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James2 Whaley, Sr.   was born in Prob. Fairfax Co, VA circa 1720. James died 1785 in Loudoun Co., VA, at 65 years of age.  Will of James Whaley Sr.

He married twice. He married Hannah Higgerson in Stafford Co., VA, 8 Jul 1739. Hannah was born in Prob.Stafford Co, VA circa 1720. Hannah was the daughter of John Higgerson and Elizabeth (Unknown) Higgerson. Hannah died before 1757 in Loudoun Co., VA. He married Penelope King in Loudoun Co., VA, circa 1757. Penelope was the daughter of John King and Mary Osborne. Penelope died after 1785.

16 Nov 1748 - Fairfax Co. Va Deeds, Book B., p. 424:  Geo. Harrison of Fairfax to James Whealey of same, planter....100 acres... for natural lives of said James Whealey, Hannah Whealey, his wife, John Whealey, son of said James.   Signed Geo. Harrison, Witness:  Jno. Hamilton"

1760 - the above land belonged to the heirs of Harrison and the orginal tract seems to belong to Harrison heirs, where James Whaley lived, John Monroe, Robert Slaughter and Edward Blackburn, where John Higgerson (Hannah's father's will was in Stafford County!) was a tenant. 
Nathaniel Popejoy was also a tenant.  James Whaley lived just off the old Courthouse Road in the area that is present day Oakton.  Other neighbors were on the property of George Mason to the south, Thomas Love, Joseph Bennett and William Scott.
Nathaniel Popejoy's indenture in this area was found in Prince William County Deed Book E, pg. 454.

James's occupation: Planter at Broad Run, leased land from Robert Carter. "

James Whaley, Sr. while acting the capacity of Patriot during the Revoluntary War: Rendered material aid". (microfilm - Public Service Claims, Court Book, p. 60 - 48 days of hire of wagon and team with Army under Marquis de Lafayette - June 1781. List: p. 2 - Receipt given for provisions 390 L- 10 S-O Sept. 16, 1780"

Loudoun County Personal Property Tax List: 1760, 1761, 1762 - James Whaley with him negroes Tom and Jack 1769 - James Whaley, James Jr., and John
1771 - same as above
1772, 1773 - James Sr., John; James Jr. next household
1780-James Jr. and William; Peter Carter; John Carter; Morris Carter; (on same list next to Wm. Veale) 1782-James Whaley at Broad Run; James Whaley Jr., William Whaley, William Whaley Jr., James Whaley on Flat Lick with son Jilson Whaley, John Whaley, William Whaley.
1785-James Sr., 1 tithable; James Jr., 1 tithable; William, 2 tithable; William Jr., 1 tithable, James Whaley, Est. 1 tithable.
1786-John Whaley - 1; William Whaley, BR 1; Wm Whaley Jr., 1.

James Whaley, Sr. and Hannah Higgerson had the following children:

      +   i. Hannah Whaley was born circa 1746.
      +  ii. James Whaley, II was born circa 1750  (Now has his own page)
          iii. William Whaley.
          iv. Elizabeth Whaley. She married Mr. Robertson.
           v. Mary Whaley. She married Mr. Waggoner.
          vi. Mereman Whaley.
         vii. Sarah Whaley was born in Loudoun Co., VA before 1785.

 James Whaley, Sr. and Penelope King had the following children:

      + viii. Nancy Ann Whaley. She married Mr. MoreLarry's Ancestor 


Levy3 Whaley  
          x. Vincient Whaley  Marion's Ancestor
          xi Penellope Whaley was born in Loudoun Co., VA before 1785.
        xii. Winnafred Whaley was born in Loudoun Co., VA before 1785.


Amelia Whaley was born in Loudoun Co., VA before 1785

 Second Generation

Hannah3 Whaley (James2 Whaley,, Family1 Whaley) was born in Loudoun Co., VA circa 1746. Hannah died circa 1821 in Pr. William Co., VA.   Nancy's
She married Peter Carter in Pr. William Co., VA, circa 1783.  (She was his 2nd wife) Peter was born in Pr. William Co., VA before 1730. Peter was the son of Job Carter and Mrs. (Unknown) Job Carter.     

Hannah Whaley and Peter Carter had the following children:    See more on the Carter children under Carter


Ephraim4 Carter was born circa 1784.


Elam Carter was born in Loudoun Co., VA circa 1786.


Elihu Carter was born 12 Mar 1788.


Elizabeth Carter was born in Loudoun Co., VA before 1794.


Mary Carter was born in Loudoun Co., VA before 1794.


James Carter was born in Loudoun Co., VA before 1794.


Ann Carter was born 10 Feb 1794.


Frances Carter was born in Loudoun Co., VA before 1797.

James3 Whaley, II (James2)
Due to the new information about James and his descendents, he now rates his own page.
Lyn, Diane C.


Nancy Ann Whaley (James2)  was born abt 1757 in Loudoun Co., VA and died 27 Feb 1844 in Pike Co., MO.  She married Thomas Moore Sr.  Thomas b. ca. 1752 in VA and died 27 Aug 1816 in Pittsylvania Co., VA  (Nancy & Thomas are found in a land deed dated 3 Apr 1782 in Pittsylvania Co., VA)   Larry contributed his research files on Nancy Ann Whaley.

Children of Nancy and Thomas:

        i. Anna Moore, b. 1799 Pittsylvania Co., VA; d. bef 11 Apr 1821, Pike Co, MO
       ii. Penelope P. Moore, b. ca 1775 in VA and d. ca Dec 1868 in Lewisburg, Marshall Co., TN.  She m. Willis Hopwood 7 Jul 1800 in Pittslvania Co., VA.  Willis was son of William Hopwood and Nancy Willis.
      iii. Polly "Mary" O. Moore, b. ca 1780, Loudoun Co., VA, m. Richard D. Owens 5 Mar 1844 in Pike Co., MO.
     iv. James Moore, b. 25 Nov 1780 in Loudoun Co., VA, d. 22 Sep 1864 in Pike Co., MO.  He m. Elizabeth Shelhorse 7 Jan 1803 in Pittsylvania Co., VA.   Elizabeth was the dau. of John Shellhorse and Mary Hoofman.
      v. Thomas Moore Jr., b. 11 Oct 1786, VA; d. 31 Oct 1873 i Pike Co., MO.  He m. Mary Beatty 5 Jun 1812.  Mary was the dau. of James Beatty and Elizabeth Ramer.
      vi. Vincent Moore b. ca 1791 in Pittsylvania Co., VA, d. Aft. 1860, Prob. CA.  He m. Nancy Hatchett 12 Jan 1812 in Pittsylvania Co., VA.  Nancy was the dau. of Edward Hatchett and Agnes Dodd.
     vii. Sally "Sarah" Moore, b. 17902 in Pittsylvania Co., VA, d. 21 Dec 1851 Pike Co., MO.  She m. Daniel Haymes 7 Dec 1812 in Pittsylvania Co., VA
    viii. Whaley Moore, b. 1792 in Pittsylvainia Co., VA, d. 18 Feb 1840 in Madison Co., IL.  He m. Mary Polly Wood 11 Nov 1815 in Wayne Co., IL.  She was the dau. of  Samuel Wood and Mary Renfro.
      ix. Levi Moore, b. 25 Feb 1793 in Pittsylvania Co., VA, d. 9 OIct 1874   in MO.  He m. Nancy Shellhorse 15 Nov 1817 in Knox Co., TN.  Nancy was the dau. of John Shellhorse and Mary Hoofman.
       x. Jeremiah "Jerry" Moore was b. ca. 1795 in Pittsylvania Co., VA, d. 11 Jul 1869 in Pike Co., MO.  He married  Ailsie J. Riveer 6 Apr 1843 in Pike Co., MO.  Ailsie was the dau. of Thomas Riveer and Elizabeth ????.
     xi. Merimon Moore was b. 13 Mar 1797 in Pittsylvania Co., VA, d. 1 May 1862 in Pike Co., MO.  He m. Permelia Evia Farmer 31 Aug 1831 in Pike Co., MO.   Permelia was the dau of Marlin Farmer and Elizabeth Echols.
     xii. Matthew Bates Moore b. ca. 1802 in Pittsylvania Co., VA, d. 4 Jun 1858 near Middletown, Pike Co., MO.  He m. Amanda Lain 14 Nov 1830 in Pike Co., MO.   Amanda was the dau. of Edmond Lain & Sarah ????.

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