Imbody/Inbody Ancestors - Descent from Johan Adam Imbody of Berks Co. PA


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This is the line from Johan Adam Imbody that I descend from. I have some information on the other families in this file and will be glad to share anything I have with others who are interested in this family. Feel free to let me know of any corrections or additions to this family. (Do remember that this name has been found as Inbody, Enbody, Impoty and one related branch of the family used Imboden.) I have placed some of my sources at the end of this page. E-mail to Ginny Deagan (NEW E-MAIL:[email protected])

I. Johann Adam Imbody was born 27 February 1709, probably in Switzerland. His wife’s name was Catherine. Adam died 27 June 1790 at age 81 in Pike Township, Berks County, PA and is buried in Hill Church Cemetery. His death record says his father was Daniel Impode.

Children of Johann Adam and Catherine Imbody:

  1. Anna Maria Imbody , b. 17 May 1743. Marr. 1765, Matthias Dotterer. Died 24 Feb 1825 in Oley Hills, Berks Co. PA.
  2. Adam Imbody , b. 1746 (twin). Marr. #1, Susanna (or Julianna), #2, Anna Maria Hern/Herr. Died 1805.
  3. Henry Imbody , b. 1746 (twin). Marr. 11 Sep 1770, Margaret Martin.
  4. Nichols Imbody , b. 1749. Marr. 10 Dec 1768, Ann Margaret Lynn . Died 1823 in Logan, Hocking Co., OH.
  5. Daniel Imbody , b. abt. 1758. Marr. Abt 1780, Catherine Sterk.

II. Adam Imbody was born 1746 in Berks County, PA. He was the son of Johan Adam and Anna Maria Imbody. It has been said that his first wife was Catherine Fernsler, but this has been disproved. There has been a lot of confusion over the fact that there were two Adams - one used the name Imbody and the other Imboden. From children’s christening records, it seems that Adam Imbody’s first wife was named Susanna (or Julianna). His second wife who was the mother of my ancestor, David Imbody, was Anna Maria Hern or Herr. Her parents have not been found.

Adam and his brother, Nicholas enrolled in 1777 and served through 1778 during the Revolutionary War as Privates in Capt. Sebastian Lentz’s 3rd. Company, 1st Battalion, Berks County, Militia. In 1790 he was living in East Township, Berks County. He was a farmer and had 400 acres of land. He had cattle, swine, horses, and sheep and grew grain, potatoes, vegetables and fruit, mainly apples.

Adam died in 1805 at age at age 59. He left a will dated 12 May 1805 in which he named his widow, Marie and willed “that my estate what I leave shall be divided in equal parts under my children of the first and the second wife”, naming all of his children. His inventory showed the estate (not including property) at a value of 541 Pounds, 15 Shillings and 6 Pence.

Children of Adam and 1st wife, Susanna, Imbody: [ not entirely sure which children belong to each wife]

  1. Catherine Imbody , b. 1768. Died before 1805.
  2. Johannes Imbody , b. 1770. Marr. 29 Mar 1792, Elizabeth Engel
  3. Anna Maria Imbody , b. 14 Jun 1775. Marr. 2 Jul 1795, Peter Geres . Died 1818.
  4. Susanne Imbody , b. 1778. Marr. 25 Apr 1797, George Geres . Died 1862.
  5. Daniel Imbody , b. 7 Nov 1779. Marr. 1 Mar 1827, Lydia Hostler in Hocking Co., OH.
  6. Elizabeth Imbody , b. 1783. Died 18 Nov 1783.
  7. Michael Imbody , b. 3 Sep 1785. Marr. Miss Ehl. Died 10 Apr 1855.

    Children of Adam and Anna Maria (Herr/Hern) Imbody:

  8. George Imbody , b. 23 Aug 1788. Died 28 Mar 1808.
  9. Adam Imbody , b. 10 May 1792. (Twin?)
  10. Jacob Imbody , b. 10 May 1792. (Twin?)
  11. Hannah Imbody , b. 29 Feb 1796.
  12. David Imbody , b. 21 Jan 1798. Marr. 11 Dec 1821, Catherine Stichler. Died 30 June 1858 in Clarion Co. PA.
  13. Margarethe Imbody , b. 1800. Marr. 11 May 1825 in Hocking Co. OH, George W. Baugh. .

III. David Imbody was born 21 January 1798 in Berks County, PA. He was the son of Adam and Anna Maria (Herr or Hern) Imbody. He was married 11 October, 1821 to Catherine Stichler. She was probably the daughter of Abraham Stichler, but proof has not been found. She died 2 September 1851.

David and Catherine moved to Clarion County in the early 1830's. They were the parents of ten children. His occupation was stone mason. He died in 1858 at about age 60 and is buried in St. Petersburg Cemetery. The name on his tombstone reads "Embody".

Children of David and Catherine (Stichler) Imbody:

  1. Abraham Imbody
  2. Julia Imbody
  3. Mary Ann Imbody
  4. Henrietta "Hattie" Imbody , b. abt. 1824. Marr. Dec 1840 in Clarion Co. PA, George Whitling. Died 27 Jan 1879 in Richland Twp., Clarion Co.
  5. Reuben Imbody , b. abt. 1827. Wife was Mary Jane.
  6. Daniel Imbody, b. abt. 1830. Marr. Catherine Hiles/Hite. Killed in Civil War.
  7. Lydia Imbody , b. 26 Dec 1836. Marr. 17 Aug 1854, Nathan Master . Died 9 Mar 1885.
  8. Rebecca Imbody , b. 1839. Marr. J. H. DeParcy. Lived in Minneapolis, MN.
  9. Sara Ann Imbody , b. 22 Jan 1842. Marr. 1869, Henry A. Kemery . Died 9 May 1932 in Licking Twp., Clarion Co. PA.

IV. Lydia Imbody was born 26 December 1836 in Richland Twp., Clarion Co. PA. She was the daughter of David and Catherine (Stichler)) Imbody. Lydia was married on 17 August 1854 in Salem, Clarion Co. PA to Nathan Master . She was the mother of eight children. Lydia died at age 49 on 9 March 1885, when her youngest child was 10 years old. She is buried in the cemetery at St. Petersburg, PA.

For children of Lydia Imbody and Nathan Master, see the Master Family Page.