Descendants of Jacob Schaub/Shoup

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1. Jacob Schaub was born about 1713 probably in Germany. His parents are not known. It has been thought that he was born in Bergzabern,Bavaria,Germany but this has not been verified. A Jacob Shaub arrived on the ship “Virtuous Grace” which landed in Philadelphia in September 1737. There was also a Jacob Schop who arrived on the “Charming Nancy” in 1739. He was married about 1742 in Pennsylvania to Veronica “Franey” whose surname is not known.

Jacob and Veronica settled in Nockamixon Township, Bucks County, PA sometime around its organization in 1742. Jacob died in 1766 at age 52. His will was dated 11 January 1766 and proved 11 April 1766. His estate was left to his wife, Franey until the youngest child was 14 years old. The name was changed to “Shoup” in future generations.

Children of Jacob and Veronica Schaub/Shoup:

  1. Jacob Shoup , b. 1744. Marr. #1, about 1766, Elizabeth Lightcap ; marr. #2, prob. before 1798, Ann Elizabeth, surname unknown. Died 1810 in Westmoreland Co. PA.

  2. Margaret Shoup , b. abt. 1748. Marr. Johannes/John Hugus . Lived in Unity Twp., Westmoreland Co. PA.

  3. John Shoup/Shupe , b. 19 May 1750. Marr. anna maria Mary Messer . Died 2 Apr 1835 at Mt. Pleasant Twp., Westmoreland County, PA.

  4. Henry Shoup , b. abt. 1752. Marr. Susanna. Died during Revolutionary War in 1777.

  5. Ann Shoup , b. abt. 1754.

  6. Lawrence/Lorentz Shoup , Chr. 18 Apr 1759 in Tohickon Reformed Church, Bucks Co. PA. Marr. Catharina. Died 1833 in East Huntington, Westmoreland Co. PA.

  7. Veronica "Francy" Shoup , b. 29 Jan 1761. Marr. Paul Nelich/Nelig/Neely. Died 21 Sep 1843 in Westmoreland Co. PA.

  8. Michael Shoup , b. abt. 1764. Marr. Eva. Died 1810 in Westmoreland Co. PA.

2. Jacob Shoup/Schaub was born in 1744 in Nockamixon Township, Bucks County, PA. He was the son of Jacob and Veronica Schaub. The name has also been found as Shope and Shaub but later generations used "Shoup". He was married about 1766 to Elizabeth Lightcap/Leibgeb . [An old DAR record lists Jacob's wife as Rebecca Lightcap and many people have used this information but the will of Solomon Lightcap names his daughter, "Elizabeth Shupe".] Jacob and Elizabeth had seven children. She died sometime before 1798 when Jacob was listed with another wife, Anna Elizabeth, whose surname is unknown. He had another seven children with Anna Elizabeth, making him the father of fourteen children in all. [For more information on Jacob Shoup, see my web page with more information on Jacob and Elizabeth Lightcap

Jacob Shoup served as a Captain of the 3rd. Battalion, Nockamixon Company of the Bucks County Militia in the Revolutionary War. His 2nd Lieutenant was his wife's brother, Solomon Liebgeb. His own brother, Henry and two other Lightcaps/Leibgeb's also served in his company. Jacob operated a grist mill and a saw mill in Noxamixon Counnty. His brothers went to Westmoreland County, PA after their father died. Jacob was still in Bucks County on 25 September 1790 when he and his wife, Elizabeth sold the property that he had inherited from his father. He moved to Westmoreland County soon after the property was sold.

Jacob Shoup died in Unity Township, Westmoreland County, PA in 1810 at about age 66. He left a will dated 9 September 1810 that is registered in Westmoreland County. He names his wife, Ann Elizabeth and all of his children in the will. At the time, three of the children were under the age of twelve. He directed that the property would be occupied and used by his wife (including a still) until the youngest child reached twelve years and then it was to be appraised and offered first to his sons-in-law and if they refused, it should be sold and the money equally divided among all the children in equal shares with the exception that five pounds be deducted from the shares of the older daughters and added to the share of the three younger girls.

Children of Jacob and Elizabeth (Lightcap) Shoup:

  1. Solomon Shoup , b. 1767. Marr. Elizabeth, surname unknown. Died Aug 1817 in sugar Creek Twp., Armstrong Co. PA

  2. Catherine Shoup , b. abt. 1769. Marr. Henry Bear .

  3. Jacob Shoup , b. 1770. Marr. 1802, Sarah Downing . Died 1849 in Sagamon Co. IL. [There are questions about this marriage - information may not be correct]

  4. Abraham Shoup , b. 8 Feb 1774. Died 1806 in Westmoreland Co. PA.

  5. Elizabeth Shoup , b. 22 Jul 1776. Marr. John Cole .

  6. John Shoup , b. abt. 1778. Marr. Polly Auberman . Died in IL.

  7. Veronica Shoup , b. 12 Sep 1780. Marr. John Hartzell . Was "of Stark Co. OH in 1830.

    Children of Jacob and Ann Elizabeth Shoup:

  8. Sarah Shoup , b. abt. 1798. Marr. Fredrick Stockberger .

  9. Mary Shoup , b. abt. 1801. Marr. John Stockberger . [ WFT 14, #2929 says her name was Mary Magdalena Shoup, b. Jan 19 1788 marr. John Jacob Stockberger in 1808 and died 5 Feb 1846 in Perry Co. OH near Glenford. I have not verified this]

  10. Susanna Shoup , b. 15 June 1803. Marr. __ Lewis .

  11. Henry Shoup , b. 6 Jan 1804. Wife may have been Anna Mary, surname unknown. Died 9 Dec 1886 in Perry Twp., Westmoreland Co. PA.

  12. Leah Shoup , b. 18 Jan 1806.

  13. Rachel Shoup , b. 18 Jan 1806.

  14. Michael Shoup , b. abt. 1807. Marr. Mary Keeler .

3. Solomon Shoup was born 1767 in Bucks County, PA. He was the son of Jacob and Ann Elizabeth (Lightcap) Shoup. His wife's name was Elizabeth, surname unknown.

Solomon was living in Sugar Creek Twp., Armstrong County, PA in 1810 when his father died. He apparently had moved there from Buffalo Township where he had owned 104 acres "by virtue of his actual settlement and improvement". He probably went to what is now Clarion County about 1815. Legend says that when the family arrived in the St. Petersburg area it was fall and they built a "shanty" of poles and clapboards, open on the sides. His son, David, later built a fine home on the same hill where the view is awe-inspiring.

Solomon was killed about August 1817 at age 50, when he fell of the roof while raising a neighbor's barn. He left no will. Bond was filed 14 January 1818 to settle the estate. He left no will.

Children of Solomon and Elizabeth Shoup:

  1. Jacob Shoup, b. 1788.

  2. Catherine Shoup, b. 1789.

  3. John Shoup , b. 21 Jan 1796. Marr. Jane. Died 1894.

  4. Elizabeth Shoup , b. 3 Sep 1793 in Westmoreland Co. PA.

  5. Susan Shoup , b. 1795.

  6. Sarah Shoup , b. 1 Jun 1798.

  7. David Shoup , b. 19 Oct 1800. Marr. #1, abt. 1822, Rosina Shakeley ; #2, 1838, Lavina Goughler . Died 17 May 1889.

  8. Jonathan Shoup , b. 1805. Marr. ___ Hagan . Died 25 Jun 1897 in Perryville, Clarion Co. PA.

  9. Solomon Shoup , b. 13 Aug 1806.

3. David Shoup was born 19 October 1800 at Sugar Creek, Armstrong County, PA. He was the son of Solomon and Elizabeth Shoup. He was married about 1822 to Rosina Shakeley who died 15 May 1837 after the birth of her daughter, Rosina, leaving David with eight children, the oldest being just 14 years old. In 1838, he was married again to Lavina Goughler , daughter of Henry and Katherine (Cope) Goughler. She was born 27 Sep 1817 in Berks County, PA. Lavina and David had thirteen children, making him the father of 22 children. Lavina died 14 June 1900 and is buried in St. Petersburg Cemetery.

A family story says that as a young boy, David was kidnapped by Indians. He was blindfolded and taken by canoe down the Clarion River, then called Toby Creek, until they came to a large rock. They showed him a vein of metal running through the rock. They later returned him to his home. He spent years trying to locate the rock that he had been shown, but never found it.

David was a farmer and a skilled cabinetmaker. He lived in Richland Township, Clarion County. Shortly after oil was discovered at Drake's Well in Titusville in 1859, oil was discovered on David Shoup's farm and he became a rich man almost overnight. He invested in real estate and owned nine or ten farms at the time of his death. He died 17 May 1889 at age 88. His will names and gives legacies to 19 of his 22 children. He is buried in St. Petersburg Cemetery, Clarion County, PA.

Children of David and Rosina (Shakeley) Shoup:

  1. Jonathan Shoup , b. 11 Nov 1823. Marr. Betsy Hale . Died 21 May 1855.

  2. William Shoup , b. 4 Jul 1824. Marr. abt. 1850, Mary Ann Heeter . Died 22 Feb 1905.

  3. Michael Shoup , b. 13 Oct 1826. Marr. Susan Frederick . Died 1872.

  4. Elizabeth Shoup , b. 1 June 1828. Marr. Harrison Jones . Died 1 Dec 1903.

  5. Catherine Shoup , b. 10 Mar 1830. Marr. David A. Holmes. Died 1909.

  6. Susanna Shoup , b. 5 May 1832. Marr. 30 Dec 1858, Jack Andrew Moyer . Died 11 Sep 1923.

  7. David Shoup, Jr. , b. 8 May 1834. Marr. 8 Dec 1850, Judith Scheure . Died 28 Nov 1897.

  8. Sarah Shoup , b. 2 Jun 1836. Marr. 1 Jan 1863, Jeremiah Texter . Died 1911.

  9. Rosina Shoup , b. 1837. Died 13 May 1837.

    Children of David and Lavina (Goughler) Shoup:

  10. John A. Shoup , b. abt. 1840. Marr. Sarah Ashbaugh .

  11. Franklin Shoup , b. abt. 1841. Marr. Charlotte Eliza Dreinhaupt .

  12. Mary "Polly" Shoup , b. 30 Jul 1843. Marr. James Shirey . Died 1 Feb 1920.

  13. Hannah Shoup , b. 1845. Marr. Samuel Bostoph . Died 1915.

  14. James Shoup , b. 1847. Died 1853.

  15. Rebecca Shoup , b. 1848. Marr. Samuel Best . Died 1932.

  16. Nancy Shoup , b. abt. 1851. Marr. John O. French . Died 1947.

  17. Alfred Shoup , b. 1852. Marr. Emma Jones. Lived in California. .

  18. Mary "Ellen" Shoup , b. abt. 1854. Marr. George Richey . Lived in Rich Grove, California.

  19. Solomon H. Shoup , b. abt. 1856. Marr. Mary, surname unknown. Lived in California.

  20. Barney Ersinus Shoup , b. 19 Feb 1859. Marr. 29 Apr 1882, Edith D. Campbell . Died 7 Nov 1909.

  21. Amanda Allice Shoup , b. 16 Apr 1861. Died 1863.

  22. Samuel Richard Shoup , b. 13 Mar 1864. Marr. Frances Fink

4. William Shoup was born 4 July 1824 in Richland Twp., Clarion County, PA. He was the son of David and Rosina (Shakeley) Shoup. He was married about 1850 to Mary Ann Heeter. He was 26 at the time and he probably was waiting for Mary Ann to turn 18.

Both the Shoup and Heeter families attended church regularly, but family members said they did not remember "Bill" and Mary Ann going to church often. They attended the Methodist Church when they did go, either walking or riding horseback. Both Bill and Mary Ann were short and stout.

The 1880 census record shows that William Shoup could neither read nor write, although Mary Ann could. This is probably accounted for by the fact that Mary Ann's mother came from eastern Pennsylvania family where learning even for girls was traditional. Since William and Mary Ann spoke German most of the time at home, possibly he could read German but not English.

William was a farmer and a millwright. He purchased 12 acres shortly before his marriage and in 1857 he added another 59 acres. By 1861, he (or his father) was able to pay someone to serve for him in the Civil War. In his later years, he operated a general store near Turkey City, PA where he sold penny candy and small items.

William Shoup died 22 February 1905 at age 80. Cause of death was Bright's Disease. He is buried in a cemetery at Chestnut Ridge near Turkey City, PA. Children of Willam and Mary Ann (Heeter) Shoup:

  1. Susanna Shoup , b. abt. 1851. Marr. ___ Neeley .

  2. Elizabeth Jane Shoup , b. 21 Dec 1855. Marr. 1874, John Wesley Miller . Died 22 May 1929.

  3. Jacob Wesley Shoup , b. 1857. Marr. Ada Adams . Died 4 Aug 1897.

  4. David Shoup , b. 1859. Marr. Emma C. Deardolph . Died 1912.

  5. William Shoup , b. 1863. Family says he went to Ohio.

  6. Solomon Shoup , b. 1864. Marr. 21 May 1886, Lydia Edinger. Died 1957.

  7. Francis Shoup , b. Jan 1867.

  8. Edward Shoup , b. 1869. Marr. Anna Elva Heeter . Died 1943.

  9. Myrtle Shoup , b. Mar 1872. Marr. Jerome Stull . Died abt. 1971.

5. Elizabeth Jane "Jennie" Shoup was born on 21 December 1855 in Richland Township, Clarion, PA. She married John Wesley Miller . She died on 22 May 1929 in Richland Township, Clarion, PA at age 73 of uterine cancer. She is buried in St. Petersburg, Clarion, PA. She was described by her grandson, Homer Miller as a beautiful woman with red hair. She was the mother of seven children, including one who died as a baby. See Miller Ancestry for children of Elizabeth Jane Shoup and John Wesley Miller.