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Job Carter is first found in Prince William County.  He is NOT the son of Peter Carter and grandson of Capt. Thomas Carter and Arabella Williamson.  But he did have a son who he named Peter.  You will see that our Job and Peter had some connection between both the Capt. Thomas Carter descendents and the Robert "King" Carter descendents.   Yet we have not found Job's parents.

The names - Job and Peter - are not found in the Robert "King" Carter families, yet Peter leased land from his descendents and seem to have a connection with them.

CA 1736 - he married Millicient Tillet, widow of John Tillet, sometime between 1734 and 1753.

1741 - Job was in Fairfax County in 1741 when he voted in the elections of the Burgesses from Prince William Co.  The only other Carter was Col. Charles Carter who was an absentee land owner. 

1744 - Job also witnessed a deed on 19 March 1744 in Fairfax Co (formed from Pr. Wm in 1742).  (The calendar changed that year on 25 March to the year 1745)

bef. 1750 -  Millicient Tillet Carter dies before 1750

July 1753 -  Job does not show up for court.

The lawsuit was was brought before the court 24 July 1753 by the executors for John Tillet dec'd for the two sons of Millicient and John,  John and George.  "have not resided with the said Job Carter but are now near being of full age to demad their respective parts of the said estate......"  Carniby and John Turley "applied themselves to the said Orphans Distribution or share of the said Estate which he refused to do".  The court ruled in favor of the John and George Tillet. 

Same day, 24 July 1753 - Peter Carter, Plaintiff vs. Job Carter Defendant, on Attachment. 

(The following researched for me by The American History Company, Therese Fisher, Dir. Genealogy Dept., May 1998)

Job appears to be living int he north western part of the county near Bull Run and Cedar Run. 

The 1735/36 Rent Roll of Hamilton Parish (the part of Prince William that became Fauquier and Prince William) does not list Job or Peter.    Moses Carter, a descendent of "King" Carter, was the only Carter in Hamilton Parish.

The tithables of Fairfax County 1748/49 was taken just before Truro Parish was divided. 
        Peter Carter is listed with one Negro and one tithable.   There is no listing for Job Carter. 

Were there two Jobs, father and son?   Was the younger Job the husband of Millicient Tillet and brother to Peter Carter?   That is the conclusion that Therese reached plus that because of the "preponderence of evidence" that Job Sr. was the father of Peter.  We would like to find more records for these Jobs.

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