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Van Stilley had been researching the Carter/Whaley/Veale family for many years when he first contacted me.  While it is getting hard to differentiate between his work and the rest of us - he should get full credit for getting us on track and keeping us there. 


4 Jun 1739 RICHMOND COUNTY, VIRIGINA DEEDS, 1734-1741, by TLC Genealogy (Deed Bk. 9, p. 569) p. 61:  from William Croswill of NF & R, to Charles Brown of St. Mary's White Chappil Parish & County of Lancaster, "now in possession of Jos: Pope............. Witnesses:  Peter Carter, John Thomas, Henry Hazard, - recorded 2 Jul 1739.
1789 GENEALOGICAL ABSTRACTS FROM 18TH CENTURY VIRGINIA NEWSPAPERS, by Robert K. Headley, Jr.  1987 One of  the reasons we wonder about a connection between our Peter/Ephraim Carter and the Robert King Carter Family:  p. 58 - Carter, John Esq. d. at his seat at Bull Run (VHFA 9 Apr 89); his admrs. in Loudoun Co. are Landon Carter, Robert Carter Jr. and Wormley Carter (VIC 16 Dec 89).  Ephriam Carter, son of Peter, named one of his sons Wormley.  Ephriam's dau., Matilda,  in her obituary, stated related to the Lee family.  Who is the above Wormley Carter?   Who was his father? 


1. PETER1 CARTER, son of JOB CARTER, was born before 1730. PETER died circa 1801.

  • He married twice. He married 2nd HANNAH WHALEY circa 1783.1 HANNAH was born circa 1746. HANNAH was the daughter of JAMES WHALEY, Sr. and HANNAH HIGGERSON. HANNAH died circa 1821.

  • PETER was a plaintiff in a court case 24 JUL 1753. He resided 21 FEB 1754. He made a will 04 JUN 1794. 1748: - On Rev. Charles Green's list of tithable (+14 years of age) of Truro Parish (Pohick Church).

  • 4 Jul 1753: - Peter was a plantiff in a court case against Job Carter - Lawsuit

  • 21 Feb 1754: - Landowner through which a road must be cleared from Sampson Turley's plantation to the mountain road, with Paul Turley, Sampson Turley, William Berkley, James Turley, Peter Turley, Samuel Tillett & Charles O'Neale. (Fairfax Court Order Book, 1754-1756, Part 1, p. 53)

  • 1760: shown as a tenant of James Waugh and owning 2 negroes.

  • 17 Apr 1767: - paid 650 lbs. Tobacco rent to James Waugh. Library of Congress, Glassford & Henderson Co., Colchester, papers where Peter had an account. (Sept - Dec. 1761: 185: 152)

  • 14 Oct 1769: - Witnessed will of Henry Robertson with James Jennings & John Linton (Loudoun Co. Will Book A, p. 236)

  • 16 Apr 1770: - signs lease from Thomas Ludwell Lee. Loudoun Deed Book G., p. 296. Mentions youngest son Morris Veale Carter & youngest daughter Milley Carter.     Lease

  • 1787 CENSUS OF VIRGINIA - LOUDOUN CO, VA, by Schreiner-Yantis & Love: List "C" = 3rd Battalion / District of Simon Hancock - Commish.
    Carter, Peter     self     0      4     7     8      2     1
    Carter, John     charge to Peter Carter also:
    Carter, John Jr. self     0     10      17     10     18
    Carter, John     self      0      49     54     38      0 - 137 cattle, 4 w/carriage

  • Bef. 1784: - 1st wife dies and he marries Hannah Whaley, dau. of James Whaley (will of James Whaley executed 1785).

  • 4 Jun 1794: - writes will - also shows he has 17 negroes - some children still.

  • 20 Mar 1797: - adds codicil to will and mentions newborn dau. Fannie. [How old is he ?? ]

  • 9 Feb 1801: - will proved.              Peter's Will

PETER CARTER and 1st wife had the following children:

2    i JOHN2 CARTER was born after 1749/0. JOHN died 1816 at 65 years of age, unmarried.   His will, executed 14 Jun 1816, probated 10 Oct 1816, Loudoun Co. Will Bk. M, p.67.

In the Name of God Amen I John Carter of the County of Loudoun and Commonwealth of Virginia being weak, but in perfect sound mind & memory & taking into consideration the uncertainty of this life, do make & ordain this my last Will & Testament in manner and form following that is to say I some years ago lent my half brother Efraim Carter a load, I give the same to him & his heirs together with my saddle that I ride at present.
The whole of the balance of my Estate that is all my property of every description, what ever it may be & where the same may be founnd I wish to be sold & the money rising from the sale thereof (after defraying my just debts & funeral expenses) to be equally divided between my Brother Morris Carter & my half Sister Fanny Carter who has lived with e for some time past & in case my Brother Morris should be dead, then & in that case I give his share to my half brother James Carter to them & to their heirs forever.
I do hereby nominate & appoint my friend Henry Gunnell junr. to be Executor of this my last will & Testament, revoking all others heretofore by me made. In witness I have hereunto set my hand & affixed my Seal this 24th day of June 1816.
signed by John Carter and then his seal
Signed sealed & c in the presence of William Veale, William LaFaver, Patrick H. Douglas, Philip (his x mark) Houser

At a Court held for Loudoun County the 14th day of October 1816 This last Will and Testament of John Carter deceased was presented to the Court and duly proved to be the Act and Deed of theTestator by the oaths of Philip Houser and Pat H. Douglas two of the subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded and Henry Gunnell Jr. the Executor therein named came into Court and renounced his appointment as Executor & on his motion Administration with the Will annexed is granted him on said Estate whereupon the said Henry Gunnell Jr. together with Charles Veale & Samuel R. Edwards his securities entered into and acknowledged a Bond in the penalty of three thousand dollars conditioned as the Law directs.

3     ii EDWARD CARTER was born after 1749/0.  
4    iii LETTICE CARTER was born after 1749/0. 
5    iv MORRIS VEALE CARTER was born after 1750/1. MORRIS died circa 1815. He married NANCY BROWN 10 May 1813.   NANCY was born circa 1760.
6     v AMELIA CARTER was born after 1750/1.

PETER CARTER and HANNAH WHALEY had the following children:

7        vi EPHRAIM CARTER was born circa 1784.  Nancy's Line  
         vii ELAM CARTER was born circa 1786. ELAM died circa 1842. He married ELIZABETH MUSE 28 Nov 1829.2 ELIZABETH was  born circa 1810. ELIZABETH died aft 1830.   Will of Elizabeth Muse (Mews)
9      viii ELIHU CARTER was born 12 Mar 1788.
         ix ELIZABETH CARTER was born before 1794. She married JOHN PERRY before 1813.
          x MARY CARTER was born before 1794. MARY died in Warren Co., KY. Her body was interred at Mt. Olivet                  Cemetery. She  married JOHN COLLETT 1809.
        xi JAMES CARTER was born before 1794.
13     xii ANN CARTER was born 10 Feb 1794.
        xiii FRANCES CARTER was born before 1797.

Second Generation

3. EDWARD2 CARTER (PETER1) was born after 1749/0. EDWARD died 1812 at 61 years of age.   He married MARGARET MASON circa 1777.   EDWARD CARTER and MARGARET MASON had the following children:

           i SUSANNAH3 CARTER. She married HUGH TALBOTT.
          ii ELIZABETH CARTER was born 1778. ELIZABETH died Aft 1815. She married JOHN JR. O'NEAL circa 1814. JOHN was born 1777.

4. LETTICE2 CARTER (PETER1) was born after 1749/0. LETTICE died after 1827.
She married JAMES WHALEY, II circa 1770. JAMES was born circa 1750. JAMES was the son of JAMES WHALEY, Sr. and HANNAH HIGGERSON.

6. AMELIA2 CARTER (PETER1) was born after 1750/1. AMELIA died after 1824.   She married THOMAS MOSS. THOMAS died circa 1824.   AMELIA CARTER and THOMAS MOSS had the following children:

           i HANNAH3 MOSS was born bef. 1800. HANNAH died before 1824. She married JAMES TILLETT 1 Apr 1805.3  JAMES was the          son of  SAMUEL TILLETT and ANN BARRY
           ii SARAH W. MOSS was born before 1810. SARAH died before 1824. She married EDWARD HAMMETT 6 Aug 1816.  EDWARD  was born circa 1805.
          iii FRANCES MOSS was born before 1810. She married JOSIAH MOFFETT.
          iv SUSANNAH MOSS was born before 1810. She married AMOS FOUCH.
          v ELIZABETH MOSS was born before 1810.
          vi ROBERT MOSS was born before 1810.

7. EPHRAIM2 CARTER (PETER1) was born circa 1784. EPHRAIM died before 1843.4   Nancy

He married ELIZABETH REED 25 Dec 1809.5 ELIZABETH was born before 1788. ELIZABETH was the daughter of JONATHAN REED. ELIZABETH died circa 1829. The minister who performed the wedding was John Mines.

The spelling of "Ephraim" is used in Muster Roll, Pay Roll and Census records, but his 1/2 brother, in his will, spells it Epraim.

Ephraim is named in a will written in 1816 and presented to court in Loudoun Co., VA in October of 1816. John Carter left him "I some few years ago lent my half brother Epraim Carter a lone, I give the same to him & his heirs together with my saddle that I ride at present." Also named in this will are brother, Morris Carter, half sister, Fanny Carter, and half brother, James Carter.

Ephriam was in the service in 1812, but contacted chicken pox or another illness and did not see any action.

Ephriam, Elizabeth and the first three children lived near Lynchburg, VA where 3 of the children were born. Moved to Bowling Green Co.? KY about 1820.

Warren Co., KY Tax List:

1817 - Elihu Carter (brother of Ephriam) - 200 acres Barren River - 1 over 21, 9 blacks, 5 horses, $3530

1820 - Elihu again

1821 - Ephraim Carter -- no land - 1 over 21, 1 black, 3 horses - t. value $570; Elihu Carter

1822 - Ephriam Carter, Elam Carter (another brother), Elihu Carter, and John Carter

1823 - Ephriam, John, Elihu, Elam Carter

1824 - Ephriam, John, Elam and Elihu Carter (only Elihu has any land any of these years).

Warren Co., Order Book H, 1842 - 1850: Court - Dec. 26, 1842:

On motion of William N. Floud who having taken the oath requried by law the administration of the estate of Ephram Carter deceased is granted into him he having executed bon in the penalty of $1400 with Cary Stephens and Joseph Lewis his securities conditioned as the law directs.

Ordered that Jas. Percell W. Gossom Chs Jackson R Graham and M.W. Quisenberry or any three who being first sworn do appraise the slaves if any and personal estate of Ephram Carter deceased and return such appraisement to the court. County Court, County of Warren Court House, 23 January 1843:

From a letter from Mrs. Carolyn Brooks, 1972 from interviews with Miss Alice Hall.

-Ephriam and Elizabeth are in Loudoun Co., VA in 1810. They left Loudoun Co., VA in the early spring of 1820. It is reasonable that they didn't show up in census of Warren Co. or Loudoun Co. that year. Miss Hall said that their home was in Loudoun Co., VA but stopped by Campbell County on their way. The residence of Ashers in Campbell suggests a reason for the stop.

His son, William and Williamson Hall left Texas in 1948 to return to Kentucky to settle an estate - Ephraim's orNeal Hall's.

In an obituary of Matilda Carter, there was an indication that Ann Hill Carter, wife of "Light Horse Harry Lee" and mother of Robert E. Lee were related to this Carter line. (From Dallas, TX Paper)

Ephriam and Elizabeth Reed Carter are buried near Bowling Green, KY.

The Carters were Cumberlain Presbyterians according to Alice Hall.

EPHRAIM CARTER and ELIZABETH REED had the following children:

     i. HARRIETT3 CARTER was born 15 Sep 1813.6 HARRIETT died 4 Dec 1906 at 93 years of age.7  She died a spinster in the home of  her nephew, William Harrison Hall
   ii WORMLEY CARTER was born 19 Jun 1816.8 WORMLEY died 5 Dec 1902 at 86 years of age.9 He married LUCY ANN ANDERSON 5   Jan 1854. LUCY was born circa 1834. LUCY was the daughter of WILLIAM ANDERSON and CELIA LAIR.  LUCY died 18 Nov 1908 at 74 years of age.    
  iii MATILDA CARTER was born 20 Jul 1819.10 MATILDA died 20 Sep 1902 at 83 years of age.11 She married HENRY  HENDERSON HALL 2 Dec 1850.12 .    SEE HALL FAMILY
  iv ELIZABETH CARTER was born after 1820. Elizabeth died as a child in Kentucky.
   v GEORGE CARTER was born after 1820. GEORGE died as a child in Kentucky
  vi WILLIAM CARTER was born circa 1823. WILLIAM died after 1850. William Carter and Williamson Hall contracted Yellow Fever as they returned to Texas from Kentucky.  It is said that he and Williamson are buried in Shreveport, LA.
vii ASHER CARTER was born 4 Oct 1827.15 ASHER died 1 Apr 1916 at 88 years of age.16 He married ANN ELIZABETH WOOD 23 Mar 1854. ANN was born circa 1830.

9. ELIHU2 CARTER (PETER1) was born 12 Mar 1788. ELIHU died 15 Sep 1846 at 58 years of age.
He married FRANCES E. CHILTON 25 Dec 1810. FRANCES was born 11 Feb 1778. FRANCES died 18 Jul 1860 at 82 years of age.
ELIHU CARTER and FRANCES E. CHILTON had the following children:

vii HANNAH CARTER was born circa 1811. HANNAH died after 1855. She married twice. She married BENJAMIN HENRY STONE 13 Dec 1828. BENJAMIN was born 26 Sep 1808. BENJAMIN was the son of DANIEL STONE and ELIZABETH ROSE MIDDLETON. BENJAMIN died 10 Sep 1843 at 34 years of age. She married JONATHAN J. SPALDING 3 Dec 1855.
  iv AMELIA CARTER was born circa 1818.
   v JAMES A. CARTER was born 14 Sep 1820. JAMES died 8 Jun 1892 at 71 years of age.
  vi JOHN CARTER was born after 1824.


13. ANN2 CARTER (PETER1) was born 10 Feb 1794. ANN died 1 Jul 1850 at 56 years of age.
She married JOHN CARTER 29 Jul 1815. JOHN was born 19 Sep 1791. JOHN was the son of JAMES CARTER and RACHEL NEILL. JOHN died 31 Dec 1873 at 82 years of age.
ANN CARTER and JOHN CARTER had the following children:

i. ELAM3 CARTER was born 29 Oct 1816. ELAM died 19 Sep 1855 at 38 years of age.
ii. MAHALA CARTER was born 16 Sep 1818. MAHALA died 8 Apr 1892 at 73 years of age.
iii. RACHEL CARTER was born 7 Sep 1820. RACHEL died 23 Sep 1845 at 25 years of age. She married WILLIAM JAMES FLURRY 19 Jan 1837. WILLIAM was born 29 Sep 1816. WILLIAM was the son of HENRY FLURRY and ELIZABETH MEWS.
iv. JULIA CARTER was born 12 Nov 1822. JULIA died 9 Jan 1874 at 51 years of age. She married THALES H. GIVENS 27 Jul 1842. THALES was born circa 1821. THALES died after 1850.
v. JAMES CARTER was born 25 Nov 1824. JAMES died 9 Nov 1868 at 43 years of age. He married JANE HENRY 25 Mar 1847. 
vi. STRAWTHER CARTER was born 28 Feb 1827. STRAWTHER died 2 Nov 1827 at less than one year of age.
vii. LYDIA CARTER was born 3 Aug 1828. LYDIA died. She married IRA H. REES 11 Jun 1850. IRA was born circa 1825.
viii. HANNAH CARTER was born 12 Jun 1831. HANNAH died 13 Sep 1861 at 30 years of age. She married JOHN B. COX 24 Feb 1853. JOHN was born circa 1830.
ix. JOHN S. CARTER was born 15 Jun 1837. JOHN died 18 Apr 1912 at 74 years of age. He married ELIZABETH SIMERWELL 1 Mar 1866. ELIZABETH was born circa 1837.

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