  F iv Daughter 4 Wilcox was born Abt 1882.
  F v Daughter 5 Wilcox was born Abt 1884.
  F vi Daughter 6 Wilcox was born Abt 1886.
  M vii Son 1 Wilcox was born Abt 1888.
  M viii Son 2 Wilcox was born Abt 1890.

Solomon Sherfey [Parents] was born 26 Jan 1799 in York Co, Pa. He married Catherine McNeil 1826.

Catherine McNeil was born 26 Oct 1806. She died 6 Aug 1887. She married Solomon Sherfey 1826.

They had the following children:

  F i Caroline A Sherfey was born Aft 1826.
  M ii Charles W Sherfey was born Aft 1826.
  M iii John M Sherfey was born Aft 1826.
  M iv William Emory Sherfey

Samuel Sherfey [Parents] was born 17 Jan 1810 in Gettysburg, Adams Co, Pennsylvania. He died 17 Apr 1898 in Bloomington, Monroe Co, Indiana. He married Anna M Dinwiddle 29 Dec 1836.

The Sherfey-Dinwiddle research was given to me by Glenda Ripple adescendant of the Dinwiddle family
Her e-mail is

Anna M Dinwiddle was born 12 Aug 1812 in Pennsylvania. She died 17 Sep 1876 in Bloomington, Monroe Co, Indiana. She married Samuel Sherfey 29 Dec 1836.

They had the following children:

  F i Sarah Catherine Sherfey was born 24 Nov 1837.
  M ii Jacob Franklin Sherfey was born 13 Aug 1839.
  F iii Mary Jane Sherfey was born 5 May 1841.
  F iv Hannah Rosana Sherfey was born 12 Dec 1843.
  M v Samuel Andrew Jackson Sherfey was born 5 Nov 1845 in Eureka Springs, Carroll Co, Arkansas. He died 15 Dec 1853.
  F vi Rebecca Jennie Sherfey
  M vii James Hugh Dinwiddle Sherfey was born 4 May 1850 in Virginia. He died 8 Oct 1920.
  M viii Lewis Case Benedict Sherfey was born 7 May 1853 in Virginia.
  M ix Joseph David Sherfey

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