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Morris d. 1695, dau. Eleanor

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Maurice Vele (Veale) and Dorothy (Unknown) Veale had the following children:

      i. William2 Veale. He married Sarah Tucker Netherton, widow of Henry Netherton and dau. of John Tucker. Jean
     ii. Elenor Veale. she married 1st William Smoot, 2nd William Trigg and 3rd John Austin and died in 1747 in St. Mary's Co., MD - from Fredric , his  line.   
    iii. Mary Veale.
    iv. Amy Veale.
     v. Morris M. Veale
    vi. John Veale, will probated 1718/19, Westmoreland Co., VA - supposedly left no heirs - m. Deliverance 

The following is supplied by Fredric (Rick) which is his direct line from Maurice (Morris) Veale.

Rick believes that Morris's wife, Dorothy went to St. Mary's Co., MD with her children Eleanor and William.

Here is some information on Dorothy Veale and Eleanor Veale.  I'll send more details on Ellenor's children from her three marriages later.

John Frederick Dorman,, "Westmoreland County, Virginia Order Book 1690-1698, part three, 1694-1698",
(Washinton, D.C.: by author, 1964):
p. 130 (p. 256a of original record)    23 Feb. 1697/8      The last will and testament of Mr. Jeremia Jadwin was proved by Thomas Wilson and Elinor Veale and a probat granted John Tanner executor therein named.
p. 131 (p. 258 of original record) 23 Feb. 1697/8   It is ordered that Mr. John Tanner pay Ellenor Veal 80 pounds of tobacco for her attendance two days to prove the will of Jeremia Jadwin.

John Frederick Dorman, "Westmoreland County, Virginia Order Book 1698-1705 part two 1700-1701", (Washington, D. C.: by author, 1978)
p. 24 (p. 85a of original record)    26 June 1700     It is ordered that Willoughby Allerton Gent., Sheriff, doe take Thomas Wilson and Ellenor Veale, now Ellenor Smoot, if they shall be found in his baylywick and them safely keep so that hee have their bodies at the next Court to answer to the severall informations for perjury exhibited against them by John Tanner.
p. 32 (p. 92 of original record)    29 Aug. 1700   Ellenor Smoot late Ellenor Veale being summoned to answer to an information exhibited against her by John Tanner quietam & c for perjury super statute 5th Elizabeth cap: 9th this day appeared and by George Eskridge her attorney pleaded her verba: ...........
p. 37 (p. 95a of original record) 25 Sep. 1700   John Henmore was sumoned to give his evidence in a suite between John Tanner, as well for our Soveraigne Lord the King as for himself, and Ellenor Veale als. Smoot for perjury &c on behalf of the plaintiff and haveing attended twelve days it is ordered that John Tanner doe pay him 400 pounds of tobacco.

John Frederick Dorman, "Order Book 1698-1705, part four 1703-1705," (Washington, D. C.: by author, 1978)
p. 58 (p. 248a of original record) 29 Nov. 1704    William Smoot acknowledged a deed of sale of land from him to Lawrence Pope, and Ellenor Smoot, wife of William, relinquished her right of dower.

Westmoreland Co., VA Deeds and Wills No. 4, pp. 20-21 Will of William Smoot of Copley Parish  dated 12 Apr. 1706. Named wife Ellinor all land in Stafford County at Acuiah. Daughters Sarah and Whinneyfrut the land he lives on to be equally divided. If either dies without issue, then to the survivor, and if both die to his daughter Mary. Daughter Mary personalty.   Sons William and Thomas personalty. Wife Ellinor to have the care and tuition of sons William and Thomas until the age of 21. Wife Ellinor executor. Wit: Tho. Mose, John Veale.
Proved 30 Apr. 1708 by John Veale.

#1 - John Frederick Dorman, "Westmoreland County, Virginia Order Book 1705-1721, part one 1705-1707" (Washington, D. C.: by author, 1990)
p. 87 (p. 56 of original record) 30 Apr. 1707 The last will and testament of Wm. Smoot was proved by Thomas Mose and John Veale, a probat granted Ellenr. his executrix.

#2 - John Frederick Dorman, "Westmoreland County, Virginia Order Book 1705-1721, part two 1707-1709," (Falmouth, Virginia: by author, 1991)
p. 66 (p. 107 of original record) 26 Jan. 1708/9 Elizabeth (sic, should be Ellenor) confessed judgment to Thomas Marson for 700 pounds of tobacco due by Wm. Smoot her deceased husband.  Ordered she pay the same with costs.
p. 51 (p. 196a of original record)    28 Aug. 1712      Judgment is revived to Thomas Marson against William Trigg and Ellenor his wife for 797 pounds of tobacco debt and costs recovered by Thomas against Ellenor by the name of Ellenor Smoot. Ordered they pay the same to Thomas
Marson with his present costs.

#3 - John Frederick Dorman, "Westmoreland County, Virginia Order Book 1705- 1721, part five 1713-1715," (Falmouth, Virginia: by author, 1992)
p. 11 (p. 225a of original record)    30 Sep. 1713       Judgment is reviv'd to Danll: Bryant, administrator of Thomas Marson, against William Trigg and Ellenor his wife for 868 pounds of tobacco debt and costs recovered against William and Ellenor at this Court by Marson. Ordered they pay the same with present costs.
p. 30 (p. 327a of original record)   26 Sep. 1717  Mary Smoot, orphant of Wm: Smoot, makes choice of John Veale to be her guardian, Veal giving bond and security. It is ordered he be thereupon possessed with his pupil's estate.
p. 41 (p. 333a of original record)   29 Jan. 1717/8   A deed of gift of goods and chattells made by Ellenor Smoot (now Trigg) to her son John Smoot proved by three of the witnesses.
p. 42 (p. 334 of original record)   29 Jan. 1717/8      Ellenor Trigg, relict of William Trigg, made oath that William Trigg departed this life without makeing any will so farr as shee knows or believes. Certificate is granted her for obtaining letters of administration, John Veale assumeing to be security. It is ordered that Lawrence Pope, Benja: Waddey, Robert Sanford and Wm. Melvin appraise the estate.

Here is information on Eleanor Veale's descendants for the first two generations.
Received from Rick 15 Nov 1998.

William Smoot named five children in his will. He had a previous wife named Anne. It is believed that his sons William and Thomas were children by his wife Anne, and the reason that William in his will stipulated they were to remain under the care of his wife Eleanor.  William Smoot had four children by his wife Eleanor Veale. Three daughters were named, and John was born posthoumously. That he was a son is shown by where Eleanor transferred land to him.

   i. Sarah Smoot b. ca. 1699; m. James Rigg
1.  Thomas Rigg
2.  William Veale/Veall Rigg
3.  Subella Rigg
4. Winifred Rigg
  ii. Winifred Smoot b. ca. 1701; m. William Harrison (he died 1749) and had son William Harrison died who 1770
iii. Mary Smoot b. ca. 1703; living in 1717 when John Veale was her guardian
  iv. John Smoot b. 1707; m.1. -?-; m.2. Sarah, the widow of Robert Crane; m.3. -?-
Children by 1st wife: 
1. Austin Sanford Smoot b. ca. 1727
Children by 2nd wife Sarah: 
2. John Smoot;
3. George Smoot b. ca. 1742;
4. Cuthbert Smoot b. ca. 1744
5. Caleb Smoot b. ca. 1747;
Children by third wife:
6. William Smoot b. ca. 1750;
7. Thomas Smoot b ca. 1752;
8. Eleanor Smoot b. ca. 1754
9. Anna Smoot b. ca. 1756;
10. Elizabeth Smoot b. ca. 1758;
11. Hezekiah Smoot b. ca. 1760
12. Alexander Smoot b. 1 Aug. 1769

The Virginia records show that Eleanor (Veale) Smoot secondly married William Trigg. In the will of Eleanor's third husband John Austin children are also listed as Trigg. In Eleanor's own will, and that of William Veale the children are listed as Rigg, but mention is made of a Jemima Trigg.
Children of Eleanor & William Trigg:

   v. Susanna TRIGG b. ca. 1712; m. Thomas DOXEY;
1. Eliza DOXEY b. ca. 1735;
2. John DOXEY b. ca. 1737; 7.
  vi. Jemima TRIGG b. ca.1714
  vii. Elizabeth TRIGG b. ca. 1716

Maryland Calendar of Wills Vol. VII, p. 30:
Will of John Austin, planter, written 25 March 1732/3 in St. Mary's County, Maryland. Proved 16 July 1733
To grandson-in-law William Harrison, part of dwelling plantation, the plantation to be in possession of William Harrison, father of the aforesaid William, and to be given to him and his heirs after the decease of wife Ellinor.  To godson Austin Sanford Smoote and heris, personalty and residue of dwellling plantation; said godson dying without issue, the lands to pass to son-in-law John Smoote and heirs.
To daugher-in-law Elizabeth Trigg, personalty.  To two sons-in-law John Smoote and William Harrison and their heirs, 1000 acres adjoining to Acquiah Creek in Stafford County, VA; should wife Ellinor die before the aforesaid Austin Sanford Smoote attain age of 21, son-in-law John Smoote to has his estate in possession until he arrives at said age; and personalty.
Exs: wife and John Smoote
Test: John Thomas, Absolom Tennison (also written Thompson), Thomas Doxcey.

V.L. Skinner, Jr., "Abstracts of the Adminstration Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland," Libers 11-15, (1731-1737) p. 80.
John Austin Bk. 12, p. 737; Saint Marys Co.; 9 Dec. 1734
Sureties: William Harrison, Absolem Tenison
Received from: Mr. Charles Calvert   Payments to: Patrick Burn, Richard Griffin, James Smith, John Thomas, Thomas Garard, Stephen
Mackey, William Griggs, William Thomas, Elioner Rion, Richard Barnhouse, Anthoney Smith, John Perce, Michael Huny, Elioner Perce, William Bryon, Margret Norcy, Arch. Johnstone, John Downe, Cecelius Butler, Capt. John Hicks.
Exec.: Elanor Austin (also Elioner Austin), John Smoot

same, p. 163 Bk. 15, p. 232, Saint Marys Co.; 22 Nov. 1736
Jacob Vandever
Sureties: Nicholas Green, William Smith
Received from: Charles Smith, Charles Egerton, William Jones, William Hall, Henry Atwood, Susanna Thompson.
Payments to: Richard Barnhouse, William Harrison, Absalom Tenison, Col. Richard Hopewell, John Plumer
Distribution to: accountants (1/3). Residue to (orphans): John Vandever, William Vandever, Elisabeth Vandever, Ann Vandever.
Administratrix: Susanna Green, wife of Nicholas Green

Iventory of Jacob Vandeavear of 21 Feb 1734 [1734/5] was signed by next of kin Elenor Asten and Dorathy [V?/N?]eale.  (MD inventories 20:295, FHL microfilm 0,012,868

1737 -   William Veale of St. Marys County, MD - Maryland Calendar of Wills, Vol. VII,. p. 235:
Will written 4 Jan 1737, proved 30 Jan 1737
To wife Margaret, extx., entire estate during life; at her decease to be divided between William, son of William Harrison, and William, son of Morris Veale.  Should either of these boys die before they possess said estate, decease's part to pass to William Veale Rigg, son of James Rigg.  Test.  William Harrison, John Stevens, John Kennedy.

V.L.Skinner, "Abstracts of the Inventories of the Prerogative Court" (of MD) Libers 18-23 (1733-1738), p. 98.
William Veale Bk. 23, p. 197; Saint Mary's County, value 99 pounds, 8 shillings, 2 pence.
Inventory dated 11 Feb. 1737; adm/exec. appointed 19 June 1738.
Appraisers: Absolum Tennison, John Stevens.  Creditors: Abraham Barnes, John Guyther
Next of kin: Elenor Astin, Elisabeth Vandean 
Adm/Exec.: Richard King and Margaret his wife.

Maryland Wills, Book 24, p. 385, FHL microfilm 12850:
Eleanor Asten will written 17 Mar. 1738/9 in St. Mary's County, Maryland.  Proved 14 Apr. 1746
To son John Smoot 10 pounds.  To grandson John Smoot, son of John Smoot 5 pounds.   
To child that Sarah Smoot now goes with an equal part of the estate with the rest of the grandchildren. 
To Thomas Rigg and William Neall Rigg, Subella Rigg, and Winifred Rigg an equal part of the estate with the rest of the grandchildren.
To Subella Rigg personalty.  
To William Harrison, son of William Harrison an equal part of the estate with the rest of the grandchildren and personalty. 
To Asten Sanford Smoot personalty.  
To granddaughter Sarah Rice an equal part of the estate with the rest of the grandchildren and personalty. 
To granddaughter Elizabeth Doxey an equal part of the estate with the rest of the grandchildren and personalty in the possession of her father Thomas Doxey. 
To grandson John Doxey an equal part of the estate with the rest of of the grandchildren and personalty that was formerly Jemima Triggs.
To Sarah Rigg, Winifred Harrison, Susanna Doxey, Sarah Smoot, Sarah Rice and cousin Susanna Green personalty.
She bequeathed to one of her granddaughters the bed and bloster that "formerly belonged to my mother" {so Dorothy Veale, wife of Morris, was deceased by this time}.
John Thomas to have 20 shillings for making the coffin. Son John Smoot to be executor.
Test.: John Stevens, William (B) Bryan, Sarah (X) Doxsey

V. L. Skinner, Jr., "Abstracts of the Inventories of the Prerogative Court," (of MD) Libers 37-47, (1748-1751), p. 49
William Harrison, Bk. 41, p. 464. Saint Mary's Co.; value 13 pounds 7 pence; date of inventory 29 Nov. 1749; date of appointment of adm./exec 1 Jan. 1749
Appraisers: R. Barnhouse, John Clark
Creditors: George Vaughdrey, Thomas Asquith
Next of kin: Margritt King, William Harrison.
Adm./Exec: William Jones, Peter Mugg.

V. L. Skinner, Jr. "Abstracts of the Inventories of the Prerogative Court," (of MD) Libers 91-100 (1766-1769), p. 6
Thomas Doxey Bk. 91, p. 110; Saint Mary's Co.; value 157 pounds, 16 shillings 4 pence. Date of inventory 20 Feb. 1767; Adm. appointed 2 Mar. 1767.
Appraisers: John Briscoe, Jr., T. Thomas
Creditors: Charles Low, William Langly
Next of kin: William Doxey, Joseph Doxey
Administrator: Austin Doxey

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