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Unknown Photos taken in Illinois

John H. Unlaub and wife, Mary A. Rosch (Rush) lived in Morgan County, Illinois from 1858 to 1896. They had eleven children, but only six were living in 1896.

Of those children, four were male and only one of them had a child.

Of the females, Emma Gertrudes married Charles Edward Taylor and had no children of their own.

Rosa Mae married John Forstyh and moved to Alameda Co., CA where they are found in the 1920 census and mentioned in a will in 1924.

Lucy married Henry K Obert - Lucy died in 1895 and had one daughter, Rosa who was adopted by Emma and Charles Taylor - I have not found any more informaton about Rosa.

These could be pictures of either Emma and her husband or Rosa and her husband.

Most of these pictures were taken in Champaign County, IL where my father graduated from high school.



Unknown - Illinois Pictures