Some Descendants of Gerlach Paul Flick

and Some of his Descendants

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This is the line from Gerlach Paul Flick that I descend from. I have some information on the other families in this file and will be glad to share anything I have with others who are interested in this family. Feel free to let me know of any corrections or additions to this family. I have placed some of my sources at the end of this page. E-mail to Ginny Deagan (NEW E-MAIL:[email protected])

Gerlach Paul Flick was born 7 March 1728 in Emmerichenheim, Hesse-Nassau, Germany. He was the son of Johann Christian and Anna Margaretha Flick. Gerlach Paul arrived in America on 23 September 1751 aboard the ship “Neptune”. On the same ship were John Peter Flick, Johan Martin Flick and John Philip Flick, possibly brothers or at least relatives. Gerlach Paul soon left Philadelphia and located in Bedminster Township, Bucks County, PA.

He was married in the Tohickon German Reformed Church on 28 October 1755 to Anna Catherine Fabian. They were married by the pastor, Rev. John Egidius Hecker who had come on the same ship as Gerlach Paul. They lived in Bedminster Township for about five years and then moved to Northampton County where Anna Catherine’s father had settled.

The couple were known as “Paul” and “Catherine”. Paul was a hard working farmer and prospered. He later set up a mill and was known as “Miller Flick”. He was 47 years old when the Revolutionary War broke out and could have avoided service but he joined the Northampton County Militia and in 1778, his name appeared as Captain of the 8th Company, 4th Battalion. From 1778 to 1783, he served as Captain of Rangers on the frontier.

After the War, Paul returned to his mill and farm. He was a firm supporter of the Federal Constitution of 1789 and probably voted for George Washington as the first President of the United States. He apparently had received a good education in Germany and owned several books.

His will was written in English on 12 November 1825, a little more than two months before his death. He signed it as “Paul Flick”. The will names sons, Casper, Martin, Paul and daughters: Margaretha (Jacob Gilbert), Catherine (Jacob Hugus), Anna Maria (Jacob Defenderfer), Suzanna (Peter Sholl), Elizabeth (Peter Muffly), Sofya (John Reder), Gertrante (Edward Greenemeyer)...."whereas I have paid in my lifetime 50 pounds for a certain Philip Flick who is since departed this life, this 50 pounds with interest should remain in the hands of the children of said Philip" [Flick].

Gerlach Paul Flick was 97 years 10 months and 13 days old when he died on 20 January 1826. He had sold most of his land before he died and the total of his inventory was $8,884.43, which in those days was a modest fortune.

Some have said that there was a son, Philip Flick who was born in Germany and who came to America later and settled in Mercer County, PA. Proof of any connection with Gerlach Paul Flick has not been found. (See the above mention in will).

Children of Gerlach Paul and Anna Catherine (Fabian) Flick:

  1. Anna Margaretha Flick, b. 18 Aug 1756. Married Jacob Gilbert . Probably died in Clarion County, PA.

  2. John Caspar Flick , b. 22 Jul 1758. Married Elizabeth Foulk. Died 22 Feb 1833 in Clarion Co. PA.

  3. Martin Flick , b. abt. 1760. Married Maria Barbara [Arby] . Died 14 Jul 1842 in Cohocton, Steuben Co., NY.

  4. Catherine Flick , b. abt. 1762. Married Jacob Hugus . Died Aft. 1834 in Tuscarawas Co., OH.

  5. Anna Maria Flick , b. abt. 1764. Married Jacob Defenderfer .

  6. Susanna Flick , b. abt. 1766. Married Peter Sholl . Died 14 Jan 1847.

  7. Elizabeth Flick , abt 1768. Married George Greber . Died after 1844.

  8. Maria Magdaline Flick , b. 24 Oct 1774. Married Peter Muffly 9 Feb 1859.

  9. Gerlach Paul Flick, Jr. , b. 19 Nov 1777. Married Maria Margaret Roeder/Reeder . Died 14 Sep 1856.

  10. Sofya Flick , b. 18 Nov 1777. Married John Roeder/Reeder .

  11. Gertrante Flick , b. abt. 1782. Married, #1, Shiekel. Marr. #2, Edward Greenemeyer

2. John Caspar Flick was born 22 July 1758 in Bedminster Township, Bucks County, Penna. He was the son of Gerlach Paul and Anna Maria (Fabian) Flick. He was christened 4 November 1758 in the Tohickon German Reformed Church. He moved to Northampton County, PA. with his parents. Like his father, he was a miller by trade. He was married about 1782 to Betsy Foulk. Her parents are not known. Some accounts say that she worked as a servant to earn her passage to America. She and Casper were the parents of twelve children. Betsy died 21 January 1848 in Clarion County, PA and is buried in Churchville Cemetery.

Caspar was eighteen years old when the Revolutionary War started and he enlisted as a Private and served throughout the Revolution. For a time, he served in the 8th Company, 4th Battalion of the Northampton County Militia which was under command of his father, Capt. Paul Flick.

Caspar and Betsy moved to Armstrong County, PA. (now Clarion County), probably around 1820. He died 22 Feb 1833 at age 75 and is buried in Churchville Reformed Cemetery in Monroe Township, Clarion County. Although he died in Clarion County, his estate record is in Northampton County, PA. The widow Elizabeth was named & 11 children: John, Jacob, Joseph, Charles, Jesse, Margaret (Reigel), Elizabeth (Edmonds), Catherine (Stop), Mary (Miller) and Lydia (Miller).

Children of Caspar & Betsy Foulk:

  1. John Flick , b. 1 Jan 1783. Married 27 May 1810, Barbara Eva Koester . Died 1 Jan 1869 in Flicksville, Northampton Co. PA.

  2. Maria Margaret "Peggy" Flick , b. 3 Feb 1785. Married Henry Reigel . Died 23 Apr 1856 in Clarion Co. PA.

  3. Elizabeth "Betsy" Flick , b. 25 Oct 1786. Married William Edmonds. Lived in Clarion Co. PA.

  4. Catherine Flick , b. 12 Mar 1789. Married Daniel Stapp . Died 10 Nov 1846 in Clarion Co. PA.

  5. Jonas Flick , b. 20 Jun 1791. Married Mary Keim . Died 15 Feb 1846 in Clarion Co. PA.

  6. Jacob Flick , b. 14 Jun 1793. Wife's name was Sarah/Sally.
  7. Gerlach Paul Flick , b. 4 Jun 1795. Married Catherine Wilson .

  8. Maria Magdelina Flick , b. 3 Jan 1797. Married #1, John Miller ; #2, William Males . Died 1870 in Monroe Twp., Clarion Co. PA.

  9. Joseph Flick , b. 28 Apr 1799. Married #1, Catherine Wilson , #2, Hannah Smith . Lived in Wisconsin.

  10. Lydia Flick , b. 1800. Married Jacob Miller . Died 1889 in Eau Claire Co. WI.

  11. Charles "Carl" Flick , b. 13 Aug 1803. Married #1, Catherine Reecer ; #2, Mary Jane Mortimer .

  12. Jesse Flick , b. abt. 1805. Married Susanna [Myer] . Died 1830 in Lawsonham, Clarion Co. PA.

3. Lydia Flick was born about 1800 in Northampton County, PA, the daughter of John Casper and Elizabeth (Foulk) Flick. She married Jacob Miller in Northampton County about 1818. They were the parents of ten children.

Lydia and Jacob moved to Clarion County, PA in the early 1830's. They lived in Toby Township. About 1852, they sold their property there and moved to Dane County, Wisconsin. Nine of their children also moved with them. The only family member who stayed in Clarion County was their son, George, who was my ancestor.

Lydia died in Fairchild, Eau Claire Co. Wisconsin, aged 89. She was living with her daughter, Mary (Miller) Flick. She suffered a stroke about 1885 and was helpless for the last several years of her life.

For the family of Lydia Flick and Jacob Miller, see Miller Family

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