Lawrence Hewlett was born 1598, died 1659. Married 1618 Anne Marie Jaudon, daughter of Samuel Jaudon. She was born about 1597.

Lawrence married, second, Elizabeth (---) in 1641 and had a son, Augustine. Lawrence Hulit left will in York County, Virginia, dated 5 September 1658. In his will he says " my unkind and unnatural wife Elizabeth, the plantation--and if she abuse my son Richard (very young) and be careless of him (her step-son) my desire is that my executors take him unto care and tuition..."

Lawrence Hulit had by his first wife, Anne Marie Jaudon, three children, viz: John born 1619; infants; Richard born 1638.

Lawrence Hulit held some kind of public office because he certified a patent for land to the Treasurer of Virginia when George Yardley was Governor on December 10, 1620. (See State Land Office in Richmond, Virginia, in Book 8, Page 128.) As he was holding office, he must have been over 21 years old in 1620. (And family records say he was born in 1598.) He married in the year his first wife's father took his second wife, or in 1618.

The paper that Lawrence Hulit certified in 1620 was for land for Samuel Jourdan. "To Samuel Jourdan Ancient Planter who hath abode ten years compleat in this Colony" (ed. note: see 'Documents - Samuel Jourdan' for full text.) land bounded on the south by John Rolfe's Ground. The patent was admitted to record at the request of Mr. Richard Bland in 1620.

The will of Martha White, also of York County, Virginia, proved 24 January 1658, widow of the minister of York Parish, William White, made Lawyer Hulet trustee of her husband's two children.

Inventory 1645 taken by Lawrence Hulet (Hewlett) for estate of Thomas Deacon, Parish of York. On books of land office in Richmond, Virginia, we find in the records the name variously spelled -- Hulet, Hewlett, Hughlett.

On 14 October 1638 Lawrence Hulet witnessed sale, Francis Derrick to Richard Johnson. (Cavaliers and Pioneers, Page 113.)

Under date 20 June 1657 John Simmons of York agrees to pay for "one anchore of Dutch draus (drans?) --Witness, Lawyer Hulet. (Virginia Colonial Abstracts, Vol. 1 Lancaster County, Virginia, Book 2, 1654-66.)

(Source: Individual sources cited; compiled by Mrs. Sarah Sullivan Ervin, Ware Shoals, South Carolina, January, 1965; courtesy of A. Doggett, Highlands, North Carolina.)

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