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"The Truax / Truex Genealogy Project"
compiled by Jennifer Smith and Anita Bradford, edited by Jennifer Smith
(soft cover, spiral bound)

The most complete genealogy of the Truax family ever compiled. This five volume set covers all known Truax / Truex / Trueax descendants of Philippe du Trieux, as well as unplaced groups and unrelated groups of the same surname. Each volume includes name and place indexes, maps, photographs, and much more. The first volume covers the first five generations of descendants from Philippe du Trieux, plus a master index for all five volumes. Subsequent volumes start at the fourth generation descendants, and are generally divided by geographic area (if you would like to know which volume your ancestors are included in, please contact the Association).

Association Members receive approximately 10% off the regular retail price.

Item Non-Member's
Vol. I: The First Five Generations and Master Index (254 pg.) $ 18.00
$ 16.50
Vol. II: New York, Michigan, Wisconsin (236 pg.) $ 22.00
$ 20.00
Vol. III: New York, Canada, Michigan (196 pg.) $ 20.00
$ 18.00
Vol. IV: Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio (294 pg.) $ 25.00
$ 22.50
Vol. V: Ohio, New Jersey, Delaware (209 pg.)
$ 20.00
$ 18.00
Five Volume Set
$ 95.00
$ 85.50
Add U.S. Shipping:
1-2 books = $7.00
3 books = $7.75
4 books = $8.50
5 books = $9.25
OR add shipping to Canada:
1-2 books = $6.00
3 books = $6.50
4 books = $7.00
5 books = $7.50

NEW! The Truax / Truex Genealogy Project on CD-ROM
This CD contains the complete, updated database in HTML format, which can be viewed using any web browser. Fully indexed, each person entry is in narrative form with links to parents, spouse and children, plus a pedigree chart, photographs and sources. Also includes all the features of the books - maps, abbreviations, a history of the project and a full biography of Philippe du Trieux.

Price includes shipping. Association members receive a 10% discount.
Regular Price: $30.00
Member Price: $27.00

Du Trieux Coats of Arms, colour copy - $2.00
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Newsletter Back Issues - $2.50 each

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