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The first part of this will deal with unknown Barnetts and various areas of research that we need to explore. 


LIST OF COLONIAL SOLDIERS OF VIRGINIA, VA State Library, Sp. Report - Dept. of Archves & History for 1913, pub. 1914:

Barnet, John, H.S. 7, 212; VA Mag. 1, 386; Wash. Mss., 112,84.
Barnet, James, D.W., 422; F.I.B. W. 2, 451; VA Mag. 2, 45.
Barnet, William, Wash Mss. 1472

Joseph (d. 1812) m/ Judith Barnett, dau. of Ambrose Barnett of Fauquier Co., VA who had married 18 Jul 1766 Judith, dau. of George & Mary Nevil. (Farquier W.B. 1, p. 250).    In Joseph's will, he appts his brother-in-law, James Barnett- as co-executor & guardians of his children.

The following John is not yet PROVEN - I have listed him only because of his son, Edward, who has not been found. This John is in the right area, but there is also another John in Goochland/Henrico County that needs to be looked at. We also need to watch for the Randolph Hall, Shadrach Woodson families in the same area as it is believed that all three families went to KY together.

John Barnett b. abt. 1683 in Goochland Co., VA, m. Kathrine Farrar and died 1755/6 in Goochland Co., VA. He had children: Thomas, d. 1779 Granville, NC, m. Sarah Crosha Graves, 1754 in Goochland Co., VA; John, d. bef. 1812, m. Agnes Allington (Arrington)- were Quakers - Henshaw Book - dau. may have married Benjamin Hatcher, William, d. aft 1805 Goochland Co., VA, m. Hannah Fenton Joseph, b. abt 1731, Goochland Co., VA, d. 1802 Spartanburg, SC, m. Lucy Wade, 1754, Goochland Co., VA Edward, m. ?? Lewis Richard, Kathrine, m. John Whitlock Mary, Frances Jesse, b. 1749 Goochland Co., VA, d. 1834, Granville, NC

John (1683-1755/6) was the son of John Bernard

FAIRFAX COUNTY, VA TITHABLES FOR 1760:   There is an 1) Edward Barnett was a tenant of Valinda Wade. 2)  Edward Barnett Heirs for 1760 owning 900 acres of land and having 9 negroes.  3)  Richard Barnett, also, having 154 acres. 
The DAR Patriot Index, Centennial Edition, Part 3, mentions Robert Barnett, VA line, moved from  VA  in 1776 to KY and lived 1st at Bells Station and later in Madison Co, then to Lincoln County about 1 mile from Hanging Fork, KY.   .

From Fordyce B. Logan Jr. - The Early Barnett householders in Ky as of 1787/1811 were Alexander, Eddy, Edward, James Jr. & Sr., John and John Jr. - John Jr. died and his taxes paid by Joseph Hall & John Walsh. (Lincoln Co., KY)

Joseph Hall m. Ann Barnett, dau. of William & Ann Miller Barnett of Betotourt Co.,, VA.    William Barnett & Ann Miller of  Betotourt Co., VA and later Lincoln Co., KY were parents of Margaret Ann  Barnett who m. 1st John B. Green,  2nd Allen Logan of Lincoln Co., KY. Margaret Ann is buried in the Buffalo Springs Graveyard in Stanford, KY.   William & Ann also had John b. ca. 1800.   William d. 10 Jul 1809

Lincoln County, KY: Kentucky Marriages 1780/1750 - Eddy Barnett & Jane Woodson
Tombstone Inscriptions: - Shirley Dunn-Charity Barnett=Hugh Caldwell 10/20/1820.
Joseph Hall = Ann Barnett, 1/2/1785

NEED TO CHECK THE FOLLOWING COUNTIES IN VA: Cumberland, Botetourt, Albemarle, Amherst, Bedford, Culpepper

From Kenny Martin,: John Barnett, b. 1712, Jamestown, VA, d. 1797 Jamestown?, VA - m. 1st, Ann (??), m. 2nd Elizabeth Hutchins, 1767, dau. of Strangeman Hutchins and Elizabeth Cox. Had son, Athanacius, b. 1749 Louisa Co., VA, d. 1808 OH. John also had dua. Obedience, Anna, Martha, Cedar Creek MM records. CHECK MENDENHALL FAMILY, ALSO


The Barnett Family History = by Mary Ann Barnett; 1900 Soldiers and Sailors of the Rev. War;  Barnett folder, Filson Club Library, Louisvile, KY;   Barnett records of Mrs. T. D. Rowland, Shawnee, OK;  Barnett research materials of the late Mrs. Gertrude Josserand, Dodge City, KS;  Article on Research on Barnett surname, Institute of American Genealogy


Edward3 Barnett was born in VA? circa 1742. Edward died circa 1815 in Garrard Co., KY.

He married Charity (Unknown) Barnett in VA? Charity was still living when Edward's will was proved in 1815.  There was a Charity Barnett who m. Hugh Caldwell, but was it the wife of Edward Sr. or a granddaughter? 

Records of the Barnetts found so far: 

From Back of the Cane, Early Virginia Surveys in Today's Garrard County, Kentucky, 1775-1789, by Fred Logan Simpson, p. 187:  George Keys was granted a Treasury Warrant #2101 - 300 acres on Sugar Creek.   A map shows that on 20 December 1791, part of this was sold to Edward Barnett.   "This survey was located between Kemper's Lane and the head waters of the Middle Fork of Sugar Creek just north of Hwy. 27."

EARLY KENTUCKY LANDHOLDERS, 1787-1811, Comp'd by James F. Sutherland

Barnet, Eddy - 29 Nov 1792, Bk 3, p. 03
Barnet, Eddy - 21 May 1794, Bk 3, p. 03
Barnet, Eddy - 04 Apr 1795, Bk 1, p. 02
Barnet, Eddy - 1796, Bk 1, p. 03
Barnet. Edward - 01 Jun 1789, Bk 2, p. 02
Barnet, Edward - 16 Sep 1791, Bk 3, p. 03
Barnet, Edward - 23 Nov 1792, Bk 3, p. 04 - Lin - 162 acres
Barnet, Edward - 04 Apr 1795, Bk 1, p. 02 - Lin - 170 acres on Sugar Creek
Barnet, Edward - 1796 - Bk 1, p. 03, Lin - 170 acres on Sugar Creek, prior assignee, G. Hays

Garrard Co., KY Index to Deeds, Grantees A-N, (FHC Film #0009020)

1803 - Barnett,       William        Rachel Sweeney, Power of Attorney, Bk C, p. 326
1806 - Eddy Barnett, Grantee - Francis Walker, Grantor, Book of Slave, Bk C, pg.2  (See Below)
1810 - Barnett, Edward, Grantee - Elisha Dennis, Grantor, Deed, Bk C, p. 439, 36 acres Sugar Creek
1811 - Barnett, Edward, Grantee - Ichabod Parker, Mtg. Bk D, p. 312, 8 acres
1829 - Barnett, John, Grantee - Geo. Elliott & wife, Grantor, Deed, Bk K, p. 95, 50 1/2 acres Dix R - use of spring
1831 - Barnett, Edward, Grantee - D.H.Denton & wife, Grantor, Deed, Bk R, p. 463, 33 acres on Sugar Creek
1834 - Barnett, Albert, Grantee - Anthony Gale & wife, Grantor, Deed, Bk L, p. 316, Tract Gilberts Creek
1854 - Barnett, Edward, Grantee - Mary A. Denton, Grantor, Deed. Bk T, p. 220, Int. 59 acres Sugar Creek
LINCOLN COUNTY KENTUCKY RECORDS, Vol. 1, Micahel L. Cook, CG, 1987, KY Records Series, Vol. 23.
17 Jul 1790 p. 27, Bond for William Hill to mary Nancy Mayfield w/Isaac Mayfield as surety.   Witnesses, Eddy & Edward Barnett.
20 Jan 1796 p. 45, Bond of Eddy Barnett to marry Jane Woodson w/ Benjamin Johnston as Surety.  Consent of Susanna Woodson for her dau., 19 Jan 1796.   Witnesses by Randolph Hall & Joseph Ellis.
3 Nov 1800 Wm Lawerence to Jane Barnett, father John, witnessed by John Barnett Jr. & Ann Barnett (Who are these Barnetts)  John d. 1812.
26 Oct 1820 p. 114, Bond of Hugh Caldwell to marry Charity Barnett w/ William Falconbury as surety.  Consent of Eddy Barnett & Mary Caldwell for the marriage.   Witnessed by Jesse Barnett & William Falsonbury.  (This is the dau. of Eddy or Eleazer Barnett and granddau. of Edward Barnett.) )
26 Oct 1820 p. 116, Bond of Jesse Barnett to marry Mary Caldwell w/ William Falconbury as surety.  Consent of Eddy Barnett for marriage.
9 Nov 1820 p. 276, Marriage of Eddy Barnett to Polly H. Caldwell.
12 Oct 1833 p. 146, Bond of Hugh Caldwell to marry Polly Reynolds w/Leland Reynolds as surety.  Conset of Perry & Nancy Reynolds for bride.  Witnessed by Eddy Barnett.

BACK OF THE CANE, Early Virginia Survey in Today's Garrard Co., KY, 1775-1789, by Fred Logan Simpson, 1992

20 Dec 1791 p. 187, sold to Edward Barnett, granted to Geo. Keyes on 25 Jun 1784. 

(Estates - inventories & administrators records indicated named individuals are deceased but does not identify all of the names of the heirs of the deceased.)

1818 Book D., p. 529  - Eleazaer Barnett  (no heirs named)

(typed as written)

"April the 14th 1812 - In the Name of God Amen I Edward Barnnett of the County of Garrard and state of Kentucky being of sound mind & memory do make & constitiute this my last will & testament in manner & form following to wit - first it is my will & Desire that all my funeral charges & just Debts should be pade als that the tract of land whareon I now live which contains 195 acres which is to be Devided between my too sons Eddy Barnett and Eleazer Barnett in manner and form following to wit - beginning at Kays old corner on Sheltons Branch thence with a strate line to aback corner agreed on between said Eddy & Eleazer on the Spring Branch that I now fetch water from then with a line agreed on between said Eddy & Eleazer to ..... the line next .... ....... and that Eddy Barnett is to have the side he now lives on & Eleazer the side he now lives on also I give to my Daughter Winey Hall too hundred acres of land in Shelby County also all household & kitchen furniture and all my land above stated and all my plantation tools of Every kind and all my stock of Ever kind I give to my beloved wife Charity Barnett during her natural life or widerhood and if there should be more stock at my decease then she is able or willing to keep then she is to sell them at a twelve months credit by advertising as the law directs in such cases the money arising there from to be Equally Divided between my 3 children also I give my beloved wife my Negro woman nell and at my wifes Death Nell is to take her choice of which of my 3 children she will live with & which ever of the 3 she chooses that gets her is to have her appraised & pay to the other too there portinable parts of her value and at my wifs Death all the household & kitchen furniture and tools & stock is to be sold and the .. money Equilly Devided between Eddy Eleazaer & Winey Hall lastly I do appoint Eddy Barnett & Eleazer Barnett Executors to this my last will and testament given under my hand & seal Edward Barnett (seal) Zach.. Ray Mary M Ray witnesses Giney Scott Proved in Feb. 7 1816 court.

Edward Barnett and Charity (Unknown) Barnett had the following family:

+ 4 i. Winifred4 Barnett was born circa 1762.
+ 5 ii. Edward (Eddy) Barnett was born circa 1766.
+ 6 iii. Eleazer Barnett was born circa 1770.

Fourth Generation

4. Winifred4 Barnett (Edward3, John2, Family1) was born in Bedford Co., VA circa 1762. Winifred died 1836 in Barren Co., KY, at 74 years of age.

She married Leonard Hall Jr. in Bedford Co., VA, circa 1782. Leonard was born in Bedford Co., VA circa 1758. Leonard was the son of Leonard (SNDX-H400) Hall and Joanna Johanna (Letton|Lutton) Litton. Leonard died 13 May 1809 in Barren Co., KY, at 50 years of age.

5. Eddy4 Barnett (Edward3)   was born circa 1766. Eddy died in Lincoln   Co., KY.   Patty's Line
[According to Patty - he was always listed as Eddy and never as Edward] 

He married Jane Woodson in Lincoln Co., KY, 20 Jun 1796. Jane was born circa 1776. Jane 1 was the daughter of Shadrach Woodson and Susannah Walker. Jane died before 1815 in Garrard Co., KY. Did Eddy die before 1816 or is he the one who finally "closed the estate of Edward Barnett Sr. (1828) or was it his estate which was finally settled. Dated 19 May 1828 :

[From Patty B - 2/99:  The 1806 Book of Slaves Deed states Frances Walker is the widow of David Walker (Jr.) and she sells for natural love and affection to Eddy Barnett 4 slaves for one dollar.  She states these slaves are now in the possession of Hezekiah Ford.  She also sells 3 slaves that are in her possession.  There must have been some controversy over this as Eddy Barnett, three years later (1809) comes into court and records on the same deed that the bill of sale is fraudulent and is of no effect.  Possibly they concerned the slaves and their offspring that her husband, David Walker (Jr.), had allotted in the will and she had no right to sell them?  ]

Guardianship Papers - 17 Aug 1807 - giving Edy Barnett guardianship of Elizabeth and Judah Woodson.  (This is the same day that Elizabeth married Eleazer Barnett and Judy married Neal Hall) 

"Know all men by these presents that we Eddy Barnette Eleszer Barnett a& "??? Yantiz are held and fimly ---- to John Brew Edward Johnston and Augustine Jennings Trustees of the Peace  --- Garrard County in the Penaly of one hundred and fifity pounds Lawfeel money  of Kentucky the Payment well --------be made we bind ourselves our Heirs ---- and severally by these presents -----our hands and seal This 17th day of August 1807.  The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the above ----- Edy Barnette hath this day been chosen Guardian to Elizabeth Woodson adn Judah Woodson orphans of Shadrach Woodson Dec'd by the Court of Garrad --- therefore the said Edy Barnette deligently collect and acc----pt and pay to the said Elizabeth and Judah Woodson all the Estate which they now or may hereafter be entitled to during Their minority or to such other Person or persons as shall be legally Authorized to receive the same and shall Regularly make up and --- in his Guardianship at such tieme as he shall be required by law or by th esaid Court and shall also in all other Partivulars faithfeely execute the said office of Guardian then --- Obligations to be void else to remain in full force."  Signed by Eddy Barnett and his seal, El'ez Barnett and his seal and John Yantiz and his seal.

Eddy Barnet Executor as aforesaid, By Cash paid the Heirs of "L"inn Hall one of the Legatees of the said estate - $134. Cash paid the Heirs Eli Barnet, another of the Legatees of the aforesaid estate - $122.68 Paid an allowance made the Executor for his services in full - $30. By the Clerk of Garrard Co., KY - $4.38 By the Executor part of said estate, he bein one of the Legatees - $120.62

Eddy Barnett and Jane Woodson had the following family:  All the children from Patty B.   (Dates of some of the below marriages sent to me by Fordyce who is a descendent of William Barnett & Ann Miller Betotourt Co., VA and Lincoln Co., KY. )

i.  Edward Barnett,  married Artimicia Denton in 1833
ii.  Jesse Barnett, m. Mary Caldwell in 1820 and 2nd, m. Fanny Perkins in 1827 (2nd marriage Patty's line)
iii. Uriah Barnett, m. Rebecca McMullin in 1824
iv. Jane (Jenny) Barnett m. John Huffman in 1827
v.  Charity (Charlotte) Barnett, m. Hugh Caldwell in 1820 (was he son of Polly Caldwell that Eddy Sr. m. in 1820 and brother of Mary, who m. Jesse Barnett in 1820)
vi. Eddy Barnett Jr., m. Maria Singleton in 1827

Eddy m. 2nd Polly H. (Mary) Caldwell 1820 in Lincoln Co., KY   (From Patty:  All these children are listed in court cases concerning Eddy Sr's estate which began in 1843 and ran for nearly 20 years before all of his estate was settled.  Some of the children had died before Eddy Sr. and some died before the estate was finally settled.  Many of the wives and children are listed in the cases.)

6. Eleazer4 Barnett (Edward3, John2, Family1) was born circa 1770. Eleazer died circa 1818 in Garrard Co., KY.

He married twice. He married Mrs. Eleazer Barnett in KY? VA?, ca 1798. Mrs. died bef 1807 in Garrard Co., KY. He married Elizabeth (Betsy) Woodson in Garrard Co., KY, 17 Aug 1807. Elizabeth was born circa 1790. Elizabeth 3 was the daughter of Shadrach Woodson and Susannah Walker. She married Thomas Johnson Denton in Kentucky, circa 1817. She married John H. Fowler in Miller Co., AR, 13 Dec 1825. Elizabeth died circa 1827 in Miller Co., AR.   Betsy is possibly buried in the Shawneetown Cemetery or somewhere near Jonesborough."

Garrard Co. Order Book b, p. 254:

Aug. 1818: "Ordered that Betsy Barnett be appt guardian of Charity, Susannah, William & Eleaxer E. Barnett Orphan of Eleaser Barnett Dec cd. Whereupong she together with Robert Robertson and Ishw Craig her Security ?? and Ackd Their Bond in the Peralty of six Thousand Dollars -----

It seem that a mistake was made in one instant of writing giving the above children as children of Edward. Also written on 17 Aug 1818.

Eleazer Barnett and Elizabeth (Betsy) Woodson had the following family:

18 i. Charity5 Barnett was born in Garrard Co., KY? ca 1800.
19 ii. Susannah Barnett was born in Garrard Co., KY ca 1802.
20 iii. William Barnett was born in Garrard Co., KY ca 1805.
21 iv. Eleazer E. Barnett was born in Garrard Co., KY ca 1810. Eleazer died ca 1872. He married Celina Devat 1841. Case #1744: Eleazer Barnett to John Allen - Deed (This is probably the son of Eleazer & Betsy)

In persuance of a Decree of the Garrard Circuit Court ordered at the September Term, 1837, is a Suit in Chancery now pending in Said Court wherein Thomas Denton and Betsey his wife and complainaint and Heir's of Eleazer Barnett and -----. This Indenture made and entered into by Thomas Denton & Betsey, his wife, --- Betsy Barnett and the heirs of Eleazer Barnett, deceased by William A. Bridger C---- of the one part and John Allen of the other part. Witnessed that for and in consideration of the Sum of eleven hundred dollars and heretofor, paid to the Complaintants, the heirs of Eleazer Barnett, do hereby al-- release and convey to the aforesaid John Allen the following tract or parcel of land situated in Garrard County on the waters of Sugar Creed and bounded as follows, ---

In another court case, Thomas Denton vs Heir's of Eleazer Barnett, dec'd - (found by Patty Black and proves that the children of Eleazer's were also children of Betsy's.) State Archives, Lexington, KY - Circuit Court Case, 1838.  Most of the papers were missing, but there was a document dated 1819 in which it said that Betsy Denton, late Barnett, was appointed guardian of Eleazor's infant children, four in number and all being very young.  The case ended in 1841. 

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