Kruse Family and their allied Families from Sedamsville, Cincinnati, Ohio

Kruse Family and their allied Families

from Sedamsville, Cincinnati, Ohio

Welcome to my wife's Kruse and their allied Families Page! The main families we are researching are KRUSE, REINHARDT, FRANK, and ROSS. All of these families managed to find their way to the Sedamsville or nearby Riverside area of Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Wilhelm Kruse Sr., and Wilhelm Reinhardt families originally came from Linsburg, Husum, Hanover, Germany to Sedamsville. One of those old questions most people have asked about their ancestors is "Why did they come to America?". Well at least in the case of the Wilhelm Kruse family, I can safely say it was because of his wife Sophia Reinhardt Kruse. Her parents "The Reinhardt family" came to America about 20 years earlier than the Kruse Family did. The Kruse Family settled in Sedamsville in 1867.

The John Michael Frank family originally came from Weil, Schonbuch, Wurttemberg, Germany to Sedamsville about 1870. When they actually departed Germany is unknown. It would have been between 1863 and 1866. Also, where they were from their arrival to America until they settled in Sedamsville in 1870 is unknown.

The Joseph M. Ross family came from Nabbs, Clark County, Indiana to Riverside, Cincinnati, Ohio about 1898. Records indicate that his father James Ross was born in Kentucky and that his Grandfather Moses Ross was born in Virginia.

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