John Henry Hericks Family and their Allied Families

John Henry Hericks Family

and their Allied Families

Welcome to my wife's Hericks Family and their Allied Families Page! The main families we are researching are HERICKS, VISSER and MOORKAMP.  All of these families managed to find their way to Cincinnati, Ohio area.

This web site has been created for the purpose of making my wife's HERICKS, VISSER, and MOORKAMP genealogy information available on the internet. Hopefully, we will be able to make connections with whoever have an interest in these family lines. I'm the genealogist in our family and have been working over 20 years researching and compiling records from a great many sources. Most of this research was done before there were such things as computers or a internet in so many families homes. Our vacations over the years seem to involve libraries, cemeteries, court houses, etc. I got the genealogy bug and do enjoy it, but genealogy work is never done. If anyone has a connection to or an interest in our family lines, we would be glad to hear from you.

I am tracing the descendants and ancestors of John Henry Hericks born 1845, outside of Winterswijk, Province of Gelderland, Netherlands in Ratum. He died 1920 in Cincinnati, Ohio. His parents were Lambert and Harmina (Klein Ikkink) Hericks. He married Johanna Harmina Hesselink about 1883 in the Netherlands, daughter of John Hesselink and Harmina. She was born 1858 in the Netherlands, and died 1921 in Cincinnati, Ohio. They came to America in 1883 and settled in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Please check out my John Henry Hericks report on this web site and make sure you visit our other web sites. The other web sites offer our other surnames that we are researching and many genealogy links. If you find any connections, Please send me e-mail: 

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