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I will start with a dedication to a fantastic researcher of this family, Clay Conner Jr.   Mr. Conner wrote a self-published book in 1981 after years of researching Leonard Hall.  He died between then and 1984 when Barbara Renick contacted his widow for permission to make copies of the book THE LIFE & TIMES OF LEONARD HALL. Mrs. Conner was not interested in the research and gave Barbara permission to make copies and pass it around to others researching Leonard.  Barbara made the book available to the LDS in Salt Lake City and sent me a copy.  Since then I have made copies for other descendents of Leonard Hall as Clay Conner Jr. wanted.  But, it has been passed around for exactly and a little less what it costs to copy and mail.  I believe Mr. Conner would have wanted it that way.
I recently met another Hall researcher, Harry Hall, who had contacted Mr. Conner son (as others have done) and he also was not interested in the research and basically wanted nothing to do with the book.

I will also include on this page the Preface from his book, and his "table of contents" which includes a great chronological digest of the life of Leonard Hall.  I will    reference Clay Conner's work with a {cc1} on all pages.

The subsequent pages will include more information on Leonard, related links to sites for Leonard and Joanna, their children and other descendents.  Hope this will help us find the answers that Mr. Conner was looking for and will clear up any mistakes that might have been in his book.

by Clay Conner Jr.

I have found in Leonard Hall the qualities of a strong and courageous man, one who lived the adventures, which brought forth this nation out of the battles fought between the British and French for domination of this new land.  He served during the French and Indian War, at some period prior to 1758.  He built his home and raised twelve children in Bedford Co., VA.
One of his sons, William Hall, served as a Sgt. Major for three years during the Revolutionary War.  Two of his sons, Caleb and Leonard Hall Jr., surveyed land in Fayette County, Kentucky in 1783 with Daniel Boone.
And then, at age 66, or thereabouts, he left it all behind in Virginia to seek new adventures in the undeveloped land of Southern Kentucky.  That took real courage and true pioneer spirit, and that was Leonard Hall, as American Pioneer.
The life of his children are well documented in the Barren County Circuit Court in Glasgow, Kentucky.  Their family court battle to seek and equitable settlement of their father's wealth has established and preserved their identity.
I would like to have more specific information about Leonard Hall before I publish this book, but for the sake of recording what I know rather than waiting too lond, I am closing this chapter for the moment.

I sincerely hope that future researchers find the answers to several questions that have escaped me, such as where and when was he born?  Where did he live during his childhood?  Who were his parents? When and where did he marry Joanna Letton, if not in Rock Creek Chapel in 1750?  When did he leave Maryland for Virginia and later Virginia for Kentucky?  Why did he move to Southern Kentucky when he had 2800 acres of land in the Blue Grass? When exactly did he die?  Where was he buried?    How could one put a story together without all this detail? 

Well, I did and I am sure you will gain much from what you find here.   

Signed Henry Clay Conner Jr.

  We do owe him a great debt for all the information he did leave us and to those he thanked for their help in finding these records.  Mrs. Joseph McCracken - on my line as dau. of Thomas Jefferson Hall, son of Neal, grandson of Leonard Jr., etc.; Willard Heiss; Staff at the Indiana State Library; Staff at the Kentucky Historical Society; "a lovely DAR Volunteer at the Kentucky Archives"; Larry Meadows; Ruby Rogers; Gladys Wilson of Glasgow, Kentucky and those who work in the County Clerk's office and the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of Barren Co., KY; and to Cheyanne Conner "who has been responsible for encouraging me to carry on when the discipline of working with all this detailed material becomes a labor.   She has listened while I read her something I found, helped sort the good from the bad, transcribed many documents, and typed it all as it now appears.   She deserved the most credit of all".

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{I won't be able to include every date here, but will use the most important with sources -  Nancy}

ca 1728 Maryland - the birthplace of Leonard Hall, documented evidence would suggest he was born abt. 1728
17 Jul 1732 Joanna Letton born, dau. of Caleb & Grace Letton, in Prince George Co., MD
4 Jan 1749 Leonard Hall witnessed the Will of James Offitt in Frederick Co., MD
4 Apr 1750 Will of James Offitt was proven.  All witnesses appeared EXCEPT Leonard Hall.
ca 1750 Leonard Hall married Joanna Letton
ca 1751 Leonard Hall moves from Maryland to Virginia
ca 1751 Grace Hall is born
ca 1753 Caleb Hall is born
1754 - 1763 The French & Indian War.  Leonard was active during the conflict.  He was in charge of Indians friendly to the British.
ca 1755 Elizabeth Hall is born
1756 William Hall is born (ancestor of Clay Conner Jr. and Harry Hall among others)
1756-1771 Records pertaining to Leonard Hall found in Bedford and Botetourt Counties, Virginia
14 Sep 1758 Swen's Virginia Historical Index.  Leonard is named in Hening's Statutes at Large, a collection of VA Laws, Vol. VII, p. 211, Bedford Co., VA. "To Leonard Hall for Conducting Indians; paid 1 lb. 10 sh."
1763 National Land System by Treat. Land Grants awarded to those who fought in the French & Indian War.  Staff Officers freceived 2000 acres.   Circumstantial evidence that Leonard Hall who received 2000 acres was a Staff Officer Volunteer.
ca 1758 Leonard Hall Jr. born
21 Apr 1759 Will of Caleb Letton naming dau. Joanna, leaving her 5 shillings and no more.
ca 1760 Ruth Hall born.
ca 1762 Henry Hall born.
ca 1764 Sarah Hall born
28 May 1765 Leonard Hall purchased 400 acres on Elk Creek in Bedford Co., VA
ca 1766 Joanna Hall born
ca 1768 Mahlon Hall born
8 Oct 1771 Leonard Hall served on a Jury in Botetourt Co., VA
ca 1772 Naomi Hall born.
ca 1774 Prudence Hall born
1774-1781 The American Revolution was fought.  Sons of Leonard Hall served in the Continental Army.
25 Nov 1778 William Hall, son of Leonard, marries Urcilla Woodward in Bedford Co., VA
24 Jan 1778 Leonard was a witness to the Will of Richard Woodward, father of Urcilla. 
9 Feb 1780 The Index of Old Kentucky Entries and Deeds Lists - the name of Leonard Hall - 2800 acres in Kentucky
28 Jan 1783 Index to Old Virginia Surveys and Grants lists the name of Leonard Hall - 2800 acres in KY
28 Jul 1783 Daniel Boone, Leonard Jr. & Caleb Hall survey 1000 acres in Fayette Co., KY  for Leonard Hall  on Elkhorn Ck.
28 Mar 1785 Patrick Henry signed the land grant for 1000 acres on Elkhorn to Leonard Hall
28 Jan 1783 Daniel Boone, Leonard Jr. & Caleb Hall survey 400 acres on Miller Creek in Fayette Co., KY for Leonard Hall
1 Apr 1785 Patrick Henry signed the land grant for 400 acres on Miller Creek to Leonard Hall
10 Jul 1786 Patrick Henry signed the land grant for 400 acres on Stoner Fork to Leonard Hall
10 Jul 1786 Patrick Henry signed the land grant for 1000 acres on Stoner Fork to Leonard Hall
1782-1787 Virginia Tax Payer Lists;  Leonard Hall listed twice, once in Lincoln Co. and once in Bedford Co., VA
25 Jul 1787 The Will of Grace Willet names her dau. Joanna Hall.  Grace was formerly married to Caleb Letton  She left her dau. 5 shillings and no more - the same as Caleb Letton did in 1759.
1790 General Index to Real Estate Conveyances in Bedford Co., VA.   Grantors:  Leonard Hall appoints Power of Attorney and sells land.
27 Dec 1790 Leonard Hall appoints son, Caleb Hall, as Power of Attorney to handle land grants he received in Fayette Co., KY
13 Nov 1792 Leonard Hall sells land in Bedford Co., VA to Charles Lynch for 180 pounds. 
ca. 1794 -1809 Leonard Hall in Kentucky
1792-1809 Kentucky Tax Lists for Warren, Green & Barren Counties, KY - Leonard Hall moved to southern Kentucky instead of Fayette Co where he has 2800 acres.   Why?
1799-1800 Barren Co., KY Tax List - All Halls
June 1799 Leonard Hall served on the first Grand Jury in Barren Co., KY.   This is the oldest document in the Barren County Circuit Court.
10 Aug 1799 Leonard Hall helped David Alley survey 150 acres in Barren Co., KY
1800 Leonard Hall listed in Kentucky Census, Tax List - in Barren County & Green County
1800 General Index to Real Estate Conveyances, Barren Co., KY - Grantees:  - Leoanrd Hall listed twice.
21 Oct 1800 Leonard Hall buys 250 acres on the Sinks of Beaver Creek from Lipscomb Norwell.  Deed Bk. B, pp. 9/10
11 Sep 1807 Leonard Hall buys 20 acres near the head of Beaver Creek from Thomas Smith
1808 Leonard Hall Jr. dies  Barren Co., KY.  Survived by   widow Winefred (Winney Barnett) and  family. Will Bk.1,p.75
1809 Leonard Hall Sr. dies
2 Feb 1809 Estate Inventory of Leonard Hall dec'd.  Will Bk 1, pp. 107-108
1 Mar 1809 Widow's Dower - 1/3 estate amounting to $1202 set asided for widow, Joanna Hall
1812 Complaint filed in Barren Co. Circuit Court, Equity Case 320, charging the Administrators of Leonard Hall's estate with keeping and spending the assets among themselves.
6 Feb 1812 Court ordered the Sheriff of Barren Co to summon all the Heirs to appear in Court.
2 Mar 1812 Court order commended to add the names of the children of James Williamson, whose names were not included in the first summons.
21 Apr 1812 Court again ordered Sheriff of Barren Co. to summon all the Heirs of the Estate to appear in Court.  Penalty for not answering 100 pounds.
27 Feb 1813 Sheriff of Barren Co was commanded to again summon all the Heirs of Leonard Hall dec'd.  Penalty for not answering 100 pounds.
29 Jun 1813 The answer of Henry Renick who was one of the Administrators, was submitted to Court
27 Jul 1813 Sheriff of Bourbon Co., KY is ordered to summon all the Heirs to appear in the Barren County Court.
27 Jul 1813 Sheriff of Montgomery Co., Ky is ordered to summon all the Heirs to appear in the Barren Co. Court.  (includes names of Urcilla Hall, widow of William and all of their children.)
27 Jul 1813 Legal Heirs of William Hall of Montgomery Co., KY acknowledges the service of the summons
4 Feb 1814 The William Hall Heirs answer the Summons
4 Feb 1814 The answer to the summons by Peter Forqueran and his wife, Grace Hall Forqueran, Montgomery Co., KY
7 Feb 1814 Caleb Hall of Boubon Co., KY answers the summons
7 Feb 1814 John and Joanna Hall Hardwice answer the summons
14 May 1814 Sheriff of Barren Co is commanded to summons Neal Hall to appear in Court.  Penalty for not answering 100 lbs.
2 Aug 1814 Samuel & his wife, Ruth Hall Renick answer the summons, Barren Co.
22 Aug 1814 Absolam Hall of Barren Co. answers the Summons - He said he never received anything from his grandfather.
2 Sep 1815 John Hardwick gave notice that a meeting would be held at the house of Henry Renick (husband of Prudence Hall) for the purpose of taking depositions from sundry witnesses.
5 Jan 1816 Deposition of Joanna Hall Hardwick, dau. of Leonard Hall, dec'd.
8 Oct 1818 Land in Clark Co. which had been surveyed by Daniel Boone for Leonard Hall, 1400 acres, was sold to Watts & Wills, Deed Bk. 4, pp 298-300.
8 Oct 1818 Heirs release their claim to the 1400 acres sold to Watts & Wills in Clark Co., KY - Deed Bk F, p. 299
26 Oct 1818 Heirs of Leonard Hall Jr. dec'd, appoint Barnett Hall their Power of Attorney to receive $100. from Watts & Wills for their claim against the 1400 acres in Clark Co., KY
1 Sep 1819 Caleb Hall of Bourbon Co., KY appoints Anderson Harlow his PA to sign a Bond as complainant against Henry Renick & Mahlon Hall as Administrators of the Estate [of Leonard Hall Sr.]
21 Sep 1819 Joanna Hall is deceased.  Caleb Hall and Anderson Harlow petition the court of one-ninth of her Estate
23 Sep 1819 Sheriff of Barren Co., KY is commanded to obtain a Bond in the amount of $840 from Henry Renick and Mahlon Hall as Administrators of the Estate or put them in jail immediately. 

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All material on all these pages are copyrighted,
please do not reproduce, copy, or distribute in any manner without permission.