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CHRISTOPHER Barlow was born 1 Abt 1695 in Germany. He died Bef 19 Oct 1747 in Orange County, Virginia. He married Pavera (Barbara) Abt 1715 in Germany.

Barlow information can be found at the Barlow Clearinghouse at

He was indentured to pay for their transportation to America in 1717 and on May 5, 1730, was freed of this indenture. In the William and Mary Quarterly vol 26, No 2 pg 79 , they had the entire colony released by1725. He died around 1747 in Virginia

Also see short notes of Germana History by John Blankenbaker on the internet. Very good reading.
He discusses the beginning of the Germanna Colonies
Found a very good book, A history of early Spotsylvania by James Roger Mansfield.

Pavera (Barbara) was born Abt 1695. She married CHRISTOPHER Barlow Abt 1715 in Germany.

They had the following children:

  M i Matthias Barlow
  M ii JACOB Barlow
  M iii Adam Barlow
  M iv Christopher Barler\Barlow

Adam Barlow [Parents] was born Abt 1730 in Virginia. He died 1786 in Orange County, Virginia. He married Mary Elizabeth Smith BET. 1750 - 1760 in Probably Culpeper County, Virginia.



Adam b, ca 1725-30, d, 1786 m Mary Smith before 1759. Mary Smith wasdaughter of Michael Smith Jr and Anna Magdalene Thomas as Michael Smithmade a deed of gift on Apr 15 1762 of 100 acres to his son in law AdamBarler. The Hebron Church records show the marriage as early as 1759.Michael Smith Jr b, ca 1710, d, 1761 was son of John Michael Smith a 1717immigrant and Katrina d, 1762-68 Anna M Thomas was daughter of JohnThomas, a 1717 immigrant and Mary _____________.

B.C. Holtzclaw (3) lists these children of Adam Barlow

1. Joshua Barlow (Eldest son and heir moved to Barren County, Kentucky)
2. Ambrose Barlow, m, Ann Smith (his first cousin, daughter of John Smith)
3. Michael Barlow (with his uncle Christopher in 1787 in Culpeper County,Va)
4. Adam Barlow (with his uncle Christopher in 1787 in Culpeper County Va)
5. Rachel Barlow (oldest daughter, m, Conrad Kuenzle, ca 1772)
6. Leah Barler (confirmed at Hebron Church 1777)
7. Ann Barler, m, Moses Harbinson in 1789, Culpeper County, Va)
8. Enoch Barler, m, Aug 18 1777 (Hebron Church records)[Brøderbund FamilyArchive #310, Ed. 1, Census Index: Colonial America, 1607-1789, Date ofImport: 20 Jan 2000, Internal Ref. #1.310.1.88.38]

Individual: Barler, Adam
County/State: Culpeper Co., VA
Year: 1764
Census type code: Rent Roll
The following miscellaneous information is provided about the individual:OF SMITH

Mary Elizabeth Smith [Parents] was born Abt 1730. She married Adam Barlow BET. 1750 - 1760 in Probably Culpeper County, Virginia.

They had the following children:

  M i Michael Barlow was born Abt 1752.
  M ii Adam Barlow was born Abt 1754.
  M iii Leah Barlow was born Abt 1755.
  F iv Ann Barlow
  F v Rachel Barlow
  M vi Joshua Barlow
  M vii Ambrose Barlow
  M viii Enoch Barlow

Christopher Barler\Barlow [Parents] was born 1730 in Virginia. He died 1810 in Madison County, Kentucky. He married Catherine Fleshman Abt 1750 in Madison Co, Virginia.


All information on Christopher Barlow was originally given to me by SueMaxwwell
23615 N. 58th Drive, Glendale, Az 85310

On 18 Jan 1753 Jacob Barlow and his wife, Mary deeded to ChristopherBarler 100 acres (half the land deed by Mathias Smith in 1726) CulpeperCo, Va deed book A pg 477

MILITARY: Letter found in Pension records for Christopher Barlow #W8341

Pension Office
Jan 30, 1835

MILITARY: This declaration of christopher Barlow and the testemony in
support of his claim have been examined. He alleges that he
enlisted in Capt Boyer's company in Va for 2 yrs, and was
marched to the western frontier of that state where he served
his time out, and that his brother Lewis Barlow of In. served in
the same company and now receives a pension. Ref has been
made to his brothers declaration on file. He served in Capt
Bowyer's Co, but said the company belonged to the Continental
Establishment and performed service totally differant from that set
forth by the applicant. If the applicant served at all it was as a militiaman.
No allowances can be made excepting for his three tours of militia
service amounting in all 6 months. The papers will be placed on file
with suspended cases.

MILITARY: I have the honor to be
very respectful
Your obet servt

J. L. Edwards

MILITARY: Hon B Hardin
House of Representatives.

Catherine Fleshman [Parents] was born Abt 1730. She married Christopher Barler\Barlow Abt 1750 in Madison Co, Virginia.

Descendants of Ziriakus Fleischmann

20. Catherine4 Fleischmann ((Johann) Peter3, Ziriakus2, Veltin1) wasborn Abt. 1736. She married Christopher Barler.

Children of Catherine Fleischmann and Christopher Barler are:
+ 150 i. Mary Barler, born Abt. 1756 in Virginia; died Aft. 1836.
151 ii. Joseph Barler, died Abt. 1849 in Boone Co., Ky32.
152 iii. Ephraim Barler.
Notes for Ephraim Barler:
Ephraim probably married Mary Ann Carter 27 January 1789 in CulpeperCounty, Virginia.

153 iv. Michael Barler.
154 v. Aaron Barler, born Abt. 1773 in Culpeper, VA32. He marriedCatharine Beemon 28 April, 1801 in Madison Co., VA32.
155 vi. Ludwig Barler, born 28 February, 1776.
Notes for Ludwig Barler:
Ludwig was baptized 24 March 1776 Culpeper County, Virginia.

156 vii. Margaret Barler. She married Michael Delph.
157 viii. Daniel Barler. He married Susanna Beemon 30 January, 1797in Madison Co., VA32.
Notes for Daniel Barler:
Daniel probably married second in 1825 to Rhoda Crisler.

They had the following children:

  M i Aaron Barlow
  M ii Ephriam Barlow
  F iii Margaret Barlow
  M iv Michael Barlow
  F v Mary Barler\Barlow
  M vi Joseph Barlow was born Abt 1759. He died Abt 1849.

Will book F, Boone Co, Kentucky, deeds everything to his sisters MaryMillbanks, Peggy Delph & brother Daniel and very explicitly cuts out the other brothers. Boone Co, Ky abstracts of Order Book B 1817-1825 page 149 Joseph Barlow.
A Revolutionary soldier, produced a declaration in writing containing a schedule of his property.. Sept 1820
  M vii Daniel Barlow

Matthias Barlow [Parents] was born Abt 1725 in Virginia. He married No Wife.

Matthias Bellar (Barlow)- probably oldest son and was granted 400 acresof land June 24, 1726 jointly with Mathias Smith. On Oct 19 1747 MathiasSmith deeded to Jacob Barlow 200 acres (Half of the 1726 patent). Thisdeed shows both Christopher and Matthias were both dead by 1747 (Matthiaswithout issue) and that Jacob Barler, the elder surviving son was heir ofthe land.

Matthias Barlow had no wife nor children.

It is believed that Matthias and Christopher are one in the same. Therehas been allot of discussion about this but no real proof.

No Wife.No Wife married Matthias Barlow.

Michael Jr Smith.Michael Jr Smith married Anna Magdalene Thomas.

Anna Magdalene Thomas.Anna Magdalene Thomas married Michael Jr Smith.

They had the following children:

  F i Mary Elizabeth Smith

Peter Fleishman.Peter Fleishman married Elizabeth Broyles.

Elizabeth Broyles.Elizabeth Broyles married Peter Fleishman.

They had the following children:

  F i Catherine Fleshman

John Barlow [Parents] was born 1770 in Culpeper, Virginia. He married Priscilla Burris 5 Mar 1796 in Washington County, Kentucky.



Copy of John Barlow's discharge from the continental Army By hisExcellency GEORGE WASHINGTON Esq, General and Commander in Chief of theForces of the United States of America.

Priscilla Burris.Priscilla Burris married John Barlow 5 Mar 1796 in Washington County, Kentucky.

Christopher Barlow [Parents] was born 1757 in Culpeper, Virginia. He died 22 Jun 1837. He married Barbara Mayers BET. 1775 - 1780 in CulpeperCo, Va.

Barbara Mayers was born Abt 1757. She married Christopher Barlow BET. 1775 - 1780 in CulpeperCo, Va.

They had the following children:

  F i Catharine Barlow
  F ii Barbara Barlow was born BET. 1777 - 1780 in Kentucky.
  F iii Elizabeth Barlow was born BET. 1777 - 1780 in Kentucky.
  M iv Jacob Barlow was born BET. 1777 - 1780.
  F v Nancy Barlow was born BET. 1777 - 1780 in Kentucky.
  M vi Thomas Barlow was born BET. 1777 - 1780 in Kentucky.

Henry Barlow [Parents] was born Abt 1758 in Culpeper, Virginia. He died Bef 11 Dec 1809 in Washington Co, Kentucky. He married Jane Marshall 5 Nov 1782 in Rockingham County, Virginia.

Information on Henry's line was given to me by Susan Partridge and wasadded or confirmed to my database

Dear Vernon , Thank you for all the work you have done. My Father is
Clyde Barlow his dad was Mason Barlow. William Henry, and Henry and so
on. I would be glad to fill in many of the gaps for you and all
concerned. You only note my deceased brother John Roger Barlow, but I
was born before him on 1/20/ 45 ,and I can see why the oversight since
nothing happened to me. My Grandfather Mason Barlow had a brother Jesse
whom I knew he lived out his days in Florida. I dont have time to
write more tonight, but please contact me at
sincerly Clyde Mason Barlow

Henry owned land in Washington Co, Ky in 1793 according to the early taxrecords of Ky. Jane Barlow, the widow and relict of Henry Barlow, diedbefore 12 Dec 1815, leaving a noncupative will which was probated in WaCo, Ky. The legatees were sons: Julius and Joel and daughters Nancy andPeggy. Whitnesses to this will were: Jacob Barlow, Luke Mudd, ElizabethWynne and Mary Wynne. Henry and Jane had eleven children: James, Jacob,john, Elizabeth, Sarah, Jesse, Mary, Julius, Joel, Nancy and MargaretBarlow.

Jane Marshall [Parents] was born Abt 1764 in Virginia. She died Bef 12 Dec 1815 in Washington Co, Kentucky. She married Henry Barlow 5 Nov 1782 in Rockingham County, Virginia.

They had the following children:

  M i James B Barlow
  M ii Jacob Barlow
  M iii John J Barlow
  F iv Elizabeth Barlow
  F v Sarah Barlow
  M vi Jesse Barlow
  F vii Mary Barlow was born 1 Nov 1794 in Washington Co, Kentucky.
  M viii Julius Barlow
  M ix Joel Barlow
  F x Nancy Barlow

James Marshall.James Marshall married Elizabeth.

Elizabeth.Elizabeth married James Marshall.

They had the following children:

  F i Jane Marshall

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