Will of Thomas Halsey, Sr.

Southampton, Long Island, New York
Dated July 28, 1677 - Proved March 1679

"I Thomas Halsey, being in a right mind and sound judgment," leaves to wife, "one woollen wheel and one linnen wheel, my little Iron Pott, and a Yellow Rugg, and one white Dutch blanket, and 4 bushels of wheate to be paid yearly, as long as she liveth, and 4 sheep."

Leaves to son Thomas, "my house and home lot, and the beach lot, and the Little Plain close, and the little close on the south side of Mr. Raynor's, commonly called Troublesome, and the close at the mill neck called Peter's close, and the lot I had in the last Division at Meacocks."

Leaves to son Isaac, "my close at the head of the creek, and 5 acres adjoining, and 5 acres in the Great Plain in the ten acre lots, and 3 acres at the town pond, and 10 acres in the ox pasture, and the Gin lots, and 4 1/2 acres in the Little Plain, and 20 acres in the next Division, and he is to have his choice out of my 300 pounds of Commonage in lieu of the land at Sagapanack."

"The remainder of all Divisions is to be divided equally between my sons Thomas and Daniel, and Hog neck to be divided also. Isaac is also to have the lot of meadow at Seponack on the north side, and one acre at Halsey's neck, and half the meadow on the south beach, the other half to my son Daniel."

Leaves to son Daniel, "one lot of meadow at Seponack, and the eastermost two acres in the Little Plain, and the home lot I bought of Mr. Smith, my land at Quogue and North side, and Hog Neck, to be divided equally between my sons." Legacy to daughter Elizabeth, wife of Richard Howell.

Dated July 28, 1677. Proved March, 1679.
Witnesses, Richard Barrett, John Else.
The sons Isaac and Thomas were confirmed as executors July 8, 1679.

(Source: Collections Of The New York Historical Society For The Year 1892 - Abstracts of Wills-Liber 1-2.)

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