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The Looper Family

Daniel LOOPER was born before 1774 (probably in Pennsylvania).  He married Sarah unknown.  Sarah was born ca 1775.  They resided in Iredell County, North Carolina.  They are probably buried in Hopewell Cemetery in Alexander County, NC where many of their descendants are buried.  I visited there last summer and the view from that cemetery overlooks the land they lived on.  It is a beautiful country and the land is nestled beneath a ridge.  The land is still owned by a relative of a LOOPER descendant and they have reported there are remnants of what is probably the old homestead of Daniel and Sarah LOOPER.
Children of Daniel LOOPER and Sarah unknown:
A. William born ca 1787, fought in the War of 1812, married Eleanor (Nellie) Long.
B. Rachel born ca 1789, married Elijah MARLOW.
C. John born ca 1791 married Susanah unknown.
D. Katherine born ca 1795, married Richard MILLSAPS
E. Elizabeth born ca 1797, married Tarleton SHOEMAKER.
F. Jane born ca 1799, married Hiram JOLLY
1 Apr 1819.
G. Joseph born ca 1800, never married, took care of mother Sarah.
H. Hely born ca 1807, it is unknown what became of this child.
I. Marrill born ca 1808, married Lucy MILLSAPS.
My leg of this family descends from William LOOPER (son of Daniel).
William LOOPER married Eleanor LONG who was raised in the area of Wayne Co, KY.  Their marriage date was 17 OCT 1820 per pension files.   They resided near the border of Tennessee and Kentucky.  The P. O. Box was Pall Mall in Fentress County, TN.  They raised a large family there.  William died sometime in Oct 1850.  The pension files give different dates of death for him.   His grave has never been found and there are no wills are estate records on file for the year 1850. 
Their children:
A. Riley born ca 1817, married Kezia SMITH.  She was married previously to a SMITH and had a child when she married Riley.   Her maiden name is unknown.
B. Joel born ca 1821 married Elizabeth unknown.
C. Calvin I. born ca 1823, married #1 Drucilla HALL, #2 Sally (Sarah) LIPE, fought in the Civil War C.S.A.
D. Emberson born ca 1826, married Kisiah unknown.
E. Thomas born ca 1828, married Easter GRIFFITH.
F. John born ca 1830
G. Granville Cecil born 3 Jan 1835
H. William born ca 1844, married M. E. unknown.
I. Catherine born ca 1849
J. Martha J. born ca 1850
Calvin I. LOOPER is my ggggrandfather.  He married #1 Drucilla HALL.  They lived in Scott Co, TN.  He is purported to have owned a saloon.  This is supported by a land deed for a lot in town with Riley LONG (brother to Eleanor LONG and uncle to Calvin).  He was active in the building of the roads in Huntsville (as were many of the other LOOPER brothers) and was also involved in the WHIG convention there. 
Children of Calvin and Drucilla LOOPER:
A. Barbary (Barbara) born ca 1846
B. Ann born ca 1850
C. Rachel born ca 1852, married W. H. POW?

Calvin and Drucilla divorced in 1856.  The three daughters of Drucilla and Calvin were living with Barbary Hall on the 1860 census of Scott Co, TN.  Barbary married W. H. POW and lived in Panola Co, MS.  She died very early and her sister Rachel married the same W.  H. POW.  Rachel died soon after giving birth to their only living child.  It is unknown what happened to Ann.  The estate records of Calvin LOOPER list Rachel POW as the wife of W. H. POW from Mississippi..  Nothing else is known about these daughters.  I would be most interested in finding out more about them.

Calvin sold all his land, left the children with the HALL family and left TN.  He went to North Carolina and married  #2 Sarah (Sally) LIPE ca 1856.  They resided in Fulton Co, Arkansas in 1860. 

Children of Calvin LOOPER and Sarah (Sally) LIPE:
A. John Calvin born 13 Apr 1857 in NC, married 17 OCT 1878 to Lillie Jeanne BROWN in Iredell Co, NC., died 25 Feb 1934 in Irving, TX and is buried in Kit Cemetery in Irving, TX.   Lillie Jeanne BROWN was born 27 SEP 1859 in NC.  Her parents are Richard BROWN and Sallie PARKER.   She died 6 JUN 1825 in Irving TX and is buried in Kit Cemetery in Irving, TX.
B. Granville Riley born ca 1862 in Arkansas, married 24 AUG 1894 to   Florence PETERSON in Ellis Co, TX, died 1948 and is buried in Southland Cemetery in Grand Prairie, TX.  Florence PETERSON was born 27 APR 1872 in Georgia and died 14 Feb 1920.  She is buried in Southland Cemetery in Grand Prairie, TX.
Sarah LIPE LOOPER died sometime before 1870.  Her date of death and burial place are unknown.  Calvin went back to Iredell Co, NC and left the two sons with the family of Abraham and Mary LIPE, while he went off to join the Civil War.   The estate record of Calvin LOOPER gives no death date.  The family story says he died on a cattle trail of pneumonia.  There is land in the Coddle Creek area of NC involved in the estate record but we do not know when he acquired this land.  It was sold and proceeds divided between his children.  John Calvin and Granville Riley used this money to make the trip to Texas.
John Calvin LOOPER and Lillie Jeanne BROWN lived in Coddle Creek, NC in 1880.  They moved to Texas sometime before 1894.  The first record I have of them in Texas was on the 1898 Dallas Co, TX tax lists.  They settled on the border of what later became Irving and Grand Prairie TX on the banks of a branch of the Trinity River.  They bought land and farmed there, raising cotton and truck farm crops.  Their farmland is bordered today by the new race track in Grand Prairie.
Children of John Calvin LOOPER and Lillie Jeanne BROWN:
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