Some Descendants of Bernhardt Miller

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Bernhardt Mueller was born 30 Dec 1722 at Bodigheim, Baden, Germany. He was the son of Johann and Maria Eva (Kost) Muller. He died about September 1792 in Williams Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania.. His father, Johann Muller was born 22 November 1682 in Bodigheim, Baden, Germany. He was the son of Johann and Barbara (Keilbach) Muller who were married 12 January 1679/80 in Bodigheim. He was married 14 July 1711 to Maria Eva Kost. She was the daughter of Philip and Anna Barbara (Hausbecker) Kost of Bodigheim. Nothing more is known about her family. Maria and Johann were the parents of ten children. Johann died before 1747.

Bernhardt was married 9 June 1747 at Bodigheim to Eva Maria Muller. She was probably his cousin. The marriage took place only nine days before the birth of their daughter, Maria Barbara. The church record of their marriage states that the wedding took place "after she had been made pregnant in disgrace by the above Bernhard Muller and did Church penance . . . God forgive them their sin, and give them his blessing."

On 19 September 1749., Bernhardt and Eva Maria arrived in Pennsylvania on the ship "Patience". They settled in Northampton County. He retained a patent for 87 acres of land in Williams Township, near Easton, Penna. from the Penn family. The family apparently flourished in this country. He left a will which was proved 12 January 1793 in the Courthouse at Easton. The homestead in Williams Township was left to his oldest son, George Heinrich.

Eva Maria Muller was born 24 September 1724 at Bodigheim, Baden, Germany. She was the daughter of George and Anna Susanna (Unangst) Muller . She married Bernhardt Muller. Eva Maria died 21 June 1802 in Forks Township, Northampton County, Penna.

Family of Bernhardt and Eva Maria Muller: (changed name to Miller in this generation)


John Miller was born 1 April 1759 in Williams Township, Northampton County, Penna. He was the son of Bernhardt and Eva Maria (Miller) Miller. His baptismal sponsors were George Heinrich and Elizabeth Unangst. By the second generation in America, the family had started using the name "Miller". John was married about 1786 to Elizabeth Schmidt. They lived in Upper Mt. Bethel Township, Penna. Christening records can be found in the Upper Mt. Bethel Reformed Church for some of his children, but not for Jacob. However in his will, dated 5 January 1835, he names a child, Jacob, among his heirs.

It is said that he fought in the Revolutionary War, but there were so many John Millers in Northampton County, PA, it would be difficult to determine which one he was. John died 30 May 1846 at age 87 and is buried in the Old Cemetery in Upper Mt. Bethel. His inventory showed an estate valued at $11,150.50.

Children of John and Elizabeth (Schmidt) Miller:

  1. John Miller , b. 8 Jan 1787. Marr. abt. 1809, Mary "Maria" Frutchey . Died 16 Mar 1853.

  2. Anna Maria Miller , b. 20 Nov 1788. Marr. abt. 1807, Philip Jacob Schoch . Died 7 Feb 1850.

  3. Barnet Miller , b. 11 Feb 1791. Marr. #1, Catherine; #2, Anna Maria Emery . Died 26 Nov 1855.

  4. Jacob Miller , b. abt. 1793. Marr. abt. 1818, Lydia Flick . Died 7 Jan 1866.

  5. Catherine Miller , b. 30 Nov 1795. Marr. abt. 1821, Solomon Frey . Died 12 May 1876.

  6. Elizabeth Miller , b. 5 May 1798. Twin. Marr. abt. 1819, Samuel Schmell .

  7. Frederick Miller , b. 5 May 1798. Twin. Marr. abt. 1821, Rebecca Mochles. Died 25 Mar 1852.

  8. Michael Miller , b. abt. 1799. Marr. abt. 1834, Susan Philips.

  9. Eva Miller , b. 27 Jul 1800. Died bef. 1846.

  10. Jonas J. Miller , b. 22 Jun 1802. Marr. Marr. #1, abt. 1826, Jane; Marr. #2, abt. 1840, Louisa. Died 30 Mar 1830.

  11. Henry Miller , b. 26 July 1804. Died bef. 1846.

  12. David Miller , b. 22 Sep 1808. Marr. abt. 1835, Sarah "Sally" Ann.


Jacob Miller was born about 1793 in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. No record of his birth can be found, but he was almost surely the son of John and Elizabeth (Schmidt) Miller of Mt. Bethel, PA. John Miller named a son, Jacob in his will and John and Elizabeth were godparents to Jacob's first child. He also named his first son, John and his first daughter, Elizabeth. Jacob was married about 1818 to Lydia Flick.

Jacob served as a Private in Captain William Fisher's Company of the Pennsylvania Militia in the War of 1812. He enlisted at Easton, PA on September 17, 1814. He served for about six months and received an Honorable Discharge at the end of his service. He was described as six feet tall, fair complexion with brown hair and blue eyes. For his service, he received two parcels of Bounty Land from the Government which he sold. After his death, his widow applied for a Widow's Pension based on his service and she received $8.00 a month.

On 29 March 1834, Jacob Miller purchased 105 acres in Toby Township, Clarion County, PA and on 30 December 1844, he purchased another 42 acres. He sold both pieces of property on 11 Oct 1852 and moved to Verona, Dane County, Wisconsin. with all of his family except his son, George, who stayed in Clarion County. Jacob was a farmer and grew oats, corn, buckwheat and barley. Margaret Ann Flick, Jacob's daughter, described her father as a very patriotic man and said that he was proud to have three of his sons serve in the Civil War.

Jacob died without leaving a will on 6 January, 1866 at about age 73. His farm was valued at $1600.00 and his personal goods at about $300.00. All ten of his children survived to become heirs of their father's estate.

Children of Jacob and Lydia (Flick) Miller: (1st 5 born in Northampton Co.; others in Clarion Co.)

  1. John Miller , b. 30 Sep 1819. Marr. Leah. Died 1905 in Eau Claire, WI.

  2. Charles Miller , b. 17 Feb 1822. Marr. #1, Ann ---- bef. 1843 in PA. Marr. 27 Mar 1856, Elsie Ann Freeman in Wisconsin. . Died Dec 1889 prob. in Jackson Co.,Wisconsin.

  3. William H. Miller , b. May 1826. Marr. 28 Feb 1856, Orpha Jane Hobart . Died 21 Dec 1905.

  4. Catherine Elizabeth Miller , b. 29 Oct 1825. Marr. [Isaac?] Neely.

  5. George W. Miller , b. 14 Oct 1829. Marr. #1, abt. 1852, Sarah Ann Boyd ; #2, 16 Aug 1864, Mrs. Catherine (Hiles) King . Died 17 Dec 1905.

  6. Margaret Ann "Peggy" Miller , b. 3 Jun 1831. Marr. 1851, Jacob Flick . Died 20 May 1910 in Jackson Co. WI.

  7. Reuben Miller , b. Apr 1834. Marr. 29 Apr 1858, Sarah C. Peele .

  8. Mary C. "Polly" Miller , b. Sep 1840. Marr.#1, 11 Feb 1858, Joseph P. Flick #2, 4 Mar 1869, John Florey; #3,17 Jun 1877, William H. Flick .

  9. Lydia L. Miller. b. abt. 1839. No further information.

  10. Caspar Jacob Miller , b. 31 Aug 1848. Marr. 22 Apr 1874, Emma W. Clark . Died 13 Dec 1937. Lived in Sumner Twp., Trempealeau Co. WI.


George W. Miller was born 22 August 1829 in Northampton County, PA. and christened at St. Paul's Reformed Church at Flicksville, PA on 30 January 1830. His parents Jacob and Lydia (Flick) Miller. He was married about 1850 to Sarah Ann Boyd in Clarion County, PA. Sarah died in the summer of 1863 while George was away, serving in the Civil War leaving five young children.

George moved with his parents to Toby Township, Clarion County, PA when he was a young child. After his marriage to Sarah Ann, he worked in a coal mine. Early in the Civil War, on 4 July 1861, George enlisted in Company "E" of the 62nd Penna. Regiment, Second Brigade, 1st Division. His description at the time was: 5 feet, 9 1/2 inches tall, light complexion, dark hair and blue eyes. He was given the rank of Corporal shortly after his enlistment and was a Sergeant at the time of his discharge.

After the war, he lived in Brady's Bend, Armstrong Co. PA and worked again as a collier. In 1875, he first applied for a Civil War Pension, stating that he had not been well since the war. The first application was denied. Later, in 1904, he did receive a pension of $17.00 per month.

On 18 October, 1865, George remarried. His second wife was Catherine (Hiles) King, widow of George King who was drowned in the Allegheny River in 1862. George and Catherine had eight children. After George died, Catherine moved to Ruthdale, Oklahoma, probably with one of her children. She died 25 April 1917.

George died 14 December 1905 in Beaver Township, Clarion Co. PA. The cause of death was listed as heart trouble. He is buried in Mt. Joy Cemetery.

Children of George and Sarah (Boyd) Miller:

  1. John Wesley Miller, b. 11 Dec 1853. Marr. 1874, Elizabeth Jane Shoup . Died 17 Feb 1939.

  2. William Miller , b. 1855. Died bef. 1898.

  3. Harvey A. Miller , b. Nov 1857. Marr. Almeda E. ?. Lived in Strasburg, Letterkenney Twp., Franklin Co. PA in 1910.

  4. Hannah "Tillie" Miller , b. abt. 1859.

  5. Crilton [?] Miller , b. abt. 1861.

    Children of George and Catherine (Hiles) King Miller:

  6. Lydia F. Miller , b. abt. 1865.

  7. Margaret Ann "Maggie" Miller , b. abt. 1867.

  8. Elizabeth K. "Lizzie" Miller , b. Aug 1869.

  9. Huldah Wilhelmena Miller, b. 1874. Marr. David Otto Shoemaker Hallman . Lived 1893/1895 in Eperly, Wood Co. OH. Died 1950 in Dewey, Washington Co. OK.

  10. Isabella M. "Bella" Miller , b. abt. 1876.

  11. James C. Miller , b. abt. 1878. Marr. 2 Mar 1899, Cora Best .

  12. Algena Miller , b. abt. 1881. Marr. 30 Aug 1897, Bert R. Sisney .


John Wesley Miller was born on 11 Dec 1853 in Clarion, PA to George and Sarah Ann (Boyd) Miller. He died on 17 Feb 1939 in Richland Twp, Clarion, PA. He was buried in St Petersburg, Clarion, PA. John Wesley's mother died when he was 11 years old. He was the oldest of five children who were left alone since his father was away, serving in the Civil War at the time. They were probably cared for by the Boyd family. At the end of the war in 1864, his father remarried.

He was married to Elizabeth Jane "Jennie" Shoup in 1874 in Richland Twp., Clarion Co., PA. When oil was discovered in Clarion County, life changed for John and Elizabeth. There was oil on their property and he became an oil producer. He had drilling equipment and contracted for drilling wells in the Clarion County fields.

John Wesley died at the age of 85 in the hospital at Oil City, PA of a coronary occlusion after surgery for a "prostatic obstruction.".

Children of John Wesley and Elizabeth Jane (Shoup) Miller:

  1. Edward Clyde Miller , b. 9 Apr 1875. Marr. 9 Mar 1899, Daisy Jeanette "Jennie" Master . Died 4 Nov 1965.

  2. Archible Howard Miller , b. 7 Jan 1878. Marr. 4 Feb 1896, Tessie Bernella Master . Died 1952.

  3. Homer Merle Miller , b. 20 Jun 1880. Marr. 4 May 1905, Minnie Yetta Ashbaugh . Died April 1975.

  4. Myrtle Mae Miller , b. 20 Feb 1885. Marr. Warren Davis . Died Oct 1975 in Brookville, Jefferson Co. PA.

  5. Jessie B. Miller , b. 25 Jul 1887. Marr. Harry Davis . Died 10 Jun 1922.

  6. John F. "Freddie" Miller , b. 27 Jun 1891. Drowned 11 Apr 1896.


Edward Clyde Miller was born on 9 Apr 1875 in Turkey City, Clarion, PA to John Wesley and Elizabeth Jane (Shoup) Miller. He died on 4 Nov 1965 in Lamartine, Clarion, PA at age 90. He was buried in Salem Lutheran, Cemetery, Clarion Co., PA. He was married toDaisy Jeanette "Jennie" Master in Alum Rock, Clarion, PA who was his second cousin. Edward worked in the oil fields most of his life. He also kept a small farm by his home. In their later years, he and Jennie lived with their daughter, Florence whose home was across the street. Edward and Jennie were members of the Lutheran Church in Salem.

Children of Edward Clyde and Daisy Jeanette (Master) Miller:

  1. Florence Elizabeth Miller , b. 11 Apr 1899. Marr. 1 Oct 1919, Milford B. Rhoads . Died February 1985.

  2. Ralph C. "Jim" Miller , b. 3 Dec 1900. Marr. 21 May 1927, Grace Lorraine Bullock . Died 13 Oct 1973.

  3. Melvin M. Miller , b. 9 Aug 1905. Marr. 19 June 1929, Mary E. Bartlett . Died Aug 1982.

  4. Helen Mae Miller . Married Roland Garris . Still living (2003) in Clarion Co. PA.


Ralph C. "Jim" Miller was born on 3 Dec 1900 in Salem, Clarion, PA to Edward C. & Daisy Jeanette (Master) Miller. Ralph attended school in Salem, Clarion County, Pa. He went by the nickname "Jim" all of his life. He was married on 21 May 1927 at Olean, NY to Grace Lorraine Bullock . They were the parents of one daughter and two sons. Jim died on 13 October 1973 in Bradford, McKean, PA. He was buried in Lafayette, McKean, PA, McKean Mem. Cemetery.

Some sources for Bernhardt Muller:

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Pennsylvania German Pioneers, by Strassburger, p. 457 shows Bernhardt as passenger on ship "Patience" Sept. 19 1749.

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