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All Association publications can now be purchased online with our Publications Order Form. Publications from other sources should be ordered through the addresses given.


"The Truax / Truex Genealogy Project"
compiled by Jennifer Smith and Anita Bradford, edited by Jennifer Smith
(soft cover, spiral bound)

The most complete genealogy of the Truax family ever compiled. This five volume set covers all known Truax / Truex / Trueax descendants of Philippe du Trieux, as well as unplaced groups and unrelated groups of the same surname. Each volume includes name and place indexes, maps, photographs, and much more. The first volume covers the first five generations of descendants from Philippe du Trieux, plus a master index for all five volumes. Subsequent volumes start at the fourth generation descendants, and are generally divided by geographic area (if you would like to know which volume your ancestors are included in, please contact Jennifer Smith, or check the chart here).

Association Members receive approximately 10% off the regular retail price. Check the Publications Order Form for prices and shipping costs.

The Truax / Truex Genealogy Project on CD-ROM
This CD contains the complete, updated database in HTML format, which can be viewed using any web browser. Fully indexed, each person entry is in narrative form with links to parents, spouse and children, plus a pedigree chart, photographs and sources. Also includes all the features of the books - maps, abbreviations, a history of the project and a full biography of Philippe du Trieux.

Cost is $30.00 including shipping. Association members receive a 10% discount. Order from the Association using our Publications Order Form

Books and CDs from other sources include:

Truax / Truex / Trueax U.S. & Canadian Census Entries, 1850-1930

Transcribed and annotated by Jennifer Smith. Files are in RTF (Rich Text Format), which can be viewed by most PC-based word processing programs. Includes Truax / Truex / Trueax households from:
  • all 1850 and 1900 U.S.
  • most 1860 U.S.
  • all 1870 New York and Michigan
  • all 1871 Ontario
  • many other census years and places - over 100 in all
Transcriptions are organized by state/province, then by year, county, township and page. In most cases, the head of the household is identified from the database. Cost is $20.00 U.S., including shipping. Please order directly from Jennifer Smith at P.O. Box 23074, 55 Ontario St. S., Milton, ON L9T 5B4. Payment by cheque or international money order, or you can send email to [email protected] to arrange payment through PayPal.

The House of Truax

Compiled by Theodore de T. Truax, printed in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record in 1926-1928 (85 pages). Our version is out of print, but you can order an updated, ‘rough’, typewritten version of the “House of Truax’ from the Allen County Public Library Foundation, 900 Webster Street, Box 2270, Fort Wayne IN 46801-7241. Total cost (to include shipping and handling) was $38 last time we checked.

The Truax/Truex Family of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, New Jersey

By Barbara Carver Smith, Certified Genealogist and descendant. The book is soft cover, vello bound, 366 pages and includes both male and female descendants of Philippe Du Trieux residing in Monmouth and Ocean Counties from 1675 through 1900. It has an extensive index with 780 surnames, 4000+ individuals, of which 1100 are of the Truax/Truex surname. Some related families are: Allen, Bennett, Carver, Chadwick, Clayton, Cranmer, Estelle, Gant, Johnson, Matthews, Osborn, Pittman, Polhemus, Stillwell, Taylor, Tilton, Wardell, White, and Woolley. The book is available for $35.00 postpaid from Barbara at 850A Thornhill Court, Lakewood, NJ 08701-6661.


These are available once again for $2.00, although the price may be raised slightly in the near future. The full colour coat of arms is printed on parchment alongside a brief history of the Truax family, and comes with a supplemental sheet with a history and interpretation of this particular coat of arms (click on the image to see a larger sample).


The Association of Descendants of Philippe du Trieux published a newsletter in March, June, September and December of each year up until 2003, which it distributed to Association members as well as various libraries, archives and family organizations. Each issue contains a wealth of information in the form of historical and biographical profiles, transcriptions of church, vital, census and other records, obituaries, queries, photographs, family news and much, much more. Back-issues are available from the Association for $2.50 each.

To give you some idea of what is available, here are the feature articles from the last few issues (each issue also contains regular features like 'Queries', 'Letters & Email', 'Celebrity Corner', etc.), PLUS the complete Sept. 2000 issue for your reading pleasure...

  • March 2003 (Vol. 23, Issue #1):
    • COVER: Barry Truax in 'The Benny Goodman Story'
    • Library Donations
    • Truax/Truex Project Corrections
    • Gems From the Hires Papers
    • Apache Truaxs
    • Ontario Vital Statistics - Births
    • A 2nd Capt. Truax at Stones River
    • Truax Book of Records

  • December 2002 (Vol. 22, Issue #4):
    • COVER: Elias Truax Jr, 1772-1875
    • Membership Renewals
    • 2002 Membership List
    • Truax/Truex Project Corrections
    • Items From the NY State Archives
    • Truax & Greene Medical Supplies
    • Gems From the Hires Papers

  • September 2002 (Vol. 22, Issue #3):
    • COVER: Constance Beverly Brinly Butterfield
    • Secretary / Treasurer's Report
    • Misc. New York Births & Baptisms
    • Officer Profiles
    • Presbyterian Cemetery, Wells Tannery
    • Civil War Letter, Capt. Joseph Truax

  • June 2002 (Vol. 22, Issue #2):
    • COVER: Brouwer House, Schenectady, NY
    • Election Nominations
    • Truax/Truex Project report
    • Huguenots, Walloons and Belgium
    • Project Corrections & Additions
    • The Mysterious 'Cornwall George'
    • Regional Coordinators

  • March 2002 (Vol. 22, Issue #1):
    • COVER: Capt. Glen Claiming Schenectady Prisoners as Relatives
    • This Is Tonoloway
    • Coal Hod Advertisement
    • A Bad Day in the Life of Debora Viele
    • 1850 Census, New York
    • Tercentenary Stamps
    • Speech to Loyalist Association
    • Truax / Truex Project Complete!

  • December 2001 (Vol. 21, Issue #4):
    • COVER: Lena Curtis Fisher Civil War Letter
    • 2001 Membership List
    • Truax / Curtis Photos, New Jersey
    • Ethnic Diversity Among the Truaxs
    • 1850 Census, New York, Part 2
    • NY Dutch Reformed Church Records

  • September 2001 (Vol. 21, Issue #3):
    • COVER: World War I 'Farmerettes'
    • Secretary / Treasurer's Report
    • Truax Gravestones, Laurelton, NJ
    • 1850 Census, New York, Part 1
    • The 1713 Home of Pieter Viele

  • September 2000 (Vol. 20, Issue #2):
    • COVER: 'Preserving Our Heritage' Article on the Truax Cemetery, Keansburg, NJ
    • The Great Truax Document Hunt
    • Wisconsin Vital Records Index
    • Ontario Census Records
    • What Are We?

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