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Tidewater Area of Virginia

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Allen Porter Walker Woodson

There are many very good books that deal with the Tidewater area.  One of the best is TIDEWATER VIRGINIA FAMILIES, by Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis. 

In trying to trace our ancestors from the early times in Virginia, we have learned to find the counties in existence for the time period we are searching.    This is for 1634 - 1757 only. 
More counties were formed after that.


Here is a break down of the counties, when they were formed and from what other counties
(from Ancestry's Redbook)

The Original Counties of Virginia in 1634

Accawmack Co. renamed Northampton 1642/3 records transferred
Northumberland formed from Chickacoan Indian District - 1645/8  
Charles River Co. later named York County  1641/2 records transferred to York Co.
New Norfolk Co. Split into Upper & Lower Norfolk in 1637  
Lower Norfolk Co. abolished in 1691 records housed in City of Chesapeake
Upper Norfolk Co. renamed Nansemond, 1642/3 records transferred
Elizabeth City Co. records now found in City of Hampton (1952)  
Warwick River Co. renamed Warwick 1642/3 -then incorp. with city of Warwick in 1951 & merged with City of Newport News in 1958 - all records transferred
Isle of Wight Co. was Warrosquyoake, renamed in 1637  
James City Co.    
Charles City Co.    
Henrico Co.


In 1651-1660 new counties were formed from the above and I will try to detail the Tidewater counties.   Other counties will be dealt with on the VA/MD page.  Just remember, this is a guide only and I can be easily confused when dealing with all of the splits, etc.  So be sure to recheck when looking for your old records. 


Princess Ann Co. 1691 - from Lower Norfolk - 1963 merged & records transferred to/with City of Virginia Beach
Norfolk Co. 1691 - from Lower Norfolk - 1963 merged & records transferred to/with City of Chesapeake - Some records may also be in City of Portsmouth
Richmond Co. 1691 - from Old Rappanock
King & Queen 1691 - from New Kent


Prince George Co. 1702 - from Charles City
Hanover Co. 1721 - from New Kent
Goochland Co. 1728 - from Henrico
Louisa Co. 1742 - from Hanover
Augusta Co. 1745 - from Orange Co.
Albemarle Co. 1744 - from Goochland Co.
Cumberland Co. 1749 - from Goochland Co.
Buckingham Co. 1761 - from Albemarle Co.


Cumberland Co. 1749 - Goochland Co.    ** Shadrach Woodson
Henry Co. 1779 - Henry Co.            ** Shadrach Woodson
Campbell Co. 1782 - Bedford Co.         **  Shadrach Woodson     ** Leonard Hall
Franklin Co. 1785/6 - Franklin Co.      ** Shadrach Woodson

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