Guldin Ancestors - Descent from Samuel K. Guldin of Berks Co. PA


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This is the line from Samuel Koch Guldin that I descend from. I have some information on the other families in this file and will be glad to share anything I have with others who are interested in this family. Feel free to let me know of any corrections or additions to this family. I have placed some of my sources at the end of this page. E-mail to Ginny Deagan (NEW E-MAIL:[email protected])

I. Samuel Koch Guldin was born 3 June 1664 in Bern, Switzerland. He was the son of Hans Joachim Gueldi/Guldin. and Anna Maria Koch. l married Mary Magdalina Malacrida who was born in Switzerland and was the daughter of Rev. Peter Malacrida and Esther Fischer.

The Guldin family were originally from St. Gall, Switzerland. There has been an interesting naming pattern in this family in the early generations. Each child, male and female, was given their mother's maiden name as a middle name. Samuel K. graduated from Bern University in 1679. He was assistant pastor at Bern Cathedral 1686 - 1699 but was dismissed from there because of his Pietistic views. He served at Boltigen, Switzerland in 1701 and in 1702, he went to northern Germany. From there he came \with his family to Philadelphia, arriving on the ship, “Maria Hope” on 23 September 1710.

Samuel K. Guldin was the first recorded minister of the German Reformed faith to settle permanently in Pennsylvania. He became the chaplain of the Pietist Community at Wissahickon on 1 December 1719. He also preached at Philadelphia, Oley, Roxboro and Germantown. In 1718, he made a brilliant defense of Pietists which has been incorporated into church history.

Samuel died on a farm that he owned in Roxboro on 31 December 1745 at age 79. He is thought to be buried in Warner’s Graveyard at Germantown, PA.

Children of Samuel K. and Maria Magdalina (Malacrida) Guldin:

  1. Samuel M. Guldin was born 8 Nov 1693 in Stettlen, Bern, Switzerland. He married Elizabeth Hilsabeck on 22 May 1722. Died 1773 in Oley, Berks Co. PA.
  2. Maria Catherine , Chr. 8 Jan 1696 in Stettlen, Switzerland.
  3. Christoffel Guldin , Chr. 17 July 1697 in Bern, Switzerland.
  4. Emanuel Frederick Guldin , Chr. 13 Mar 1699 in Bern Switzerland.

II. Samuel Malacrida Guldin was born 8 November 1693 at Stettlen, Bern, Switzerland. He was the son of Rev. Samuel Koch Guldin and Mary Magdalena Malacrida. For many generations, the Guldin family used the mother’s maiden name as a middle name for all of their children. Samuel M. emigrated to America with his parents on September 10 1710. He was a blacksmith and about 1718, he moved to the Oley Valley area which became Berks County. He was married 22 May 1722 to Elizabeth Hilsabeck. She was born about 1696, probably in Switzerland to John Hilsabeck. Her mother’s name is unknown.

Samuel’s will was dated 24 September 1773 and probated 25 October 1773 in Berks County, PA. He mentions his “estate in Bern, which is likewise ready to be remitted over in this part of the world”.

Children of Samuel M. and Elizabeth (Hilsabeck) Guldin:

  1. Samuel H. Guldin, b. 12 July 1723. Wife's name was Elizabeth. Died 16 Sep 1789.
  2. Susanna H. Guldin , b. 5 Oct 1724. Marr. John Womelsdorf.
  3. John H. Guldin , b. 22 Feb 1725/26. Wife's name was Christina. Died 22 Feb 1812.
  4. Mary Magdalena H. Guldin , b. 26 Aug 1728. Marr. Frederick Leinbach/Kleinbach.
  5. Frederick H. Guldin , b. 2 Aug 1729. Marr. 20 May 1752 in Frederick MD, Anna Margaretha Stepheddon . Died 31 Jan 1790.
  6. Daniel H. Guldin , b. 20 Apr 1735. (twin) Marr. 5 Aug 1762, Catherine Elizabeth Gelbach. Died 14 Aug 1817.
  7. Joanna Esther H. Guldin , b. 20 Apr 1735. (twin) Marr. Samuel Mecklin, Jr.
  8. Clara Elizabeth H. Guldin , b. 17 Sep 1738. Marr. Thomas Kutz. Died abt. 1829.

III. Daniel H. Guldin was born 20 April 1735 in Pennsylvania. He was the son of Samuel Malacrida and Elizabeth (Hilsabeck) Guldin. [his middle name was Hilsabeck, following the naming tradition of the Guldin family]. He was married 5 August 1762 to Catharina Elizabeth Gelbach. She was the daughter of John and Christina Gelbach, born 19 January 1742/43 in Berks County. She died 14 February 1786 in Oley, Berks Co. PA.

Daniel H. was a blacksmith. He died 14 August 1817 at age 82 in Oley Township, Berks County, PA.

Children of Daniel H. and Catharina Elizabeth (Gelbach) Guldin:

  1. Samuel G. Guldin , b. 3 June 1763. Died 16 June 1769.
  2. Daniel G. Guldin , b. 23 June 1764. Marr. #1, 26 Apr 1791, Anna Margaretha Spang.; #2, Mrs. Hannah Bertolet . Died 13 Jan 1845 in Oley, Berks Co. PA.
  3. John Jacob Guldin , b. 13 Dec 1766. Marr. Polly Ridenauer . Died 1826.
  4. Samuel G. Guldin , b. 3 Oct 1769. Died 20 Jan 1775.
  5. John G. Guldin , b. 18 Oct 1770. Marr. 1 July 1792, Mary Cronrad . Died 13 June 1852 in Groton, MA.
  6. Elizabeth G. Guldin , b. 16 Apr 1773. Marr. 15 Dec 1789, John Hoch . Died 1848.
  7. George G. Guldin , b. 13 Dec 1774. Marr. 12 Jan 1802, Elisabetha Turch . Died 1814.
  8. Abraham G. Guldin , b. 3 Mar 1776. Marr. 27 June 1802, Hannah Hain . Died 1838.
  9. Samuel G. Guldin , b. 14 Dec 1777. Marr. 9 Feb 1808, Catharine Ludwig . Died 1854.
  10. Frederick G. Guldin , b. 6 Dec 1779. Marr. 14 Oct 1810, Sarah VanReed Weaver. Died 1838.
  11. Peter G. Guldin , b. 6 July 1782. Died 1826.
  12. David G. Guldin , b. 23 Feb 1784. Died 13 Sep 1799.

IV. Daniel Gelbach Guldin was born 23 June 1764 in Oley Township, Berks County, PA. He was the son of Daniel H. and Elizabeth (Gelbach) Guldin. He was married on 26 April 1791 to Anna Margaretha Spang. She was the daughter of Michael and Elizabeth Becht[on] Spang, born 21 March 1766 in Oley, Berks County, PA. She died on 6 September 1823.

After Margaretha's death, Daniel G. Guldin was married again to Mrs. Hannah Bertolet Rapp Shoemaker, a widow. He died 13 January 1845 at age 79 and is buried in the Schwartzwald Cemetery, Berks County, PA.

Children of Daniel G. and Anna Margaretha (Spang) Guldin:

  1. Samuel S. Guldin , b. 6 Dec 1792. Died 14 May 1817.
  2. Elizabeth S. Guldin , b. 6 Jan 1793. Marr. 3 July 1814, Jacob Heeter . Died 20 June 1865 in Richland Twp., Clarion Co. PA.
  3. Jacob S. Guldin , b. 10 Jan 1794. Died 25 Mar 1840.
  4. Catherine S. Guldin , b. 29 Oct 1797. Marr. Benjamin Leinbach .
  5. Esther S. Guldin , b. 8 March 1799.
  6. John S. Guldin , b. abt. 1801. Marr. 24 Sep 1839, Catherine Deturck Bartolet . Died 12 Nov 1881.
  7. Abraham S. Guldin , b. abt. 1804. Marr. Elizabeth Jackson .
  8. Sarah "Sallie" Guldin , b. 5 Mar 1806. Marr. Mr. Dengler .
  9. George S. Guldin , b. 3 Aug 1810. Died 28 Aug 1820.

V. Elizabeth S. Guldin was born 6 January 1793 in Berks County, PA. She was the daughter of Daniel G and Margaretha (Spang) Guldin. Elizabeth was christened 18 May 1793 in Trinity Lutheran Church in Reading, PA. Her sponsors were grandparents, Michael and Elizabeth Spang. Elizabeth married Jacob Heeter and they moved to Clarion County, PA. She was the mother of twelve children. Elizabeth died 20 June 1865 at age 72 and is buried in Chestnut Ridge Cemetery near Turkey City, Clarion County, PA.

For children of Elizabeth S. Guldin and Jacob Heeter, see the Heeter Family Page.