Geist Ancestors - Descent from Christoph Geist


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This is the line from Christoph Geist that I descend from. I have some information on the other families in this file and will be glad to share anything I have with others who are interested in this family. Feel free to let me know of any corrections or additions to this family. I have placed some of my sources at the end of this page. E-mail to Ginny Deagan (NEW E-MAIL:[email protected])

Christoph Geist was born in 1717 in Wurttenberg, Germany. His parents are not known. He emigrated to America on 27 September 1740 on the ship “Lydia”. His wife’s name was Anna Margaretha. She was born 30 December 1724 in Germany and died 22 October 1776. She is buried at Mertz Church, Dryville, Berks County, PA.

Christoph Geist came to America for the purpose of mining copper along the Perkiomen Creek in Philadelphia County, PA, in an area now Montgomery County. He had learned to be a mineralogist in his younger days and the local mining company had sent to Germany for a man to come and do this work. Christoph took up the challenge and settled in Frederick Township, Montgomery County, PA, taking charge of the copper mines.

Beside following the mining business, he was also a farmer. He was injured in the harvest field cutting grain and died in 1766 at the age of 49 years from the injury. His wife, Anna Margaretha was left a widow with a family of nine children ranging from a newborn baby to the oldest who was twenty-one years old.

An interesting story from this family is that Christoph’s son, Andrew served in the Revolutionary War under George Washington in the battle of Brandywine. He was a teamster in the army and when he realized that the battle would be lost, he cut the harness loose from his best horse and disappeared on the back of the horse. Family tradition says that after his escape, he paid a sum of money for his release as a Continental Soldier. He is said to have sold his only cow which had no tail to raise the money.

Children of Christoph and Anna Margaretha Geist:

  1. Conrad Geist , b. 1744. Wife was Anna Margaret. Died 1812 in Cumru Twp, Berks Co. PA.
  2. Christopher Geist , b. 1746. Wife was Ann. Died 1782 in Montgomery Co. PA.
  3. Mathias Geist , b. 11 Sep 1748. Died 24 Jan 1823.
  4. John Geist , b. 8 Oct 1750. Died 1825.
  5. Andrew Geist , b. 26 Jan 1755. Marr. #1, abt. Elizabeth Dornmeir , #2, Marie Christina Schneider . Died 19 Dec 1849 in Washington Twp., Northumberland Co. PA.
  6. Elizabeth Geist , b. 28 Aug 1757. Marr. 13 May 1777, Reinhardt Keeler . Died 18 Mar 1846.
  7. Samuel Geist , b. 5 May 1760. Did not marry. Died 29 Dec 1820 in Greenbrier, Northumberland Co. PA.
  8. Valentine Geist , b. 3 Oct 1762. Marr. 23 Oct 1784, Catherine Dornmeir . Died 28 Dec 1849 in Berks Co. PA.
  9. George Geist , b. 8 Oct 1766. Marr. #1, 31 Oct 1793, Julianna Long ; #2, Abt. 1798, Susanna Ibrig . Died in Schuylkill Co. PA.

II. Valentine Geist was born 3 October 1762 in Frederick Township, Montgomery County, PA. He was the son of Christoph and Anna Margaretha Geist. He was married 23 October 1784 to Catherine Dornmeir. She was the daughter of Martin and Magdalena (Volke) Dornmeir. She died 9 February 1850 at age 87 and is buried in Long Swamp Cemetery with her husband.

Valentine was only four years old when his father died. His mother moved to Berks County when he was about 10 years old and she died in 1776 when he was fourteen. His oldest brother, Conrad who lived in Berks County, probably cared for the younger children until they were old enough to fend for themselves.

Valentine served in the Revolutionary War. He was a Private in Capt. Haupt’s Company in the 3rd Battalion, 7th Company of Berks County Militia. He started a tannery business with his brother, George and after George withdrew, Valentine continued the tannery business until his death. At the time of his death on 28 December 1849 at age 86, he was “of Longswamp Township”, Berks County, PA. He is buried in Long Swamp Cemetery. A tall tombstone marks his grave in the old section of the cemetery.

Children of Valentine and Catherine (Dornmeir) Geist: All born in Berks County, PA.

  1. Elizabeth Geist , b. 2 Feb 1785. Marr. 9 Jan 1803, Charles Jones . Died 25 Nov 1810.
  2. John Geist , b. 22 Jun 1787. Marr. Elizabeth Hummel . Died 6 Sep 1872.
  3. Catherine Geist , b. abt. 1789. Marr. [Jacob Breck/Buck?].
  4. Magdalena Geist , b. 16 July 1791. Marr. Jacob Hillegas . Died 16 Jan 1817.
  5. Valentine Geist , b. 2 Feb 1794, twin. Marr. 2 July 1815, Susan Geary . Died 24 Sep 1875.
  6. Jacob Geist , b. 2 Feb 1794, twin. Marr. Rebecca Missimer . Died 25 Sep 1841 in Schuylkill Valley.
  7. Lydia Geist , b. 16 Jul 1796. Marr. 18 Dec 1814, Johan Heinrich Weber . Died 13 Feb 1882.
  8. Benjamin Geist , b. 20 Oct 1799. Marr. #1, abt. 1825, Susanna Master ; #2, 1832, Maria Fletcher . Died abt. 1886.
  9. Anna Maria Geist , b. 8 Dec 1804. Marr. 5 Sep 1824, Caspar Schmick . Died 27 Sep 1837.

III. Elizabeth Geist was born 2 Feb 1785 in Hereford, Berks County, PA. She was the daughter of Valentine and Catherine (Dornmeir) Geist. She was married on 9 January 1803 to Carl/Charles Johns/Jones . Elizabeth died 25 November 1810 at age 25 in Longswamp Township, Berks County, PA leaving three small children. She is buried in the cemetery in Longswamp Township.

Children of Elizabeth Geist and Charles Jones: See the Jones Family File .