Thomas Michael Huber Family Home Page

Thomas Michael Huber Family Home Page  

Welcome to my Thomas Michael Huber  and Anna Marie Goldschmidt family page. Thomas was from Renchen, Achern, Baden, Germany and Anna was from Baden Baden, Germany. The main families we are researching are HUBER, GOLDSCHMIDT, SCHNEIDER and SMITH.  These families managed to find their way to Cincinnati, Ohio area. I'm glad that you were able to make it this far. My goal is to trace my family back as far as possible.

My name is Thomas Smith. I was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. With the help of some of my family and hundreds of hours in libraries, courthouses, cemeteries and other record holding places I have been able to accumulate information on my family line. Most of this research was done before there were such things as computers or a internet in so many families homes. Our vacations over the years seem to involve libraries, cemeteries, court houses, etc. I got the genealogy bug and do enjoy it, but genealogy work is never done.

Descendants Report of Anton Huber and Helena Kirn

Anton Huber and Helena Kirn are the Great Great Grandparents of Thomas Michael Huber and our ancestor. There is a descendants report located on our Tom & Sharons Family Tree Maker Home Page.

If anyone has a connection to or an interest in our family lines, we would be glad to hear from you. I hope that you will find an ancestor or two here, at the same time I hope you can help us piece together our past. If you have information or you would like to contribute to this web page please let me know so I can add it to my site.


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