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The Association of the Descendants of Philippe du Trieux

Our Association has helped Philippe's descendants
(typically the Truax and Truex families, or their descendants)
keep in touch, research their heritage, and publish member-supplied information since 1981.

History Lineage Membership Publications Links What's New

NOTE: The Association of Descendants of Philippe du Trieux is currently undergoing a re-organization and is not accepting new memberships or publishing a newsletter. We continue to welcome genealogical inquiries and offer books for sale.

History The story of Philippe du Trieux and his descendants and the evolution of the Truax / Truex family, with links to biographical information on Philippe and other notable family members. Also includes five variations of our Coat of Arms, with explanatory information, as well as the story of the research of the du Trieux Family Tree by Theodore de T. Truax and Thura Truax Hires. NEW! You can now access images from our large collection of photographs.

Lineage The first five generations of Philippe du Trieux Descendants, from 1588 through the mid-1700s. Also added recently are Queries from Association members, and the larger 'Broken Branches' which are so far unconnected to the larger tree.

Membership The Association of Descendants of Philippe du Trieux - A description of our association, its purpose and history, membership, dues, how to join, etc. NOTE: We are currently in the process of re-organizing the Association and are therefore not accepting new members at this time.

Publications Information about the Association Newsletter, as well as books, CDs, and color Coats of Arms published by the Association and others.
NEW! The 'Truax / Truex Genealogy Project is now available on CD!

Links to other Websites with Truax connections and general genealogical information.

Updated "What's New", a 'log' of the evolution of this website.

Questions, inputs, comments,or suggestions concerning the
"Association of Descendants of Philippe duTrieux"
or about our website are welcome.

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This website was created by Jennifer Smith and Mike Truax for
The Association of Philippe du Trieux Descendants.
Questions or Comments should be addressed to Jennifer Smith.