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  Researchers - if I have not give you credit for information you have shared, please let me know.  If you have additonal information, please be sure to send the source with it. 

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    The following records were found on some of the different families we find around the major 5 families.  I am placing these records here to help us identify some of the "people" who witnesses wills, etc. of the Veales, Tillets, Carters and Whaleys.    

We believe that one of Anthony's daughters married a Veale.  Only tie we can find between him and the Veales is the name of Morris Veale's son, Carnaby.   

Richmond County - from 1692 to 17?? - records show Anthony Carnaby, John Waugh, Col. Nathaniel Pope, George Erwin, Jno Weele, etc.    We will continue to check out Richmond / Rappanock County to see if we can find more records. 

From Richmond County, VA Colonial Abstracts, Vol. 16, 1692-1704 (FHC film #0850104)

1 Aprl 1691 p. 18, (p.58 - Deed) Henry Goring late of the Colony of Virginia now resident in Calvert Co in Province in Maryland to Antho Carnaby of Rappa River in Colony of VA for 2500 lbs tobo, 50 acres in Rappa  Co. at the head of Papeto Creek "ehich said Land I bought of Wm Jennings,"  adj. land of John Jennings & Tho Erwin.
1 Aprl 1691 p. 18, (p.60-Assignments) Henry Goring late of Rappa River in VA now of Calvert Co in provice of Maryland to Antho Carnaby all right & title to land in foregoing.

From the Richmond County Deeds  (VIRGINIA COUNTY COURT RECORDS, Deed Abstracts of Richmond County, Virginia) 1715-1718, edited & published by Ruth & Sam Sparacio, 1993:

  p. 31 - Anthony Carnaby dec'd  (records to come)
  p. 31 - Sarah, relict & widow of Anthony Carnaby  (records to come)

From the Richmond County Deeds  (VIRGINIA COUNTY COURT RECORDS, Deed Abstracts of Richmond County, Virginia, 1718-1719, edited & published by Ruth & Sam Sparacio, 1993:

4 April
[p. 7]   Indenture between David Dickey & William Grant - "all that Plantation tract of land where one Anthony Carnaby lately lived and inhabited and now in tenure and occupation of said William Grant -  line of David Dickey, William Robinson, Gravely Run, Jahn Paine, Francis Stone dec'd, along the line of Anthony Carnaby
This is witnessed by:  James Barry, Anthoney Carnobe, E. Turbervile.   
14 April 1718 [p. 7]  An Indenture between William Grant and David Dicky - Parish of Sittenburn in County of Richmond - mentions "William Jenings by deed bearing date" 23 August  1690 - Also shows "William Paine ded'd., by Deed bearing date" 11 Jan 1696 - bounded by line of Martin Fisher, Col. William Robinson , George Erwin, John Foushee & Elizabeth his wife unto said William Grant.  This Indenture is (1718) witnessed by Jams. Barry, Anthony Carnobe, E. Turberville.
4 June 1718 p. 8]  We find John Jenings buying land from George Payne in the Parish of Sittenburne in County of Richmond, "half parte of Two hundred and Forty acres of land or thereabouts which George Paine late of the Parish and County aforesd: decde., Father to George Paine party to these presents, by his Last Will andTestament in Writing have devised and bequeathed unto said George Paine and his Brother John Paine, 3 Feb 1710 (date of will) - Witnesses were Charles Deane and Anthony Carnobe.
  RICHMOND COUNTY, VIRGINIA  DEED BOOKS, 1741-1750,  pub. by TLC Genealogy, 1992. 
19 April 1738 (Bk.9, p. 420) p. 47:  From Edward Carnaby & Mary, his wife, of Copely Parish & Westmoreland County to Richard Lowe of same - the land was devised to the said Mary by Thomas Curtis, her father late dec'd, by his will.  Witnesses:   Thomas Pope, James Thomas Jr., Joseph Rogers, Bradly Garner - recorded 1 May 1738.
29 Sep 1746 (Book 10, p. 377) p. 51:  from Richard Lowe of LP in R, to James Ball of the parish of St. Mary's White Chapel in the County of Lancaster.  "The land was devised to Mary, the wife of Edward Carnaby, by Thomas Curtis, her father, by his will ad by Edward Carnaby and Mary his wife, sold to the said Richard Lowe by deed dated 19 April 1738.

Bk 9  - p. 442  (IBID p. 49) One Item of interest is another Lease and Release 21/22 Jun 1738 - William Thomas of Richmond to Jno Tayloe of Richmond - Witnesses included a James Whealey by his mark.   

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