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Caleb & Grace Letton/Lytton/Litton/Lutton

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The Letton/Lytton/Littons Web Site - finally the ancestors of Caleb Litton and many of Caleb's descendents.
For other Letton ancestors & descendents & Lytton/Litton/Letton Study Group
Other Letton researchers are Daryl (put up the Lytton web site) and Kathy (Michael, brother of Joanna) , Ed, (Grace, sister of Joanna)).

Chronology of Caleb & Grace Letton 
(This was sent to Don by Linda via e-mail, Sept., 1998)

24 Jul 1690 Caleb Sr. b., Baltimore, MD ??
5 May 1703 Grace Burton b. 5 May 1703, dau. of Thomas Burton
3 May 1714 Caleb, testator for will in Prince Georges Co., MD
18 Jan 1720 Caleb had land surveyed  containing 405 acres on Rock Creek
23 Mar 1722/23 Caleb & Grace married, Baltimore, MD
28 Jun 1727 Caleb granted St. Marys for 66 acres.  Lies south of Rockville
17 Jul 1732 Joanna Letton b. in Prince Georges Co., MD
12 Dec 1743 Caleb & Grace testator for will in Prince Georges Co., MD
27 Sep 1756 Slave, formerly property of Caleb, sold Frederick Co., MD
31 May 1757 Caleb took up two stray horses, Frederick Co., MD
21 Apr 1759 Caleb wrote his will
4 Aug 1763 Caleb died in Rockville, MD - will proved
25 Jul 1787 Grace Burton Letton wrote will
23 Oct 1791 Grace died in Rockvile, MD - will proved

Children of Caleb and Grace Burton Lutton (from Index to Register of Prince George's Parish, Prince George's Co., MD.  Part 1

27 Jan 1724 Caleb Litton  born, m. Mary Wilcoxen
4 Jul 1726 John Litton born, m. Sarah Ann Wilcoxen ca 1744,
22 Jun 1728 Sarah Litton born,
13 Jun 1730 Elizabeth Litton born, m. William Richards
7 Jul 1732 Joanna Litton born, m. Leonard Hall ca. 1750, Baltimore Co., MD
1734 Burton Litton born
1735 James Litton born, m. Sarah Osborne
1738 Sameul Litton born
4 Apr 1740 Michael Litton born, m. Mary Willett   Ancestor of Kathy
31 Dec 1742 Grace Litton born, m. Benjamin Summers  Ancestor of Ed

Will of Caleb Letton, written 21 Apr 1759, probated 12 May 1763

Wife Grace, 4 slave, my son Michael Litton, 186 acres; son Michael land called "Autra" and if he has no heirs, then to dau. Grace Litton, now Sumers and in default of heirs, to my own right heris.  To my son Caleb Litton - to my dau. Grace Summers - my son John Litton 5 shillings, my daughter Joanna Hall same, my wife Grace, executrix.  Witnesses:   Daniel Clary, benj. Johnson, James Johnson and Thos Butler.  (Maryland Will Book #31, p. 954)

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