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All material on all these pages are copyrighted, please do not reproduce, copy, or distribute in any manner without permission.  We are all willing to share our work, but many hours and dollars have gone into these records and all we would like is for each person to get the recognition and the "say-so" how their line is treated.  
Researchers - if I have not give you credit for information you have shared, please let me know. 
If you have additonal information, please be sure to send the source with it. 

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Who are the parents of David Walker Sr.  See Walker Records as we try to unravel the mystery.

Many of the "Our" David Walker records came from Ann and Barbara with the rest of us contributing.  If I have not given credit where credit is due, please let me know.   Others researching this family include Nancy, Sue, & Mary.

The first mixup came from Edward P. Valentine Papers when David Walker Jr.'s will is written as David Watkins.  David Jr. died before his father in 1772 and mentioned his wife Frances, but we have not found her last name as yet.  The Douglas Register carried it correctly.

#1  - David Walker Sr.  m. Mary - (Several researchers have carried her as Mary Perkins, dau. of Nicholas, but we have not been able to find anything that will substantiate the claim [Barbara])

From Barbara to James - e-mail Nov 1997 - "Only new discovery was finding a genealogy on the Nicholas Perkins Descendants in Danville (VA) library.  There was a deed  reference in it pertaining to David Walker (d. 1774 Goochland Co.).  Amos Lead (Ladd) deeded land to David in 1721 in Henrico Co.  Amos was married to a daughter of Nicholas Perkins.   Only significance of this is that David was in Henrico by that date and an adult. "

16 Jun 1758 - Goochand Co., VA - Deed Book 7-300 (from Ellnora L. Young) David Walker Sr. gives a parcel of land in Goochland Co. containing 140 acres to his "loving son David Walker of the aforesaid county".. 

David Walker Sr. died Feb 1774 - will dated 15 Feb 1774 and recorded 16 May 1774 in Goochland Co.  His funeral was 26 Feb 1774.  Court division of David Walker Sr's property.
Mary Walker died 1777.  Her will was proved 20 October 1777.

#2     i David Walker Jr. m. Frances ?? and had Susannah who m. Shadrach WoodsonDavid's Will -
     ii Peter Walker, who m. 1766 Sarah Wadley (also have him m. to Elizabeth Harris) (Marriage to Sarah found in Douglas Register, p. 48)   It is believed that Peter m. Elizabeth, she died and he married Sarah.
Shadrach Walker
Milley Walker
Elizabeth Walker
Jesse Harris Walker
    iii John Walker, d. 1791, Greene Co., GA; m. 1751, Alblemarle Co., VA Elizabeth Hunter, d. 1803, Hancock Co., GA - dau of John Hunter and Henrietta Davidson.  All dates, etc. from Sue & Barbara G.  Please contact either of them for more information.  (Many have wonder if this John is really the son of our David Walker Sr. - I believe the evidence gathered proves he is - he names his children almost the same as his siblings.  And with the info Sue has found in GA, this may be the link for many other descendants of John Walker)
John Hunter Walker, b. ca 1768 either VA or NC; d. 1831 Harris Co., GA.  
David Walker
Joel Walker
Elizabeth Walker, m. Mr. Grant
William Sr., m. 1788, Greene Co., Elizabeth Wynne.  (William moved with his father from Guilford Co., NC to GA.)  Barbara
Mary Walker
Frances "Fanny" Walker, d. ca 1830, Upson Co., GA; m. William Selman.
    iv Joel Walker, m. 1774 Sarah Bown     (Marriage found in Douglas Register, p. 48)
     v Elizabeth Walker, m. bef 1774 Thomas Thornhill
    vi Mary Walker, b. 1719, VA;   m. 9 Jun 1741, VA Constant Perkins , b. 1721, VA; d. 1769, Goochland Co., VA.   Mary d. 1797, Goochland Co., VA; Constance died 1769 Goochland Co., VA. 
- information on this family with dates from  Mary
Ann Perkins, b. 1741, Goochland Co., d. 1823, Anderson Co., TN, m. David Clarkson -
David Perkins , d. 1785, Meckleburg, VA
William Perkins, d. 1816, Green, GA
Mary Perkins, b. 1748; d. 1801
Judith Perkins, d. 1773, Goochland Co., VA
Nicholas Perkins, d. 1776, Goochland Co., VA
Elizabeth Perkins,
Constantine Perkins
Stephen Perkins, b. 1760, Goochland Co., VA
Ezekiel Perkins, d. 1839, Louisa Co., VA
Walker Perkins, d. 1781, Goochland Co., VA

   vii Judith Walker m. 1762  Robert Poor        David      Penny  (Marriage & children found in Douglas Register, p. 116, p. 276)
Thomas Poor b. 1762 in Goochland Co.
Ann Poor, b. 1765 in Goochland Co.
Susannah Poor b. 1769 in Goochland Co.,
Robin Poor b. 1772 in Goochland Co.
Salley Poor b. 1774 in Goochland Co.
  viii Ann Walker m. Mr. Sterns
    ix Hope Walker m.1758 Nathaniel Lancaster and had the following children  - All of the  births occurred in Goochland Co., but some of the children are found getting married in Albemarle & Cumberland Co.'s VA   -  Hope Lancaster died in Gloucester Co., VA.  (Marriage found in Douglas Register, p. 30) Son William & Dau. Ann found p. 233)
Molly Lancaster
John Lancaster, m. Margaretta Legrand - John d. Greene Co., GA
Elizabeth Lancaster
William Lancaster, b. 1765
Nancy Ann Lancaster, b. 1767
      x Susanna Walker d. bef 1773. 

#2 - David Walker Jr. - d. Aug 1772, will dated 4 Aug 1772 and recorded 16 Nov 1772 in Goochland Co., VA.  David's funeral was held 30 Aug 1772.

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