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Court Case - The Estate of John Tillet versus Job Carter          

Other namesCarnaby Veale, John Turley, George & John Tillet


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This lawsuit received from Van Stilley who has been researching this family for years.

Pages 184-186 (24 July 1753) - Prince William County Court

Carniby Veale Executor of Morris Veale deceased who was one of the Executors of John Tillett deceased and John Turley the other Executor of the said John Tillet Deced Complainants...

The said Complainants by William Elizey their Attorney Exhibited into Court a Bill of Complaint against Job Carter the Defendant thereby setting forth that they were Executors of a Certain John Tillet deceased that some time in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and thirty three the said John Tillet being possessed of an Estate in goods and Chattles amounting to forty six pounds seven shillings and three pence current money and sixteen hundred fourteen pounds of Tobacco made his Last Will and Testament in writing and appointed the said Morris Veale the said John Turley Executors and died leaving his Widow then Pregnant and two sons John & George Tillett and by his said Last Will bequeathed unto his Wife Milliant one young horse, to his son George Tillett one young horse and his sadie or another as good unto his son John Tillett one young horse and the child with which the said Milliant was pregnant one young mare all the rest of his moveable Estate to be equaly divided between his Wife and children; the said Complainants further shew that at a Court held for the said County the twentyieth day of March one thousand seven hundred and thirty three the said Morris and John proved the said Will and took the burthen thereupon themselves and had the said Estate appraised and inventoryed which amount to the said sum of forty six pounds seven shillings and three pence and a crop of Tobacco then in the house which amounted to Sixteen hundred and fourten pounds Nett Tobcco and the said Complainants saith that the child with which the said Milliant was pregnant died soon after its birth so that the Estate was then divided in three parts only; and Left in the possession of the said Milliant for the support and maintenance of the said Milliant & the said two children George & John and sometime after the said Milliant was so possessed of the said Estate she Intermarried with the Defendant who thereby became possessed of the said Estate and still remains in the possession thereof and has had the constant use Benefit and advantage of the same and in the year one thousand seven hundred and forty nine the said Milliant departed this life since which time the said John and George Tillett have not resided with the said Job Carter but are now near being of full age to demand their respective parts of the said Estate of the said Carniby Veale as Executor of his Father Morris Veale and the said John Turley who are Lyable to them for the same whereupon the said Complainants applied themselves to the said Defendant in a friendly manner to deliver up and pay to the said complainants the said Orphans Distribution or share of the said Estate which he refused to do Whereupon the said Complainants humbly prayed the assistance of this Worshipfull Court and that process of subpoena might be awarded against the said Defendant to compell him to appear and answer the said Bill ... the Court doth think fit the said Plaintiffs recover of the said Defendant

 24 July 1753 (same day as Tillet Estate Lawsuit against Job Carter)

Peter Carter, Plaintiff, vs. Job Carter, Defendant, On Attachment: This day came the said Peter and the said Job although solemnly called came not it is therefore considered that the said Peter recover against the said Job the sum of thirty pounds one shilling and Eight pence half-penny and also his costs & by him in this behalf Expenses and the said Job Carter in mercy [blurred]. The Sheriff having returned that he levied the said attachment in the hands of Daniel Kincheloe also on a large Bulk of tobacco and some hanging seventeen old sheep and some Lambs a parcel of Corn one cupboard one oval (?) table 2 chests nine chairs (?) 3 bedsteads one spinning wheel a looking glass two Wedges some bacon and some beef two pots and hooks thirteen bottles eleven hoggs one bed three hides and several other things. John Wright sheriff.

Ordered the sheriff sell the goods attached according to Law and satisfy the Plaintiff his debt and Costs aforesaid and render the overplus if any to the said Defendant.

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