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Around 1907, as Theodore de. T. Truax was trying to secure funding to publish the "House of Truax" with Grafton Press, he sent letters to potential donors, including Mr. Allan Truax. The package he sent to Allan Truax discusses the potential book's content, to be complete with "seven coats of arms and replete with all family data". Included among the pages was a copy of one "du Trieux" coat of arms.

Another, smaller copy of the coat of arms had handwriting which translated the scroll's writing as "Do Right and Fear Nothing."

The detailed description of the coat of arms (that was on the copy) is below the picture.

The copy (labeled as a 1/3 reduction) was also stamped with the following information:


Reproduced from the original in the

FCS House of Truax T865 Box 1 

( boldfaced information above 

was handwritten) 

located in the Archives/Manuscripts Division of the Minnesota Historical Society.

Permission necessary for reproduction of publication.


The escutcheon or shield which contains the heraldic devices, is azure; represented by horizontal parallel lines.

The stirrup, occupying the honor point, represented as white, is silver; while the ribbon attached to it is red; denoted by parallel curved lines.

The stars occupying the base, sinister, and dexter points are gold; represented by stipplings within the stars.

The helmet, resting on the escutcheon, is the mark of a knight, or a warrior; and is emblazoned with gold, silver and red.

The crest which surmounts the helmet, represents the bust of a knight or warrior crowned with a toque of azure velvet, indicating the rank of a peer.

The summary would be--from the heraldic devices--that a knight or warrior known as "Dutrieu de Terdonck", with the rank of a peer, represented with a stirrup suspended from his dexter hand; won victory while in the stirrup on the field of battle, and was rewarded--at different times--by a gold star of six radiating points.

Other Coats of Arms:

#2 (carved pic)    #3, #4, #5 (Belgium)    #6 (color)


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