Will of Samuel Bugg


(Samuel Bugg was the father of Agnes Bugg [Leigh], widow,
wife of Joel Chandler, whose daughter Millie was the wife of Moses Sullivan)

Page 249. Will.

I, Samuel Bugg Sr of L, being sick & weak -
First, my just debts are to be paid.
To my wife Sarah Bugg - all my estate, during her natural
life, and after her death
To my son Jacob Bugg - 1 Negro girl called Cloe.
To my daughter Sarah Fowler - 1 Negro wench called Jean, and
after her death, said Negro and her increase to be
equally divided among her children.
To my daughter Agnes Lee - 1 Negro wench called Doll.
To my daughter Ruth Bugg - 1 Negro wench called Patt. Also 1
feather bed and furniture.
To my son Sherwood Bugg - 10 .
To my grandsons John Bugg, Benjamin Bugg, and Jessee Bugg
and Sherwood Bugg - 10 each.
To my son Edmund Bugg - 2 ewes and 1 cow.
To my son Samuel Bugg - 20 shillings sterling.
To my son Anslem Bugg - all my land and the rest of my
estate, both real and personal.
Executor - Anslem Bugg.
I do not want my estate appraised.
Signed Dec 30, 1756 - Samuel Bugg.
Witnesses - Amos Hix, George Freeman, William Cox.
At May 1, 1759 Court, the will of the deceased was
exhibited by Anslem Bugg, the executor, and the same was
proved by the oath of Amos Hix and Joseph Friman, 2 of the
witnesses, and ordered to be recorded, and on the motion of
said executor, certificate is granted him for obtaining a
probate of the said will, whereupon he, together with Samuel
Young and Sherwood Bugg, his securities, entered into bond.


Bugg, Samuel
Will Dated: 12-13-1756
Will Proved: 5-1-1759;
Will Book 1, Page 249

Mentions: Wife: Sarah Bugg
Sons: Jacob Bugg, Sherwood Bugg, Edmond Bugg, Samuel Bugg,
Amslim (Anselm) Bugg
Daughters: Sarah Towler, Agnes Lee, Ruth Bugg
Grandsons: John Bugg, Benjamin Bugg, Jesse Bugg, Sherwood Bugg
Executor: Anslim Bugg (son)
Witnesses: Amox Hix, George Freman, William Cox.