Summer 2000
Summer 2000
Kentucky and Beyond

Spring and early summer pictures are already posted, so I'm not posting them again. This site is for the newest stuff! Unfortunately, one roll of film got blitzed irretrievably - came off the roller, but I can't remember all the stuff that was on it, so I don't actually know what you're missing.

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 Flowers, Rocks and Much More.

 Driving down Highway 1 brought
much beautiful scenery and resurrected many memories of
other times in the Big Sur region.

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And though we didn't see "the bridge" this time, it's connected in our minds with the northern coastline, and Jake will be in SF in early October - but "HE" won't take pictures!
Golden Gate Bridge

So we've gone from local vegetation of giant sequoias
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to burley tobacco
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- during the summer of 2000.