Ship List - Taiyo Maru - arrived S.F. 8/13/30

List or Manifest of Alien Passengers 
for the
United States Immigration Officer 

Port of Arrival - San Francisco, California
Aug. 13, 1930

S.S. "Taiyo Maru" Passengers Sailing from 
Kobe, Japan July 27, 1930
List Number _________

Name                 Age              Occup.           Race    Birthplace
               Family      Given                  Sex/Mar. 


 1. Demenkoff, Daniel K. 39 M MAuto Mechanic  R   Chogepoff
 2. Estrin, Zalmin 18 M S Student   H    Harbin
 3. Meerovich, Ina Danilovna 46 F W None   R   Side --- Nerchinak
 4. Petker, Gerhard G. 56 M M Farmer   G    Peniske, Tauride
 5. Petker, Justina A. 56 F M None   G      "
 6. Petker, Ekaterina G. 18 F S Student   G    Province Semipalatenk
 7. Petker, Anna G. 21 F S Student   G      "
 8. Petker, Gerhard G. 19 M S Student   G    Semipatinsk Province
 9. Petker-Unruh, Erna David 7 mo F S None   G    Harbin
10. Reimer, Gerhard Aron 27 M M Farmer   G    Tauride
11. Reimer, Anna H. 26 F M None   G    Tauride Province
12. Reimer, Erna G. 1 mo F S None   G    Harbin
13. Schmidt, David Tobias 27 M M Farmer   G    Province Tauride
14. Schmidt, Anna H. 26 F M None   G       "
15. Schmidt, David D. 1 M M None   G    Chesnokevo, Amur Pro
16. Schmidt, Erika D. 2 mo F S None   G    Harbin
17. Thiessen, Johann G. 31 M M Farmer   G    Ekaterinaoslav
18. Thiessen, Sara H. 25 F M None   G    Tauride Province
19. Thiessen, Elsa J. 5 F S None   G       "
20. Thiessen, Johann J. 3 M S None   G      "
21. Thiessen, Maria J. 6 mo F S None   G    Harbin
22. Janzen, Kornelius A. 35 M M Farmer   G    Ekaterinoslav Dorinovka

Col. 17: "The name and address of nearest relative or friend in country whence alien came."
1. Friend, Cuad. Modnyoseiknya, 28, Harbin, China
2. Sister, Nahama Estrin 141 Kitaiskaia St., Harbin, China
3. B.D. Meerovich, Brother in law 27 Bolshoi Pr., Harbin, China
4-9. Sister, M. Zavadsky Tauride, Russia
10-12. Father, A.A. Reimer Furstenwarder, Tauride, Russia
13-16. Roman Zakin - friend 99 Poohtovaya, Harbin, China
17-21. Friend: Adolf Kirtsky 13, 3rd Line, Harbin, China
22. F. Janzen, Brother Pranengau, Militopol, Russia

Col. 23: "Whether going to join a relative or friend; and if so, what relative or friend, and his name and complete address."
Numbers 4-22 all joining John H. Friesen, Reedly, California

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