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By Ralph Veale & Bob Veale

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In the southern portion of colonial Virginia, another Morris Veale raised a family.  This Morris causes us lots of problems with his movements.  So we will present his family here to help everyone sort out which Morris they are looking for - the Northern Morris or the Southern Morris Veale.

Ralph Veale made a trip to the Library of Congress, 16 March 1998 and Bob Veale prepared this report from that work and from Jimmy L. Veal, who identified the book, HISTORICAL SOUTHERN FAMILIES, Vol. 14, edited by Mrs. John Bennett Boddie, pub. 1970.   Jimmy confirmed that many of the referred to documents are very reliable and accurate

Morris Veale Sr., b. 1655/60, married Elizabeth Johnson, m. 2nd Sarah.    They had the following children.       

1.    William Veale, b. 1681, d. 1752/3

2.    Morris Veale Jr., b. ca. 1687, d. 1749/50 (you will notice that is about the same time as the northern Morris Veale).

3.    John Veale, b. 1689

4.    Mary Veale, b. 1691  (only listed in will)

5.    Elizabeth Veale

6.    Jenny Veale, b. 1695

7.     George Veale (listed in will as orphan George)      

The Will of Morris Veale, dated 20 Jun 1705 and probated in Norfolk County, VA, Feb 15/6, 1706? mentions his sons, William, Morris, and John and "my 6 children", William, Mary, Elizabeth, Morris, John and Jenny.  Elizabeth Veale, the widow, deeded to her son Morris part of the land she had inherited from her brother, James Johnson in 1708 & 1717. (Book 8, p. 46 & Book 9, p. 652) and to her son John, part of the same in 1718 and 1723 (Book #10, pp. 24/25). 


#1 - William Veale, b. ca. 1683, Norfolk Co., VA, m. bef. 1713 Mary Cratchett, and he died 1752/3, Norfolk Co., VA.  From Library of Congress "as he was presumably 21 years old by September 15 1704 when he was sued by Edward Buste (Bk 7, p. 49).  He married prior to 1713 (the date of Mary Cratchett's mother's will).  Mary died prior to 1762.  Mary's father was Robert Cratchett. 

William and Mary Crachett Veale had the following children:       

8.    Lemuel Veale, b. ca. 1714/15 Norfolk Co., VA

9.    George Veale, b. ca. 1715/20 Norfolk Co., VA

10.  Abigail Veale, b. ca. 1720/25, Norfolk Co., VA

11.  Thomas Veale, b. 1725/27, Norfolk Co., VA

12.  Elizabeth Veale, b. 1725/27, Norfolk Co., VA

#2 - Morris Veale Jr., b. ca. 1687, Norfolk Co., VA, m. 1st Dinah (Unknown) Deal (Dale) prior to 18 August 1721.  Morris m. 2nd Sarah (Unknown) Veale.  Morris died 1749/50, Norfolk Co., VA.  Morris was probably 21 when he was first deeded land by his mother in 1708, appears in the tithables as head of household in 1730.  He married Dinah, widow of William Deal or Dale before 18 August 1721 (Orders & Wills, 1719-23, pp. 36, 43, 62, 64). He m. 2nd Sarah.   He left two sons.  On January 18, 1749/50, Sarah was appointed executrix of Morris Veale, deceased (O Book 1746-50, p. 114)

#3 - John Veale, b. ca. 1689, Norfolk Co., VA.  He m. Milbery Balentine.  They had one son, Milbro Veale.  John Veale is listed Bertie County, NC in February 14, 1739 - Gov. Pat. Bk. 8. - 120 acres in Bertie County, NC.  They has one son,  Milbro Veale.

#6 - George Veale, listed as "orphan" in Morris' will.  George Collins Jr. signed as guardian bond, 19 June 1760.  (Book O, 1759-63, p.41)                                                               


#7 - Lemuel Veale, b. ca. 1714/`5, m. a Ms. Leweling.   Lemuel died 1756, Norfolk Co., VA.
Lemuel was old enough to witness the will of his uncle-in-law, Henry Nichols, January 28, 1735/6.  Lemuel died in 1756, William Crawford being appointed his administrator December 16, 1756 (O Book, 1755 -1759, p. 103)  He had the following children:

Dempsey Veale -  he m. 1st Elizabeth (Unknown) and 2nd December 21, 1796, Norfolk Co., VA, Nancy Owen.  Dempsey was appointed a Captain of Militia November 21 1777 (Revoluntionary War and Pension and 1812 Pension Applications, etc. by Wingo, Norfolk Co., p. 131) and on March 19, 1778 he and his wife Elizabeth deeded a lot in Portsmouth to Willaim Wilson, Norfolk Co. Deed Book 29, p. 39.
George Veale - apprenticed himself to Issac Luke February 18, 1757 (Deed Bk 18, p. 12; O Book 1755-9, p. 111).  George, called Junior, m. Mary Morgan June 4, 1761, with Charles Smith as surety, and the record states that Mary was born October 15, 1738 (Wingo, Marriages of Norfolk Co., Vol. I, p. 66).  Geoge d. without issue in 1773.  His will dated July 30 1772 and probated t the Norfolk Co., VA May Court 1773 (Will Bk. 2, p. 21) and bequeaths to his wife Mary, his brother Crawford, to Samuel Brown, to Edward Owens, son of my sister Frances Owens and appoints Thoms Veale, uncle and wife Mary as executors.  She probably m. Laban Goffegan November 11, 1773. (Wingo, Marriage, etc. Vol. 1, p. 26).
Frances Veale - she m. Mr. Owens.  He is dead by 1787 when she is listed in 1787 Census.  They has a son, Edward Owens, mentioned in her brother, George's, will.
Sally Veale - she m. John Grimes Febrary 10, 1780, Norfolk Co., VA.   Depmsey Veale signed as surety.
Crawford Veale - b. ca. 1745/50, Norfolk Co., VA.  He m. 1st Patience (Unknown) and 2nd Sarah (Unknown) Welch.  Crawford was a shipwright and he deed half a lot in Portsmouth  to John Wyatt.  The lot was left him by Col. Crafford's will on January 30, 1771 (Deed Bk. 25, p. 87).  In 1775, he deed half a lot to Michael Freedly with his wife, Patience, signing also (DB 27, p. 14).  On July 27, 1785, Crawford and Patience Veale deeded to William Skinner half a lot in Portsmouth which had been left him by George Veale Jr. (DB 29, p. 9, 124)

#8 - George Veale - (William, Morris Sr.) b. ca. 1715/20, Norfolk Co., VA, m. Frances Scott, dau. of Thomas Scott and his first wife.  George was a Justice of Norfolk Co. by 1752 and Captain of Militia in 1760.  He. d. 1777 Norfolk Co., VA.

Samuel Veale - m. Frances, had son George, and dau's. Fanny and Nancy.   Samuel's will - 1796, Norfolk Co., VA.  Served in Norfok Co., Vairgina (1773)
Nathaniel Veale- d. bef. 1777 in Norfolk Co., VA
Agnes Veale- m. Capt. David Porter - February 20, 1765 Norfolk Co., VA
Catherine Veale- m. David O'Sheal January 17, 1773, Norfolk Co., VA     Note:  The daughter Catherine is shown to have nicknames of Kathy and Catty and is listed in the family of William Veale Sr. who m. Lydia Turley.  (Our Morris Veale family)  Was not listed in William Veale Sr.'s will, tho.
Mary Veale - m. William Roberts July 17, 1777 Norfolk Co., VA
Elizabeth Veale -
Margaret Veale- m. James Cann April 16, 1784.  She died within the year as James marries her cousin, Sally (dau. of Thomas Veale) about a year later.  (She is also shown in the William Veale Sr. family with Catherine.  Was not listed in William Veale Sr's will, tho.

#10 - Abigail Veale (William, Morris Sr.) b. ca. 1720/25, m. 1st Charles Hosier.    He d. ca. 1745 and she m. 2nd Amos Etheridge ca. 1746, Norfolk Co., VA.  They had children:  Bethiah Etheridge, Martha Etheridge, and Amos Etheridge.

#11 - Capt. Thomas Veale (William, Morris Sr.), b. 1725, Norfolk Co., m. Bethiah Edwards (dau. of  Thomas Edwards & Sophia Etheridge) 15 Nov 1763 in Norfolk Co., VA, d. 1793 in Norfolk Co., VA.  Thomas was appointed Captain of Militia 16 August 1753.    (O Book, 1750-1752, p. 196)  The will of Thomas, dated 8 Aug 1793, probated 16 Dec 1793 (W Book #3, p. 111) mentions sons William Crawford, Thomas, George (being under 21), dau's Nancy, Molly Banbury, Sally Cann,   - Thomas & Nathaniel Veale and appoints Capt. Samuel Veale, his son-in-law James Cann and son Thomas. 


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