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Lulof Stedham

L.S.; Lot 606; D 72

This simple stone marker with the initials "L.S." carved on it is located on the south side of the church, very close to what once was the original front doors, at the time the burial was made. In the Burial Index, it's listed under the name "Stidham," but there are no dates, so it's hard to determine which Stidham* it belongs to.

It is probably the marker of Lulof [2] Stedham, the first son of Timen [1] Stiddem. Lulof [2] died in 1704, just five years after the church was built. This once prominent location would have been fitting for him due to his position as one of the first churchwardens. Also, the simpleness of the marker suggests its great age from the earliest of burials with a marker.

If it's not Lulof [2] Stedham's marker, then the next most likely candidate would be his brother, Lucas [3] Stedham, second son of Timen [1] Stiddem. Lucas [3] was buried 8 Dec 1726, in Old Swedes churchyard (B 299), but the exact location is unknown.


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