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William and Elizabeth (poss. Tandy) Walker  Records

Walker/Boone Connections

You will find more "unknown Walker Records" on the Allen/Woodson/Walker/Porter page. 

Many of the records below were both researched by me and sent to me by Dick L. who is hunting his Walker famiies.

John Walker, b. 1670, d. 1762 - m. Lucy Woods - had children     - also see records below.

     i. John Jr. d.. 1740 - d. & left his property to brothers David, Joseph, James & father John.
    ii. James Walker, b. ca 1720, m. Agnes Rives, (400 acres on the Byrd) Buckingham Co., VA and had:
1. David, m. Elizabeth Watkins, dau. of Joel
2. John, m. Eliz - d. 1788
3. Henry, b. 1740
4. Martha m. Dr. James Jones
3. Joseph
4. David, d. 1740 - someone errounously listed children of our David Walker Sr. - but  David who d.           1740 was not married & had no children.
5. Sarah
6. Mary
7. Martha
8. Fanny
1737 Goochland Co. Wills & Deeds 1736-1742, abst'd & com'd by BB Weisiger III, 1984 p. 5  (p.38) Deed - 21 Jun 1737 - William Woodson of St. James Parish, Goochland Co to Tandy Walker of Henrico for 40 acres on so. side of James River, part of patent of 1500 acres to sd Wm, Benj. Jr., Joseph, John Jr., & Robert Jr. (all sons of Benjamin Sr.), dated 1732.  Sarah, wife of Wm relinquished her dower rights. 
1738 ibid p. 22 (p.161) By court order of 18 July 1738 we valued improvements of 40 acres of John Walker on the Bird Creek. 
1740 ibid p. 52 (p.365) 30 Apr 1740  - Will of John Walker Jr. of Goochland Co - to father John Walker, all my 400 acres and plantation of branches of Lickinghole Creek - to brother James Walker, 400 acres on Byrd - to brother Joseph Walker, negroes; to brother David Walker, 400 acres on Byrd- execturos brothers Joseph & David,
1741 ibid p. 61 (p.434) 4 Oct 1740 Will of David Walker of Goochland Co. - father John Walker, to brother James Walker, to brother Joseph, to sister Martha Emmorson, to sister Mary Parish, to sister Sary David and to "my Effany Hodges". Recorded 21 July 1741
1741 ibid p.69 (p.509)  16 May 1741 - Deed - William Walker of St. James Parish, Goochland Co. to John Bibey - on no. side of James River & no. side of Castle Branch, 300 acres, bounded by John Curd, Nicholas Parkins, Meadowy Creek, William Harris & Phillip Walker.  Witnesses inc'd Robt. Woodson.

William Walker b. ca 1690, d. 1752, Cumberland Co., VA m. Judith Baker - settled ca. 1740 at High Hill, Southam Parish, Cumberland Co., Va.   They had 10 children -:  Dick L. sent me a lot of info on this family - there are only 9 children listed.

       i James Walker, b. ca 1740  m Agnes Rives - recv'd 350 acres on Appomatox River - had son Capt. Henry Walker who m. Martha Jones - Henry and Martha had the following children:
Henry Walker, b. 1740
Lucy Walker, m. Micajah Woods and Dr. James Jones
John Walker, m. Elizabeth and had sons John and James
Capt. David Walker, m. Elizabeth Watkins, dau.  of Joel Watkins
Agnes Walker, b. 1749 m. 1st 1771 Wm Jones and 2nd m. 1781 Thomas Lewis
      ii Warren Walker b. bef 1720 Cumberland Co. m Magdaline Burton, His will dated 16 Apr 1785
     iii William Walker
     iv Lucy Walker
      v Peter Walker
      vi Robert Walker
     vii Judy Walker
     viii Benjamin Walker
      ix Henry Walker
       x unknown Walker

Another William Walker, d. 1723, m. Elizabeth, who d. either 1725 or 1737 and Wm Woodson and John Walker were security on her will.  William and Elizabeth had:

       i Elizabeth Walker
      ii Sarah Walker
      iii Hannah Walker
      iv Henry Walker
       v Joel Walker
      vi Tabitha Walker
     vii Mary Walker


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