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from VIRGINIA WILLS & ADMINISTRATIONS, 1632-1800,  An Index, compiled by Clayton Terrance

Year County Name What
1674 Wale, Geo. Lancaster Co. intestate
1688 Wale, Geo. Lancaster Co. intestate
1701 Whaley, Jas York Co. will
1709 Wale, Benjamin Lancaster Co. will
1714 Wale, Wm Accomack Co. will
1718 Whaley, Oswald Lancaster Co. will
1721 Wale, Geo. Lancaster Co. intestate
1722 Whealey, Jas. Lancaster Co. will
1726 Whaley, Oswald Lancaster Co. nw
1726 Whaley, Stephen Lancaster Co. will
1744 Whaley, Solomon Accomack Co. intestate
1749 Wale, John Lancaster Co. intestate
1750 Whaley, Thos Accomack Co. intestate
1750 Whaley, Jax Richmond Co. will



1635 On-line Search of  Personal names - Virginia State Library SR 14606 - Respository Public Office Class HCA 30/851, Title:   High Court of Admirality.  Misc. Various
1653/54 IBID SR 10010, p. 1:  Whalley, Thoms - testimony by
20 Dec 1667 RECORDS OF COLONIAL GLOUCESTER CO., VA, Vol. I & II, comp'd by Polly Cary Mason p. 27:  Jno Whaley, 20 Dec 1667, Co. M. Bk. 6, p. 104
1677 CAVALIERS & PIONEERS p. 180:  Mr. Georg Brent, 1391 acres on N. Br. of the forke of little Hunting Cr. at the head of Mr. Mathews' land, &c'; 6 Nov 1677, p. 626 (The true date according, & c>) Trans. of 28 pers: James Glavis, ...........Noell Whaley, Willi Whaley, ................ (found by Ralph Veale and sent to us)
12 Jan 1674/75 Virginia Genealogist Vol. 17, p. 258/9 Inquistions on Escheated Land 1665-1676:   York Co., VA - Juror - Thomas Whaley
1673 IBID IBID:  York Co., VA - Tho. (T) Whaley
1675 IBID Vol. 30, p. 166 - York Co., Wm Jackson d. 1673, Inventory returned 1675, by appraisers.......... Thomas Whaley
1677 On-line Search of Personal Names - Virginia State Library SR00749, p. 14 - inheritance involving Whaley, Thomas Cpt.
no date MARRIAGES OF SOME VIRGINIA RESIDENTS, 1607-1800, Vol. II, I-Z, by Dorothy F. Wulfeck, pub. 1986 James Whaley, lawyer/merchant, York Co., son of Thomas (Maj.)  In Bacon's Rebellion, m. Mary Page, niece of Col. John Page.
Nov 1684 Baltimore County Families, 1659-1759, by Robert W. Barnes, pub. 1989 p. 581 - Thomas Walley was made guardian of Richard's children (Richard Simms) Thomas & Mary.
1691 IBID Mary Simms, dau. of Richard, ward of Thomas had been placed with her own grandmother who d. Dec. 1691 when Elizabeth Whalley, widow, petitioned the court as next of kin.
1691/2 IBID p. 527 - Charles Ramsey, son of Wm, in Baltimore Co. by 1692 - m. by March 1691/2 Elizabeth, widow of John Whalley & daughter of Thomas Thurston.
24 Aug 1693 Virginia Genealogist Vol. 30, p. 167 - Jackson of Lower VA, Will of John Keen, York Co., - will proved by Wm Whaley, James Whaley ordered to make inventory.
prior to 1701 Bruton Parish Espiscopal Church - Williamsburg, VA Whaley James, vestryman prior to 1701 (from Dolores T.)
1707 RECORDS OF COLONIAL GLOUCESTER CO., VA, Vol. I & II, comp'd by Polly Cary Mason Gloucester Records from Other Virginia Counties, p. 235:   Deed- Mary Whaley to John Page 1707:  "Mary Whaley, widow of James Whaley, late of York Co., Gent - Sold to John Page of this county of Gloucester, Gent'm 200  acres near middle plantation in York Co. on branches of Queen's Creek adj. the land where on a Scool house  Stands & the plantation where John Whaley lately lived.  5th June 1707 signed by Mary Whaley, Rec'd York Co. Court - 24 Jun 1707
prior to 1769 IBID Whaley, Thoms - vestryman prior to 1769 (from Dolores)
  IBID Whaley, Matthew - & son - buried in church yard.  "mother went back to England" - (from Dolores)
1717/1718 ABSTRACTS - LANCASTER CO., VA WILLS, 1653-1800 by Ida Lee Will Book 10, p. 261 - Whaley, Oswald of Parish of White Chappel, 9 Nov 1717, Rec'd 9 Apr 1718, Wifes' name not given, son James, dau. Mary Whaley, grandchildren Oswald, Mary & Stephen Whaley.  Extr - son James.  Witnesses - J. Orchaw, R. Cooper, Charity Whaley
1722 IBID Will of James Whaley, [son of Oswald, d. 1717] rec'd 9 Jan 1722, wife not mentioned - Sons, Oswald & James, Dau. Mary - Extr - son Oswald.  Overseers:   Jas. Bell & Wm Payne.  Wits:  Wm James & Matth Stanton.
1726 IBID Will Book 10, p. 513 - Will of Stephen Whaley [son of Oswald, d. 1717] - Whaley, Stephen, 11 Jan 1726, rec'd 8 Feb 1726, Legatees:  Henry Newberry, Bro. James, Cousin James Newby.  Wits:  John Buckley, Chas. A. Rossell
28 Jan 1726 Virginia Northern Neck Land Grants, Vol. I, comp'd by G. E. Gray p. 88, James Whaley of Westmoreland Co. 286 A in Stafford on Philemons Branch of Cedar Run adj. Philemon Walters
29 Sep 1726 - 10 Nov 1726 ABSTRACTS OF VIRGINIA'S NORTHERN NECK WARRANTS & SURVEYS, comp'd by Peggy Shomo Joyner, pub. 1986 Vol. 3, p. 173 - Stafford Co., James Whaley, assignee of Owin Lord for whom surv'd, no war't, date for survey 29 Sep 1726 - 10 Nov 1726, 286 acres of Philemon's branch of Cedar Run.
13 June 1728 STAFFORD CO DEEDS 1722-1777. p. 520:  Thomas Owsley sold for 8000 pounds of tobacco 200 aceres, part of 600 acres granted his father, to James Whaley on main run of Accotink (Note: this land now in Fairfax Co.) (from Lyn)
11 Aug 1728 PARISH REGISTER OF ST. PETER'S, NEW KENT CO., VA, 1680-1787; National Society of Colonial Dames of America in Virginia, 1966. p. 109 - James , son of James Whaley, born July ye 19, bap Aug 'st 11th 1728.
11 Nov 1734 PRINCE WILLIAM DEEDS, BOOK 1 p. 414- James Whaley and Ann, his wife of Copley Parish, Westmoreland Co., to Wm Muse of same .... 286 acres of branch of Philemon's Branch of Cedar Run.
between  1734-1743 PRINCE WILLIAM DEEDS, book & page # missing: James Whalley of Hamilton Parish of Prince Wm. Co. and Ann, his wife, to Charles Green**.... land of Long Branch of Accotink, tract purchased from Thomas Owsley.
from Lyn various sources Charles Green was the Minister of Truro Parish.  In Green's will, he mentions a gift to the "youngest" child of John and Mary Osborn King, the parents of Penelope King who m. our James Whaley as his 2nd wife. 
15 Feb 1743 FAIRFAX DEEDS,Book B p. 362 - Charles Green, clerk and MD, Truro Parish, sold to Ralph Green, merchant late of Lond, now of Truro Parish, Fairfax Co, 102 acres on both sides of Accotink....sold by Owsley to James Whaley and by Whaley to Charles Green.
1721 - 1752 RICHMOND COUNTY VIRGINIA COURT ORDERS, 1721-1751, An Every Name Index, abst'd & pub'd by TLC Genealogy Whaley:   Elizabeth, 12:242; 12:258 - James, 11:238; 11:270; 12:45; 12:46; 12:68; 12:81; 12:104; 12:110; 12:113; 12:133; 12:140; 12:149; 12:152; 12:179; 12:192; 12:194; 12:208; 12:240; 12:242; 12:258; 12:265 - John, 11:265; -  Oswell (Lancaster Co), 9:397
3 Apr 1752 GENEALOGICAL ABSTRACTS FROM 18TH CENTURY VIRGINIA NEWSPAPERS, by Robert K. Headley, Jr.  1987 p. 362:  Whaley, James, dec'd, mention of land formerly bel. to him in Goochland Co. (VG 3 Apr 52)
1 Dec 1759 VIRGINIA GENEALOGIST Vol. 18, p. 219 - Prince Wm. Co. Order Book 1759-1761:  Court held - James Whailey vs. John Simms, In Case.  The defendant hath a further imparlance granted him.
25 May 1761 IBID Vol. 22, p. 307 - (Court held 25 May 1761) - A report of the settlement of accounts between John Simms & the executors of James Whaley is returned by the auditors appt's to settle the same.
25 May 1761 IBID Vol. 22, p. 311 - (same court ) James Whailey vs John Simms.  In Case.  Dismissed.
1766 Ibid, Vol 4, p. 98 cc - James Whaley, Jrn'r - 1766.... Robert Carter Esq'r. 
5 Sep 1776 VIRGINIA GENEALOGIST Vol.9, p. 26 - James Whaley, Loudoun, 4 pounds. 19. 2 3/4 - due 5 Sep 1776.  Died about eight years ago, then solvent. 
1771 VIRGINIA GENEALOGIST Vol. 17, p. 188 - Loudoun Co. 1771 Tithable List, Geo. Summer's List:   Colo. Henry Lee, James Whaley & John Whaley, overseers........

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