Heimbach Ancestors - Descent from Matthias Heimbach of PA


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This is the line from Matthias Heimbach that I descend from. I have some information on the other families in this file and will be glad to share anything I have with others who are interested in this family. Feel free to let me know of any corrections or additions to this family. I have placed some of my sources at the end of this page. E-mail to Ginny Deagan (NEW E-MAIL:[email protected])

Matthias Heimbach was born near Baumholder in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. He was christened 26 January 1721 at Baerl, Rheinland, Prussia (Germany) and was the son of Johannes Heimbach from Ilgesheim located west of Hombert in the western Palatinate. At the christening of his brother Peter’s child in Baumholder in 1742, he was a sponsor and was “of Ilgesheim” Germany.

Matthias arrived at Philadelphia on 5 September 1743 on the ship Charlotte. He wrote his name as "Mattheis Heimbach" when he signed the oath of allegiance to King George of England. He settled in the part of then Philadelphia County called New Goshenhoppen where he received a warrant of fifty acres of land on 8 May 1750. This land was partly in what is now Hereford Township in Berks County and partly in Upper Milford Township in what is now Lehigh County. Matthias's brother, Peter, came in 1749 on the "Dragon". Both brothers were communicants in 1751 in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Upper Milford, Lehigh County, PA.

Matthias was married on 9 April 1747 in the New Hanover Lutheran Church, Montgomery County, PA to Susannah Weske (It has been said that her name was "Vesqueau", daughter of Jean Philip Vesqueau.) She was born about 1727.

Matthias died about 1756 leaving a widow and four children. (Administration 1756, File 100 Susanna Heimbach, Admx. Book D1, page 116.) His widow, Susannah sold his land on 4 January 1757 but the sale was not according to law and the four children of Matthias sold the property to another buyer.

Children of Matthias and Susanna (Weske) Heimbach:

  1. David Heimbach , b. 1748. Marr. Gertrude [Hertzog?]. He was a wheelwright. Lived and died 1816 in Upper Milford, Lehigh Co. PA.
  2. Peter Heimbach , b. abt. 1750. Marr.Catherine Dumond. He lived in Esopus (Kingston) Ulster Co., NY and died in 1816.
  3. Elizabeth Heimbach , b. abt. 1752. Marr. 1772, John Gregory . Was "of" Smithfield Twp., Northampton Co.
  4. Henry Heimbach , b. 23 Aug 1749 in Lehigh Co. PA. Marr. Catherine Wetzel about 1772. Died 12 Feb 1837 in Hereford Twp., Berks Co. PA.

2. Henry Heimbach was born 23 August 1749 in Lehigh County, PA. He was the son of Matthias and Susanna Heimbach. He married Catherine Wetzel. She was the daughter of John Jacob and Anna Maria Wetzel, born 4 November 1754. She died 18 April 1843. In Berks County Deed Book 74, page 335. Henry and Catherine Heimbach signed a deed granting property to Jacob Gehman before a Justice of the Peace in Lehigh Co. on 30 Mar 1829. It was for land obtained by Henry "Heinbich" 13 Nov 1811 by patent, enrolled in Patent Book H, #4, page 699.

Henry died about 1836 in Berks County, PA. He left a will dated 25 March 1829 which is written in old German Script and has not been translated. The will is in Berks County Will Book 7, page 425 Executors were John Wetzel and Henry Miller.

Children of Henry and Catherine (Wetzel) Heimbach:

  1. Susanna Heimbach , b. 26 Aug 1773. Marr. abt. 1796, George Meschter/Master
  2. Catherine Heimbach , b. 16 Jan 1775. Marr. Heinrich Wendling.
  3. Elizabeth Heimbach , b. 13 Sep 1776.
  4. Henry Heimbach , b. abt. 1779.
  5. Maria Barbara Heimbach , b. 12 Mar 1783. Marr. Simon Wendling
  6. Johann Peter Heimbach , b. abt. 1784.
  7. Maria Elizabeth Heimbach , b. 16 Dec 1786. Marr. David Carl. Died 30 Sep 1871 in Hereford Twp., Berks Co. PA.
  8. Maria Magdalena Heimbach , b. 24 Sep 1790. Marr. John Kolb .
  9. Christina Heimbach , b. 30 Sep 1791. Marr. John Wetzel, Jr.
  10. David Heimbach , b. 15 Sep 1792.
  11. Sarah Heimbach , b. 28 Sep 1795. Marr. Heinrich Miller.
  12. Lydia Heimbach (no birthdate known). Lydia Heck, widow, of Richmond Heck, Berks Co. deeded land to son-in-law , Levi Thompson, M.D. on 15 Nov 1848. Lydia was named as late Lydia Heimback , a daughter of deceased Henry Heimbach.DB 57-p.41.

3. Susanna Heimbach was born 26 August 1773. She was christened in the Upper Milford, Reformed Church in Zionville, PA. Her sponsors were her uncle David Heimbach and his wife, Gertrude. Susanna married George Master about 1796.

She died 16 April 1862 in Hereford Township, Berks County, PA. Her death record entered by Rev. V. B. E. Kramlich reads: "Susanna Meister of Hereford, died 16 Apr 1862, aged 88 yr., 6 mo., and 3 da. Her parents were Henry Heimbach and Catherine (born "Netzel"). Confirmed Reformed, sponsors were David and Gertfred Heimbach. marr. Geo. Meister. They had ten children, four sons and six daughters. At time of death she had 75 grandchildren, 95 great, and 1 great-great grandchild. She died of "sickness, old age". She was helpless about 2 weeks and died Saturday 6 p.m." She is buried in Huff's Church Cemetery in Hereford Township, Berks County, PA in Row 14. For children of Susanna Heimbach and George Master, see Master Ancestors .

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