(ed. note: this document was made by Virginia Governor George Yeardley declaring Samuel Jourdan the rights entitled him by his 'Ancient Planter' status - December 10, 1620.)


By the Governour and Capt. Genll. of Virginia

To all to whom these presents shall come etc Greeting in our Lord God Everlasting. Know yee that I George Yeardley Knight, Governor and Capt. Genll. of Virginia etc. by vertue of the great Charter of orders and lawes concluded on in a great and Genll. Quarter Court by the Treasurer Councill and Company of Adventurers and planters for this first Southern Colony of Virginia (according to the authority granted them by his Majtie. under the great Seal) and by them dated at London the Sixteenth of November 1618 and directed to myself and the Councill of Estate here resident, do with the approbation and consent of the same Councill who are joyned in Condicon with mee Give and grant to Samuel Jourdan of Charles Citty in Virga. Gent. an ancient planter who hath abode ten years Compleat in this Colony and performed all services to the Colony that might any way concern him etc and to his heirs and assignes for ever for part of his first genll. dividend to be augmented &c., 450 acs. in his own personall right etc., and out of the rules of Justice, equity and reason and because the Company themselves have given us president in the like kind in the personal claim of Cecily his wife an ancient planter also of nine years continuance, one hundred acres more and the other 250 acs. in recompence of his trans. out of England at his own charges of five servants, namely, John Davies, who arrived in 1617 for whose passage the sd. Samuel hath paid to the Cape Mercht., Thomas Matterdy bound apprentice to sd. Samuel by indenture in England dated 8 Oct. 1617; Robert Marshall brought out of England by Capt. Bargrave in May 1619, at the costs of sd. Samuel; Alice Wad the same year in the George; etc., & Thomas Steed in the Faulcon in July 1620; and maketh choice in 3 severall places: one house & 50 acs. called ---ilies Point in Charles Rolfe & N. upon land of Capt. John Wardeefe; 2ndly, 1 tenement containing 12 acs. etc., emcompassed on the W. by Martins Hope, now in tenure of Capt. John Martin, Master of the Ordinance; & 388 acs. in or near upon Sandys his hundred, towards land of Temperance Baley, W. upon Capt. Woodlief etc. To have &c. Yeilding & paying to the sd. Treasurer & Company &c. Provided &c

Given at James City 10 Dec. 1620 &c.

Signed, George Yeardley, Fr. Pory, Secr. This patent certified to the Treasurer. Lawr. Hulett. At a Genll. Ct. held at James Citty Oct. 20, 1690, Present: The Right Honble. Francis Nicholson, their Maj. Lt. Govr. & Councill. The foregoing patent admitted to record at the request of Mr. Richard Bland, the patent being for 450 acs. in Chas. Citty Co. granted to Mr. Samuel Jordan in 1620, which is truely recorded. Test: R. Beverley, by W. Sowards, Cl. Genll. Ct. (Source: Adventures of Purse and Person, VIRGINIA, 1607-1624/5, published by Order of First Families of Virginia, 1607-1624/5)

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