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In Henshaws, p. 11/12/13 -  As early as 1660, the Quakers of Lower Norfolk are listed:  Of those, John Porter, John Porter Jr.   The Warwick-York MM area included all of that around and below Williamsburg.   "here are some of the oldest appointed meetings.  Their records are all lost.  There was a George Walker near Kickatan;

William Porter Sr.

1. WILLIAM1 PORTER SR. birth date unknown. William died bef. 1747 in Goochland Co., VA.

TIDEWATER VIRGINIA FAMILIES, by Virginia Lee H. Davis, p. 395. "Robert Woodson and William Porter were appointed by theCurles Meeting to inquire into the clearness of Edward to marry. Margaret Porter and Frances Gathright were appointed to visit Mary and inquire into her clearness (marriage intent of Edward Mosby & Mary Watkins) 8 mo ( October) 1716. (Meetings near Black Creek - White Oak Swamp Meeting House was not in use until summer of 1723)


Will of Jane Pleasants - mentions dau. Mary Woods, grandau. Jane Woodson, John Woodson, dau. of said Jane, Mary, dau. of Jane, Joseph, dau. of Jane, grandson Joseph, grandson Tucker, grandson Benjamin & his heirs, son Joseph Pleasant, dau. Elizabeth Cocke, her son James & dau Elizabeth when they come of age, dau. Dorothy Pleasants, grandaus. Anne Pleasants, Jane Pleasants, Dorothy Pleasants, son Joseph’s dau, Elizabeth, grandson Joseph, son Joseph’s dau named Jane,

"I give unto William Porter the Elder one Kersie Coate and Briches with Canvis Shirt & felt Hat, unto him, the s’d William & to his heirs forever. Signed Jane Pleasant, 2 Jan 1708 - Signed, sealed, published and declared in presence of Robert Blaws, Nicholas Hutchins, William M. Porter Jr. Proved in Henrico Co. June Court 1709 by Oath of Robert Blaws, one of the subjects and also the s’d will was Further Proved by the Testimony of Nicholas Hutchins & William Porter Jun’r - two other witnesses Subscribed (they being both Quakers)

William Porter Sr. had the following known child:

2. WILLIAM2 PORTER JR. (William1) was born in VA. William died in Goochland Co., VA.

William Porter is found in Henrico County, Book #7: p. 102, 1681, Robert Woodson, John Woodson, Thomas East, Robert Clark, William Porter. p. 433, 1685, Wm. Porter Sr., p. 435, 1685, Wm. Porter Jr., Nicholas Amoss & Richard Ferres

THE HOUSE OF GOODE, ibid: p. 38] 1734, Inventory of William Frazer [sic] by Edward Goode, WM PORTER JR., John Hobson and Thomas Childres.

From Henshaw's - Henrico Monthly Meeting, p. 146 - "... In 1699 in reply to a set of questions regarding Dissenters in Henrico County, the following answer was recorded and forwarded to the authorities in April, 1700. That their is one publick meeting house in this Coty neer the plantation of Thomas Holmes decd wch upon ye motion of Mr. John Pleasants in behalf of himself and other Quakers was upon ye day of October 1692 entered upon ye record of this Coty.  ........ `We are also informed that of late there hath been monthly meetings kept at ye house of William Porter, Jur in this County and that Severall wandering Strangers come here as Preachers and upon pretence of Religion Resort to the sd two meeting places'."  (Curles MM records began in 1699, but Black Creek (first called "New Kent") spoken of as a well established congregation.) 

p. 148, ...... "Turning to the records kept by the meetings themselves we find they begin June 6, 1699, when the sessions are held in the house of William Porter Jr, in Henrico County. "

p. 148,  During a trying time in 1702 the women of MM had to sign a "true unity" with the monthly meeting.  Among those signing was Margt Porter,

p. 149, ..."In 1722 steps were taken to began a montly meeting house - all previous sessions having been held in the ouse of William Porter Jr., and later at Edward Mosby's."  (Called White Oak Swamp Meeting House)

p. 208 - Porter

1699, 5, 25 The MM met in William Jr's house
1699/1700, 12, 9 William Jr. gave 300 lbs tobacco toward building a new MH at Curles
1700, 5, 12 Sarah ltm Benjamin Woodson
1700, 5, 25 Sarah, dt. William Jr., Henrico Co., m. Benj. Woodson
1702, 7, 4 William Jr. - a MM appointed to meet in one of his houses
1703/4, 1, 18 Mrg't signed mtg books as token that she was in unity with this MM as held
1706, 8, 19 William mentioned as mbr of Curles Mtg.
1708, 2, 20 William Sr. "at this mtg was an account of goods brought in that (he) had; matter deferred until next mtg
1709, 4, 19 William mentioned as being overseer of Curles Mtg.
1714, 9, 12 William Jr. at this MM ordered "to make a demand of John Woodson for what tobacco in his hands belonging to this mtg for the relief of the poor & bestow it on his aged father by selling the same for such necessarys as he desires"
1714/15, 11, 7 William rem as overseer of Curles Mtg & uc of mtg for consenting to the disorderly m of his dt
1714/15/12/11 William defended condut saying his dt "not being of his perswasion & being resolved to match with one of her perswasion; MM still held in his house.
1716, 6, 10 William Sr. - the tobacco gathered for his relief is placed in the hands of his s
1718, 2, 5 William expressed his dissatisfaction with the Mm held at the house of Edward Mosby, Henrico Co.
1723/24, 1, 7 William dis mou
1723, 7, 7 William rpd desirous of "being rec into communion with the brethern"; further mentioned that he had never been disciplined for breach of fellowship; later mentioned that he had gone into the world for a w; matter drags on
1724, 2, 4 Willima con mou & rst
1725/26, 12, 5 William dis


abst’d & comp’d by Benjamin B. Weisiger III,

p.27 Will of William Porter of Henrico Parish - to dau. Jane Porter, all my land in Henrico Co & items; dau. Sarah Porter, slaves, etc; dau. Tabbith Porter, negroes, daus. Ann Pleasants, Susanna Layne, Elizabeth Pleasants, Amey Carter, & Mary Hamblet, wife Hannah for widowhood, rest of estate and then divided among the children. Executors: wife and my brother Thomas Porter. Dated 26 Jun 1750, Wit: John Povall, Joseph Royall, John Warrener. Recorded Oct 1750.
p.32 [p.349] Inventory of William Porter, 21 Jun 1747, Value L 28/10/9 by John Poval, Humphry Smith, John Hales. John Porter presented inventory and it is recorded March 1747.
p.43 Dec 1750 - Inventory of William Porter presented by Hannah Porter recorded
p.55 Inventory of William Porter, Feb 26, 1750, taken by John Povall, John Warriner, Samuel Garthright, and Robert Maddox. Value L 35/4/6. Recorded June 1751p.278 Sept. Court 1758 -
(lost page/date)   Hannah Porter returned accounts of estate of William Porter
p.270 August Court 1758 - Account of estate of William Porter recorded

William Porter Jr. had the following child:

3. SARAH3 PORTER (William2, William1) was born circa 1675. Sarah died.

She married BENJAMIN WOODSON 12 May 1700. Benjamin was born circa 1666. Benjamin was the son of Robert Woodson and Elizabeth Ferris. Benjamin died before 1723.  Benjamin's will was probated August 1723 and his son William was named executor.

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