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and dollars have gone into these records and all we would like is for each person to get the recognition and the "say-so" how their line is treated. 

Researchers - if I have not give you credit for information you have shared, please let me know.  If you have additonal information, please be sure to send the source with it. 

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Records we have found for all of the above families - just haven't gotten the proof needed if they belong to our Allens (Sarah m.William Woodson ca. 1730) or Walker Families. 

You will notice one David Walker who d. 1740.   He is the one that gives us trouble figuring out which David they are talking about in these other records.  But enjoy reading these and if you spot something that will help you, great - if you know something that will help us - even greater!!

abst’d & comp’d by Benjamin B. Weisiger III, 1983.

p.19 [p.190] Inventory taken by Thomas Walker, Frederick Cox, Robert Hughes as ordered 18 May 1730, recorded 19 May 1730
p.26 [p.250] Deed - 21 Mar 1730 - Bartholomew Stovall & Thomas Walker of St. James Parish, Goochland, to George Davis of same - 200 acres, part of 400 acres patented by said Stovall and Walker on south side of James River on a branch of Deep Creek called Dispute branch, with all houses, etc. - signed by Stovall and Walker - Mary, wife of Stovall, relinquished her dower right.
p.29 [p.277] Deed 23 Jan 1730/31 - sale of land from Joseph parson to Nowel Burton - bounded by Samuel Allen, Robert Woodson, Josiah Woodson and Martin Dunkin. Recorded 17 Aug 1731
p.35 [p.336] Deed 19 Jun 1732 - sale of land from John Bellermy of St. James Parish to Sanburn Woodson of same, 120 acres in same, on north side of James River at a place called Head of Indian Grave, bounded by Maj. John Woodson, Robert Woodson, Samuel Allen, John Sutton Farrar, dec’d., Recorded 18 Jul 1731
p.40 [p.391] Will of Nathaniel Basset - to sister Elizabeth Francis, 20 pounds; sister Jane Basset, 20 pounds; William Allen, 5 pounds; my kinsman Nathaniel Basset, son of Thomas Bassett all of my estate. Executor, brother Thomas Basset - dated 7 Jan 1732/3; Wit: Wm Mayo, Daniel Stoner, Thos. Walker. Signed: Nat’l Recorded 20 Mar 1732
p.41 [p.399] Deed 9 Apr 1733 - Sanburn Woodson of St. James Parish, Goochland Do., to Robert Allen of St. Pauls Parish, Hanover Co., 120 acres in St. James Parish on north side of James River at a place called Head of Indian Grave, bounded by Maj. John Woodson, Robert Woodson, Samuel Allen and John Sutton Farrar, dec’d with all houses, etc. Wit: Robert Mosby, Randolph (R) Bobbit, Joseph Allen. Signed Sanburn Woodson, Recorded 15 May 1733 - Elizabeth, wife of Sanburn, relinquished her dower right
p.42 [p.409] Deed 16 July 1733 - Samuel Allen of St James Parish Goochalnd to Robert Payne of same, land on north side of James River on east fork of Jeanitoe Creek, bounded by Golden Meadow branch. Wit: John Woodson, Nowell Burton, Richard Burton. Signed Sam’ll Allen. Recorded 17 July 1733
p.44 [p.425] Deed 17 July 1733 - Edward Curd to David Walker, for L 17/10, 100 acres on north side of James River bounded by Capt. Richard Cox, said Walker,Cattail Br., with all houses, etc. Wit: Daniel Croom, Thos. Edwards, James Goodall. Signed Edw’d Curd. Recorded 17 July 1733.
p.49 [p.478] Deed 29 Nov 1733 - Samuel Allen of Goochland Co., to Richard Pearne (or Pearue), merchant, land where said Samuel lives, for L 45, 215 acres, bounded by Bellarmy, Farrer’s, Adams, Payne, Nowell Burton, Dunkin and Jenetoe Creek. Wit: Antho. Hoggatt, James Daniel, Jos. Dabbs. Signed: Sam’ll Allen. Recorded 19 March 1733
p.69 [p.132] Will of Benjamin Woodson of St. James Parish, Goochalnd - to son Thomas, 200 acres I now live on; to son Jacob, my land lying on Deep Creek. Wit: Sam. Allen, Elizabeth Daniel - {no signature} - Dated 19 Aug 1735 - Codicil: Rest of estate to my daughter Susannah. Wit: Sam. Allen, Elizabeth Daniel, Hannah Daniel, Sarah Woodson - {No signature} 16 Sep 1735
p.70 [p.141] Deed 19 Aug. 1735 - Samuel Allen of St. James Parish, Goochland Co., to Samuel Richardson for L 5, 15 acres in St. James Parish, bounded by Richard Pearne, Joseph Parsons, and Martin Dunkin, with all houses. Wit: John Alexander, John Payne, Isaac Bates, Signed: Sam Allen - Recorded 16 Sep 1735
p.73 [p.173] Deed 16 Mar 1735 - Michael Holland of Hanover Co. to Luke Smith of Hnerico Co - in forks of Tuckahoe Creek, bounded by Thomas Harding. Wit: Geo. Payne, Robt. Barton, William Woodson - Recorded 16 March 1735
p.79 [p.231] Deed William Mills of St. James Parish, Goochland Co., to James Walker of same - 300 acres on branches of Licking Hole Creek, part of a greater tract said Mills took up by patent 11 Apr 1732, bounded by Samuel Coleman, Chiles’s corner, Scott’s line, Kerby’s line and Henry Chiles. Wit: John Pryer, Henry Chiles, Peter Patrick - Signed William Mills - Recorded 15 Jun 1736. May, wife of William, relinquished her dower rights

by Benjamin B. Weisiger III

p. 276 Will of Benjamin Woodson presented by William Woodson, one of the executors, proved by Nowel Burton and George Payne, 2 of the witnesses; John Woodson and Nowel Burton Securtiy.
p. 278 Will of William Walker presented by Elizabeth Walker, Executrix, proved by William Johnson and William Benson, witnesses; Joel Walker and William Woodson, security.

TLC Genealogy, Miami Beach FL,

p.4 [p.9] 15 Jun 1742 from George Payne of the Parish of St James in G to Roger Thompson of the Parish of St Paul in Hanover County, Gentleman, ....all that plantation of tract of land on the north side of James River and on the head branches of Lickinghole Cr in G containing about 400 acres bounded as described in a patent to George Payne dated 27 Sep 1729 - Signed - Geo: Payne. Wit - William Woodson, Robt Burton. Recorded 15 Jun 1742.
p.7/8 [??] missed this part - Saml Allen witnessed a sale of land from Wm Kent - Recorded 20 Jul 1742.
p.8 [39] 9 Mar 1741 James Allen with Benja Cocke, Thomas Pleasants witnessed a land transaction between John Widrom of G to William Maddox of G - Recorded 20 Jul 1742.
p. 12 [p.71] 18 October 1742 from Wm Barnet of G, to Benjamin Woodson Jr. son of Benja & Frances Woodson of G, for divers good causes and for 15 pounds, one tract of land to contain 50 acres in G, and bounded by a corner white oak of Woodson’s & Henry’s standing at the head of Barnet’s meadow, Allins Cr, Madm Anderson’s and Stone’s corner. Signed - William (W his mark) Barnett. Wit - Aug. Webber, Bouth Napier, Frances Woodson Jr. Recorded 19 Oct 1742. Elizabeth, the wife of William Barnett, relinquished her right of dower to the conveyed lands.
p. 15 [p. 84] 19 Oct 1742 from William Barnet of G, to John Dailey of Henrico Co., for 20 pounds, a certain tract of land in G, about 200 acres bounded by the lines of Benjamin Woodson, Henry Williams, William Childresis & Phillip Webber. Signed - William (W his mark) Barnet. Wit - Augt Webber, Bouth Napier, Benja Woodson. Recorded 19 Oct 1742. Elizabeth the wife of William Barnet relinquished her right of dower to the conveyed lands.
p. 15 [p.89] 16 Nov 1742 - William Woodson witnesses a land transaction between Thomas Walton of the Parish of Jame and G, to John Creasey and William Palmer of same - land is in G on south side of the James River on Little Big Run, a branch of Muddy Cr, 1st 100 acres bounded by said John Creasey, Thomas Walton, John Alexander. The other 100 bounded by John Carter, Thomas Walton, Little Deep Run.
p. 21 [p.136] 15 Mar 1742 from Alexander Trant of the Parish of St James and G, to Samuel Allen of same for 10 pounds already paid by Allen, one tract of land of 20 acres in the Parish of St James and G on both sides of Bear Cr, the same being part of a greater quanitity granted to Henry Cary by patent, and bounded by [trees]. Signed Alexander Trent. Wit - none. Recorded 15 Mar 1742
p. 23 [p.152] I, Samuel Allen of G, sell to John Woodson, William Allin Get, and Grancis Amoss, 3 feather beds and furniture, 3 cows and calves, 3 iron pots, 1 brace, little, 2 chests, 2 tables, which I hereby do deliver in their actual possession, to expose of [to sale] as they shall think fit, to raise money and Toba to level three executions which is exhibited against me, which sums of money is 10 pounds 18 shillings and 541 pounds of Toba, as witness my hand and seal this 9 Sep 1742, signed - Samull Allen. Wit: Robt Baxter, Abraham Bequin. Recorded 15 Mar 1742.
p.26 [p.177] We William Woodson and James Daniel of G, having jointly taken up and patented one tract of land containing 400 acres on the south side of James River on a branch of Willis’ Cr called Soakarse, and caused same to be divided in 2 equal parts by a line drawn from a corner gun on the line of Col William Mayo. Signed - William Woodson, James Daniel. Wit - none. The dividing line acknowledged, and recorded 21 Jun 1743.
p.27 [p.181] 14 May 1743 - Thomas Walker witnesses with John Woodson, John Woodson [sic], land sell from Edward Molloy to William Miller of St. James Parish and G- land bounded by White, Clapham, Hickman.
p.30 [p.208] 19 Sep 1743 from William Walker of Northampton County, North Carolina to John Bibey of the Parish of St James and G, for divers good causes and for 20 pounds, one tract of land in G on north side James River containing about 200 acres bounded by John Wright, a dividing line between James Christian and William Walker, John Simms deceased, Charles Allen, Phillip Walker. Signed - William [W his mark] Walker. Wit-John McBrid, Sten Hughes, David Patteson. Recorded 20 Sep 1743. Elizabeth, the wife of William Walker, relinquished her right of dower to the conveyed lands.
p.31 [p.219] Robert Allen witnessed a land transaction between William Miller of St James & G to William Stamps of Lancaster Co- that Wm Miller bought of John Woodson.
p. 33 [p.235] 19 Sep 1743 - from Henry Cary of Henrico County, gentleman, to John Osborn of same, planter, for 91 pounds and for divers other good causes, all that messuage tract of land of about 400 acres on the south side of James River in G, which was sold by THOMAS WALKER of G unto the said Henry Cary, and bounded by Dispute Branch, John Tabor’s Horsepen Branch. The deed includes all appurtenances except the right of dower which Mary, the wife of the said Thomas Walker, has in the granted premises. Signed - Henry Cary. Wit: Thos Dawson, Charles Thomas, David Bell, James Anderson. Recorded 20 Sep 1743.
p. 38 [p.273] 21 Jun 1743 from Robert Woodson of the Parish of St James and G to John Curd of same, for divers good tract of land on the south side of James River among the branches of Deep Cr containing about 260 acres, it being the land of Robert Woodson, and bounded by James Skelton, a dividing line between Benjamin Woodson, deceased and Robert Woodson, Easley’s line on Watsons Branch, a dividing line between Joseph Woodson and Robert Woodson. Wit - Tucker Woodson, Wm Christian, Tho: Yarborough. Recorded 16 Nob 1743. Reberro, wife of the said Robert, relinquished her right of dower to the conveyed lands.
p.46 [p.345] 28 Jan 1743 from Richard Manning (Maning) of G to Henry Stratton of G, for divers good causes and ..... one parcel of land containing 250 acres in G and on the south side of James River, and bounded by Richd Ligon, William Allen, John Hall, John Radfurd. Signed - Richd Manning. Wit - Richard Ligon, James Ligon, Peter Nunnery. Recorded 15 May 1744.
p.47 [p.356] 15 May 1744 from William Mills and Mary his wife of G to John Robards of G, piece of land on the east side of Lickinghole Cr, about 280 acres so as to include a plantation called William Millses, and bounded by a corner above the plantation on the creek on Grainger’s line on Great Lickinghole Cr, John Payne, Benjamin Woodson. Wit - John Payne, Josias Payne, Rob. Woodson.
p.48 [p.359] {18 Nov 1741} We, Tabitha Minge and George Baskervile, in consideration that William Allen and {illegible name}, relict of Robert Minge deceased, have released to the said Tabitha {illegible} by 1 deed bearing date with these presents, all the right of dower {illegible 1-2 words} in and to 375 acres of land in Charles City County whereof the said Robert died seized and for further consideration of 16 pounds 13 {shillings} and 4 pence, have granted to William Allen, all right and title to 7 Negroes: Kate, Dorcus, Betty, Lucy Tom Sue and her child, which Negroes were set apart for the dower of the said Mary in certain Negroes recovered by us in the General Court of this Colony as the estate of the Deced. Signed 18 Nov 1741. George Baskervyle, Tabitha Minge. Wit - Richard Poval, William Spheare, j. Beguin. Recorded 16 Apr 1745.
p.48 [p.363] 23 Apr 1744 from William Harris of the Parish of St James and G, to John Bibey of same, tract of land on the north side of the James River among the branches of Beaverdam Cr, about 350 acres, it being the land of William Harris, and bound by the south side Castle Branch, Edward Curd, Thomas Word, a line of John Sym decd, Timothy Rich decd, William Walker, Phillip Walker. Signed - William Harris - Wit - Wade Netherland, Roger Carrell, John Payne. Recorded 19 Jun 1744.
p.62 [18 Feb 1744] from Thomas Walker of Southam Parish in G, to Elias Downs of Raleigh Parish in Amelia County, for 32 pounds, one tract of land containing 380 acres in the Parish of Southam & G, and bounded by the south side Appomattox River. Signed Thos Walker. Wit - none. Recorded 19 Feb 1744. Mary, wife of Thomas, relinquished her right of dower to the conveyed lands.
p.62 [p.497] 26 Jan 1744 from William Innarwick of the Parish of Southam in G, to Benjamin Mosby of same......a certain tract of land about 400 acres in Southam Parish & G among the south branches of Willis’ River and bounded by James Knot, Samuel Allen, William Cox, Croosm Quarter East Branch, Buck Branch. Wit: Philip Poindexter, James Barnes John Woodson, Fras Amoss, Jon Fain. Recorded 19 Feb 1744.
p.62 [p.504] 19 Mar 1744, from James Knott of Southam Parish in G to William Bond of St Martin’s Parish in Hanover tract of land of 400 acres, as per the patent granted to the said Knott on 22 Sep 1730. The land is is the Parish of Southam & g, and bounded by Saml Allen, Richd Taylor.
p.64 [p.516] 19 Mar 1744 from Samuel Allen of G and Parish of Southam, planter, to William Allen of same, Gentleman, for 34 pounds, a certain tract of land of 400 acres in G and Parish of Southam on the east branch of Crooms Quarter Branch of Willis’ River, being granted to the said Samuel Allen by patent dated 11 May 1744 (????), and bounded by said William Allen and said Samuel Allen. Signed Sam Allen. Wit - R Walton, Jno Payne. Recorded 19 Mar 1744. (The date is wrong somewhere.)
p.66 [p.533] 12 May 1745 from John Maddox of G and Parish of St James Northam, to William Allen, Gentleman, of same, for 16 pounds, a certain tract of land in G in the Parish of Southam on the head of Muddy Cr containing 200 acres, being the half of 400 acres of land patented to the said John Maddox on 1 Dec 1740, to be laid off at the south side of the said tract, including the plantation and spring whereon Samuel Allen lately dwelt. Signed - John (his mark) Maddox. Wit - John Harris, John Woodson, Frans James. Recorded 21 May 1745.
p.66 [p.544] 18 Jan 1742 from Matthew Ligon of G to Richard Ligon of G....... a tract of land of about 300 acres of land in G, and bounded by Capt. Wm Allin, the mouth of the Great Branch, Fine Cr, Col. Wm Randolph, Richard Maning. Signed Matt Ligon Sr. Wit - Theodrick Carter, J Beguin, Peter Nueley. Recorded 20 Jul 1742.


by William L. Hopkins, 1987

The St James Northam Vestry met twice a year to conduct the business of the church. Once each year, vestrymen were selected and installed antwo of their number were designated as Church Wardens. Every four years all of the land in theparish was "processioned" and boundaries were either confirmed or established between land owners.
1746 (prob. June/July) 
p.4 [p.12] Giles Letcher and Robert Cawthorn...up the Hanover CO line to John Bibbs, across to Phillip Webbers and down to the Bridge.
Joseph Farrar and Charles Bates.... up Dover Mill Creek to William Millers to Phillip Webbers.
William Woodson and Isaac Johnson .... Dover Mill Creek near William Woodson, to James Cockes, to Phillip Webbers, to William Miller.
John Dailey and Augustine Webber .... From Phillip Webbers, to Hanover Line and John Bibbs, to Constant Perkins, to Benjamin Bradshaw.
p.4 [p.13] John Curd and Joseph Lewis .... from Benjamin Bradshaws across to Louisa CO line at Constant Perkins, to John Mills, to Goochland Court House, to Boling Mill Road.
Tarlton Woodson and Richard Pleasants ... from the mouth of Janito Creek, to James Cockes.
William Pledge and Walter Leake .... to Leakes Bridge on Lickinghold Creek.
Charles Christion and James Fergerson .... from John Hillup the Louisa CO liine, across to John Walkers on the Head of Lickinghole Creek.
p.9 shows Benjamin Woodson Jr - 2 Oct 1751, p.37 (Robert Woodson & Daniel Johnson for William Woodson)
p.30 Peter Walker for the support of Mrs. Blockleys children - 19 Dec 1768, p.105
p.31 Col. John Payne for keeping part of the Parishioners per order of Peter Walker, 16 Jun 1770, p.107
p.32 Peter Walker for Chancellor & Hatton Mtg (at Mr. Thomas Underwood’s house), 31 Dec 1770, p.109

by Kathleen B. Williams, 1979.

p.75 27 May 1761 - Constant Perkins and Mary Allen. Sur. Bouth Napier. Wit. Jesse payne. P.266.
6 Nov 1780. Constant Perkins and Judith Poor, dau. Of Thomas Poor. Sur. John Poor. Wit. Walker Perkins and William Poor. P. 271
5 Jan 1778 - Walker Perkins and Judith Hughes, daul of William Hughes who is surety. Wit. William Hughes, Jr. and nathan Seems. P. 270
p.42 1 Aug 1783 - James Hood & Keziah Poor, Sur. Robert Poor, p. 28
p.77 11 Jul 1788 - Rowling Pointer & Rebecca Walker, dau. of Peter Walker, p. 278 among others - the rest of the dates are too late.

abst’d & com’d by Benjamin B. Weisiger III, 1984.

p.35 [p.252] Deed 17 May 1739 SAMUEL ALLEN SR. of Goochland Co., to Nicho’s Davies of Henrico Co., for L 17/10, 275 acres on Deep Creek next to Nich. Davies, Buck Branch, Bowler Cocke, John Twitty, being land granted by patent 6 Jun 1738 to said Allen. Wit: Hezekiah Mosby, Sam’l Scott, John Cox. Signed: Sam’ll Allen Recorded 19 Feb 1739.
p.5 [p.34] Will of Giddian Jambon, "sick" Witnessed by Thomas Porter, P. L. Soblet, J. P. Bilbout. Recorded 17 May 1737.
p.5 [p.38] Deed 21 June 1737  William Woodson of St. James Parish, Goochland Co., to Tandy Walker of Henrico Co., for 40 pounds, land on south side of James River, part of patent of 1500 acres to said William Woodson, Benj. Woodson J., Joseph Woodson, Jr., John Woodson Jr., and Robert Woodson Jr., dated 11 April 1732, 460 acres with all houses, etc. Wit: James Holman, Richard Mosby, Robert Payne.  Signed: William Woodson. Recorded 21 June 1737. Sarah, wife of William relinquished her dower rights.
p.7 [p.46] Deed 20 April 1737 William Barnes of Amelya Co., to William Allen of Goochland Co., for L 50, land on south side of James River, bounded by Mathew Ligon, the ridge between Fine Creek and Jones Creek, William Allen’s line, 100 acres. Wit: Anthony Morgan, Sanburn Woodson, James Robinson. Signed: William Barnes. Recorded 18 Aug 1737
p.22 [p.160] Aug 1738 Account of estate of Benjamin Woodson Jr., dec’d. Debits to Thomas Wadlow, Joseph Dabbs, Robert Woodson, Nicholas Davies, Daniel Johnson, John Mattox, John Webb and George Payne (Sherriff) for 460 acres of land and 3 levys. Credits from Michael Holland, John Bibb, Tho. Richardson. Acounts presented by John Woods and recorded 6 Aug 1738.
p.22 [p.161] Aug 1738 By court order of 18 July 1738 we valued improvements on 40 acres of John Walker on the Bird Creek, at L 133/6. Signed: Thomas Massie, Will’m Martin, Jno Wooddy. Recorded 18 Aug 1738.
p.52 [p.365] Apr 1740 Will of John Walker Jr. of Goochland Co. To father, John Walker, all my 400 acres and plantation on branches of Lickinghole Creek, it being where he now dwells. To brother James Walker, negroes Dinah, Hannah, and all my 400 acres on the Byrd, purchased of Thomas Clark. To brother Joseph Walker, megroes Pompey, Hannah and Tom To brother David Walker, my patent of 400 acres on branch of Little Byrd Creek and 1 negro Seaser. Executors: brothers Joseph & David Dated 30 Apr 1740. Wit: Henry Chiles, William (WA) Adkinson, Richard (RA) Adkinson. Signed: John Walker Jr
p.52 [p.371] Deed 16 Sep 1740 Land tranaction between James Terry & Edw’d Mckgehee - 400 acres as by patent 10 June 1737, bounded by said McGehee, Wm Womack, Great Guinea Creek and James Allen. Recorded 18 Nov 1740
p.56 [p.400] Deed 7 March 1740 - Land transaction between John Wynne & John Horn (both from Hanover Co.) Land on north side of James River on branches of Bird Creek, bounded by Maj. John Henry, John Walker, Joseph Walker, - 400 acres with all houses, etc. Wit: Fredrick Cox, John Sandland, Constant Perkins. Recorded 17 Mar 1740
p.61 [p.434] Will of David Walker of Goochland Co. (1741) To father John Walker, brother, James Walker - negro man Seaser; brother Joseph, 400 acres; sister - Martha Emmorson; sister - Mary Parish; "to my Effany Hodges"; sister - Sary Davis - executors James and Joseph Walker. Dated 4 Oct 1740, proved 21 Jul 1741 - Wit: William Adkison, Thomas Hall, Richard Adkison - Signed David Walker
p.61 [p.437] By Court Order (7 Apr 1741 Apprisal of land and improvements of Joel Chandler on Appomattox River, by Richard Mosby and Thomas Walker. Recorded 21 July 1741
p.69 [p.509] Deed 16 May 1741 William Walker of St. James Parish, Goochland Co., to John Bibey of same, for L 60, land on north side of James River and north side of Castle Branch, 300 acres with all houses; bounded by John Curd, Nicholas Parkins, Meadowy Creek, William Harris, Philip Walker. Wit: Robt. Woodson, John (his mark) White, William (W) Arington. Signed: William (W) Walker. Recorded 18 Nov 1741.

HISTORIC ROADS OF VIRGINIA, Goochland County Road Orders, 1728-1744,
by Nathaniel Mason Pawlett, Faculty Research Historian.

Surveyor of Roads = SOR
p.6 19 Mar 1728, O.S., p. 83:SOR - David Walker from the Courthouse into the back road above Major Boiling’s Mills
20 May 1729, O.S., p. 97: SOR - Constant Perkins from Thomas Murrel’s to the back road. Anthony Hoggat from Tucahoe Creek Mill towards Hanover Co as far as the County Line.
p.7 19 Aug 1729, O.S., p. 143: SOR - David Walker from Court house into the back road above Major Bolling’s Mill and it is ordered seveall male labouring tithables of Joseph Woodson, Henry Adkins, William May, Richard Cocke, Willaim Moor, Edward Curd, Abraham Perkins and John Moor to assist in clearing the said road.

Order Book 2, Goochland County, 1730-1731

p.12 18 May 1731, O.S., p. 117: SOR - Joseph Woodson from the Courthouse to the fferry Landing, and it is Ordered that John Webb, John Mcbrid and David Walker, who are Surveyors of the roads adjacent and the tithables in the Severall precints to assist in clearing the said road and that each Surveyor warn his own Gang to appear according to the appointment of Joseph Woodson aforesaid

Order Book 3, Goochland County

p.13 17 Nov 1731, O.S., p. 16: SOR - John Dunn is appointed SOR in the room of Constant Perkins, .......................
p.17 16 Jan 1732, O.S., p. 127: SOR - Jacob Winfrey in the room of Marmaduke Hix; Benjamin Moseby in the room of Nicholas Cox; William Allen in the room of Nathaniel Bassett, Edmund Butler in the room of James Spears.
p. 25 17 Mar 1735, O.S., p. 40: SOR - Samuel Allen, son of William Allen is appointed SOR in the room of Nicholas Cox
p.29 19 May 1737 O.S., p. 148: SOR - William Allen - leading from the Court House to Appomattox River beginning at the Church road and thence to Mr. Cary’s road. Col. Randolph’s two Quarters where Scruggs and Lee are overseers are to be added to his gang.

Order Book IV - Goochland County

p.31 20 Sep 1737, O. S., p. 240: SOR - Ordered that William Allen do Clear the Road that he was appointed SOR of in May Court of trees, and then that he return with his Usual Gang to the Road that he was Surveyor of before.
p.31 21 Mar 1737, O.S., p. 258: Sor - Samuel Allen Jun. Is appointed SOR in the room of Thomas Edwards.
p.34 20 Feb 1738, O. S., p. 374: SOR - Charles Allen - in the room of Wiilm Harris
p.35 20 Mar 1738, O.S., p. 378: SOR - David Walker - from the meadow above John Curds to the Court House
p.36 21 Aug 1739, O.S., p. 433: SOR - James Allens apponted to gang of Alexander Stinson
p.37 17 Dec 1739, O.S., p. 445: County Levy Court, 1739 - Lists of tobacco paid out David Walker for 1 Do {sic} and 6 boards .... 60
p.37 18 Dec 1739, O.S., p. 448: Charles Allen and his Gang to clear road from a little above Allen Howard’s towards Brook’s Spring in Hanover Co
p.38 15 Apr 1740, O.S., p.456: William Allen to clear a road out of the Chappie road, to extend along Capt Bernards road and from thence a Cross Willis’ River near the road Clear’d by Norvel Burton to Buckingham & Crossing the Head of Randolphs Creek into Clovers road near to Batchers Creek Mountains.

abst’d & comp’d by Benjamin B. Weisiger III,

p.47 Oct. Court 1756 - Sarah Allen granted administration of estate of Robert Allen; Isaac Winston, Security

p.406 March Court 1760 - Inventory of Edmund Allen recorded
p. 241 June Court 1768 - Zachariah Rowland granted administration of estate of Henry Walker; John McKeane, Sec.
p.272 August Court 1758 - The following guardians summoned to render accounts: James Allen for John Freeman
p.244 May Court 1758 - Inventory of Robert Allin recorded
p.265 June Court 1758 - Accounts of estate of Robert Allen recorded


WILLIAM & MARY QUARTERLY, Vol. 13, July 1933, #3 - The Allens of Virginia

Ages of My Father’s Family (from records found in Family Bible of Archer Allen)

Samuel Allen b. ca. 1695 d. 1774 - Goochland Co.
Mary H. Allen b. 15 May 1695 d. 8 Mar 1763
Ann Allen b. 19 Jan 1721
William H. Allen b. 7 May 1724
John Allen b. 27 Mar 1726 d. 27 Jun 1754
Mary Allen b. 13 Mar 1727 d. 25 Aug 1732
Valentine (male) b. 29 Apr 1730 *m. 26 Feb 1753 Ann Arnold d. 17 Sep 1799
Susanna Allen b. 8 Feb 1732
George H. Allen b. 10 Apr 1734 d. 13 Dec 1778
Mary Allen b. 7 Feb 1738
Phillip Allen b. 22 May 1740 *19 Nov 1763 to Elizabeth, dau of Daniel Coleman, d. 8 Mar 1763
Mary Allen b. 31 Aug 1738
Elizabeth Allen b. 17 Dec 1739 *m. 29 May 1762 to Peter Field Jefferson
Archer b. 6 Apr 1741 d. 26 Jan 1811
Judith Allen b. 22 Sep 1743
William Allen b. 30 Apr 1745
Patty Field Allen b. 25 Aug 1746 *m. 28 Mar 1768 to William Daniel
Obedience Allen b. 1 Mar 1747
Samuel Allen b. 8 Nov 1750
Francis Allen b. 25 Feb 1752
Field Allen b. 26 Oct 1754
Ann Allen b. 24 Dec 1760


Will of Samuel - names sons Archer, Samuel, Field, and dau’s Mary, Elizabeth Jefferson, Judah Murry, Patty Field, Daniel, Obedience Townes, Frances & Ann. Wife Martha and son-in-law Wm Daniels. Witnesses - Stephen Woodson, Lucy Woodson, Geo Barker, Wm Towns.

Will of Archer Allen, son of Samuel, date 24 Jan 1811, proved Prince Edward Co. - names sons William A., Samuel, James, Daniel, John, Merit, and Cary C. Daughters Elizabeth Langhorn, granddau. Elizabeth S. Ford and wife, Elizabeth. Wit: Richard Allen, Frances Anderson, Baker Legrand. Elizabeth b. 6 May 1751 and d. 12 Oct 1823. Children listed Wm Archer, b. 1774; Salley, b. 1776; Samuel, b. 1778; James, b. 1780; John Archer, b. 1782; Daniel, b. 1785; Elizabeth, b. 1787; Merit, b. 1789; Cary Calvin, b. 1792. Elizabeth Salley Ford, b. 27 Apr 1798, d. 22 Sep 1798,

This Allen appears to have lived 1st in New Kent, then Henrico, then Goochland, Cumberland and then Prince Edward Counties.

*** Another Samuel Allen - of Goochland was probably Samuel Allen, son of William Allen of New Kent, who was born, according to St. Peters Church Register Parish 20 Sep 1713.

*** Richard Allen was about this time vestryman of St. Peter’s Parish


TYLER’S QUARTERLY, Vol. 19, #2, October 1937

p.110/111 **** Will of William Allen of Elizabeth City County, 1731 - wife Elinor, negro woman Sue; lot of land in Hampton to two sons, John and Anthony; rest of estate equally divided between all children - Anthony Elizabeth, Sarah, Thomas and Anne Allen - all not of age; dau. Mary Henry; dau. Anne Allen; dau. Jane Allen - not of age. William, Henry and wife co-executors.

abst’d & comp’d by Lela C. Adams, 1985

p.7 DB1:p.52- LWT - Isaac Jones - 9 Mar 1781, Proved 28 Feb 1782, Witnessed by John Kelly, John Renfro, Joel Walker

PARISH REGISTER OF CHRIST CHURCH, 1653-1812, Middlesex Co., VA, orig. pub. 1897, reprint - 1975

p.7 William Allen departed this Life 4th of Septemb 1681 & was buried in ye lower Chapll Church yard next day following - being 5th 9br 1681
p.20 William Allen & Katherine Smith were marryed 2th Decemb 1680
p.23 Thomas Allen & Lucey Blake were marryed 10th Augs 1685 & he dyed yt very day

IBID (VA MAG OF HIST & BIO), Vol. 32, Jan - Oct 1924

p.60 Hannah, dau. of Anthony Armistead (Elizabeth City County - Will proved 18 Dec 1728) & Anne ?, he son of Anthony & grandson of William the emigrant - married William Allen.
p.144 Virginia Quit Rent Rolls, 1704 - King & Queen County

Allen, Thomas 100 acres p.156 - same as above
Walker, John 6,000 acres p.157 - same as above
Walker, John Johnsons Land 1,000 acres p.182 (same as above)
Christopher Walker - 1655/56 - witnessed will of Richard Greenhouse - Lancaster/Westmoreland

p.241 (same as above)  28 Mar 1727 - Council (Virginia Council Journals) - Orders for running the dividing line between Virginia & North Carolina -"and it is further ordered that John Allen Gent. & Mr. Mayo Surveyors be & they are hereby appointed Assistants to the said Commissioners for the better performing the Services aforesaid & that they be paid for their Trouble and Expence out of His Majestys Revenue.
p.379/80 - Virginia Council Records (dates are wrong) February the 27th 1727 -"Comission for Settling the boundary approved - "This Board having received information that Mr. Allen one of the surveyors appointed for running the dividing Line between this Colony and North Carolina, declining going on that Service being hindered by the dangerous indispositon of his wife." [appointed Mr. Alex Irwin & if he can’t serve, then Mr. Drury Stith.]


Henrico Rent Rolls - 1705

The number following the name is the amount of acres the person held.

Allin, Widdo - 99
Allens Orphan Lands - 99
Porter, Wm - 175
Porter, John - 100
Woodson, John - 4060;
Woodson, Robert Jr. - 1157;
Woodson, Rich - 180;
Woodson, Widdow - 650
Watkins, Henry Sr. - 100;
Watkins, Thomas - 200;
Watkins, William - 120;
Watkins, Jos - 120;
Watkins, Edward - 120
No Walkers

Cumberland County, Virginia Tithes 1768 - by William Allen’s

21. Samuel Allen - 6
31. Drury Allen - 3
42. Stephon Woodson - 5
157. Daniel Allen - 7
161. Jas. Allen - 6
168. Isaac Allen - 4
194. Francis Allen - 2

James City County Rent Roll - 1704

Allen, Richard - 540 acres
Perkins, Charles - 320 acres
Walker, Alex Jr. - 2025 acres
Walker, Alex - 500 acres

Walker, David - 150 acres
Walker, David - 100 acres

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