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Abstracts of Wills from Goochland County, Virginia, 1727-1777, by Margaret V. Henley, pub. by Goochland County Historical Society.

p. 65:  Will of David Walker, Jurn:

Aug 4 1772, Nov 16, 1772:  Deed Book 10, p. 285.

"To grand-daughter, Salley Woodson, and her heirs, a Negro girl with future increase.  To grandson, David Woodson, a Negro girl with future increase.  To dau., Susanna Woodson, 1 Negro boy.  To wife, Fanny, during her life, 2 Negroes, at her death to go to my dau, Susanna Woodson, and to be divided among her and her heirs.
Ex. Son-in-law Shadrach Woodson, Frances Walker.
Wit:  Thomas Underwood, d. Peter Walker, Jeffry Clarke and Pleasant Cocke

p. 68, David Walker, Senr:  Feb 15, 1773.  May 16, 1774.    Deed Book 10, p. 435-437.

To grand-daughter Susannah Woodson, 20 pounds.  To son, John Walker, 20 pounds payment for a Negro he got for me valued at 50 pounds, the other 30 pounds he is to account to my Exectors as part of my estate.  To son Peter Walker, 20 pounds besides what he has already gotten and a tract of land unpon the forks of the Byrd in Albemarle County containing 400 acres.  To son Joel Walker, 15 pounds with the land and plantation where I now live.  Should he died without heirs same to be sold and proceeds divided among all my children.  To dau., Elizabeth Thornhill, 13 pounds besides what she has already gotten.  To dau. Mary Perkins, 5 pounds besides what she has already gotten and also to her son, Walker Perkins, 15 pounds.  To dau. Judith Poor, 20 pounds allowed her out of the 30 pounds paid to her husband, Robert Poor, for serving as one of my executors.  To daughters, Ann Stevens and Hope Lancaster, 5 pounds ea. besides what they have already gotten.  To son, Peter Walker, 10 pounds besides what is appointed for him above for serving as one of my executors.  After all of the above bequests have been paid off, then my wife, Mary Walker, to have 1/3 of my remaining estate by way of loan 
( I don't have the rest of the will for this source)

From Valentine Papers, p. 1871:)  "during her life and at her deceasee said third part to be equally divided among all my children and their heirs, after said wife has received her third the other two thirds to be immediately divided among all my children and their heirs, in case any controversy shall arise among y relations concerning division of my estate that in order to prevent lawsuits each of the contending parties shall choose a man to who as arbitrators the matter shall be referred for final decision.  Son Peter Walker and son-in-law Robert Poor to be executors.    Signed David Walker.  Witnessed by Will Douglas, Richard Oglisby, and Elisha Leak. "

Division of land of David Walker Sr.

Goochland Co., VA Deed Book 11, p. 143 - 6 Aug 1776:  "We the Subscribers do hereby agree that Messrs. Benja & Joseph Watkins & Joseph Pleasants will undertake to divide the land agreeable to an order of the County of Goochalnd, that we will abide by the determination however it may be by means of which we expect to get clear of unnecessary expence of the County Surveyors come:  ye down to lay of the sd. land & put an end to all the disputes, Witness our hands this 6 Aug 1776.  Test: Thomas Underwood, John Lewis.  Signed by Joel Walker and Mary Walker by order. "

"Agreeable to an Order of last Goochland August Court we the Subscribers being mett of the premises proceeded to lay of to Mary Walker her dower of her dec'd husbands Land in manner followeth.  Beginning at a corner Hiskory on Cocke's line N. 41 degrees, e. to a pile of stones near a deep Gully thence S. 95 degrees, e. Crossing Cattail Branch to Hatcher's Line, thence on the sd. line to Cocke's line thence on Cocke's line to the Beginning at the Hickory thence S. 24 degrees, W. to a corner white Oak on Cocke's line, thence to the sd. line to the Court House Road, thence down the sd. Road to the Hickory becore mentioned.  Allowing her son Joel forty three Apple trees standing on upper end of the Orchard wch siad divisions appearing to us to give each party full Satisfaction.  Given under our hands this Six day of Sept 1776.  Signed Jos. Pleasnants, Ben. Watkins, Jo. Watkins. 

At a Court held for Goochland County October 21st 1776.  This Allotment of the Dower of Mary Walker of the land of David Walker dec'd, her Husband was presented in Court and ordered to be recorded.  Teste.  Val Wood Cl Curt.

Will of Mary Walker, written 8 Sep 1777, proved 20 Oct 1777.
"In the name of God Amen I Mary Walker of the parish of St James Northam in the County of Goochland being in a Low State of health But in perfect mind and memory and calling the mind the uncertainty of life do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament in manor and form folliwng:
First I give to my body to be buried at the discretion of my Executors and My Soul to God who gave it to me.
Item:  first my will and Desier is that all my Debts be paid and the valuation of my Dower left by my Husband will to be made good to my children according to contents of said Will.  Item:  I give to my daughter Hopy Lancaster my young Bay mare but my desire is that the first three colts of the said mare shall be the property of my grandaughters Molly Lancaster, Elizabeth Lancaster & Nancy Lancaster and their heirs.    Item:  I gie to my daughter Ann Stevens my negroe wench Cato but if my said Daughter should be dead I give the said negroe wench Cato to my Grand Daughter Dolilar Stevens and her heirs.  Item:  I give to my Daughter Ann Stevens all the Remainder part of my Estate and lastly appoint my friend Capt John Curd my Executor to this my Last will and testament.  Given under my hand and Seal this Eight Day of September in the Year of our Lord 1777.  In the presence of John Curd Senyr, Mary Walker, her mark.  Elizabeth Mitchel, her mark.  Hopy Poor, her mard and signed by Mary Walker, her mark which looks like qS. "

"At a court held for Goochland County October 20, 1777.  This writing was proved by the oaths of Mary Walker & John Curd Witnesses hereto, to be the last Will and Testament of Mary Walker dec'd which was admitted to Records."

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