Ship list - Shinyo Maru, Arr. San Francisco, 3/15/30 .

List or Manifest of Alien Passengers 
for the
United States Immigration Officer 

Port of Arrival - San Francisco, California
15 March, 1930

S.S. "Shinyo Maru" Passengers Sailing from 
Kobe, Japan Feb. 26, 1930
List Number 18.

      Name             Age     Sex     Occup.          Read/         Birthplace              Quota
Family  Given                                           Language                                Visa #  

Klassen, Heinrich H.    46      M       Farmer          Y/Russ.  Kherson, Russia 1033    
Klassen, Katerina H.    46      F       Housewife       Y/Russ.  Kherson, Russia 1034
Klassen, Elizabeth H.   22      F        -------        Y/Russ.  Kherson, Russia        1035
Klassen, Jacob H.       18      M       Student         Y/Russ. Omsk, Russia            1036
Klassen, Johann H.      16      M       Student         Y/Russ. Omsk, Russia            1037
Klassen, Zara H.        15      F       Student         Y/Russ. Omsk, Russia            1038
Klassen, Susanna H.     11+5    F       Student         Y/Russ  Omsk, Russia            1039
Klassen, Maria H.        8      F       Student         No      Omsk, Russia            1040
Klassen, Helen H.        5+7    F                       No      Omsk, Russia            1041
Minin, George Ivanovich  9+5    M       Student         Y/Russ. Chita, Russia           2488
Pechatkin, Serge F.     62      M       Book-keeper     Y/Russ. St. Petersburg/         1053
                                                                (Petrorgrad) Russia

Closest Relative in country of departure:
Klassens list no relative's address, and list this family's last address as Harbin, China.
Minin lists relative as Uncle: Dmitri Chikamiroff, Harbin, China  and lists father: Mr. John Minin in St. Louis, Missouri
Pechatkin lists a friend, Maria Kusminoff, Harbin, China and lists daughter: Mrs. Marina Kinstone in San Francisco.

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