ship list - Mishima Maru, Arr. Seattle, 2/9/30.

List or Manifest of Alien Passengers 
for the
United States Immigration Officer 

Port of Arrival - Seattle, Washington
Feb. 9, 1930

S.S. "Mishima Maru" Passengers Sailing from 
Kobe, Japan 22 Jan. 1930
List Number 12431/6

      Name             Age     Sex      Occup.          Read/          Birthplace              Quota
Family  Given                                           Language                                Visa #  


Hamada, Fujimatsu       48+5    M       Carpenter       Y/Jap.          Khimeke, Japan      337221
Kohama, Tahei           46+11   M.      Farm Laborer    Y/Jap.          Yamaguchikan          72
Sunahra, Minoru         39+4    M       Farm Laborer    Y/Jap.          Hiroshimakan        405244
Tiessen, Nikolaus       30      M       Agriculture     Y/G & Russ.     Schonfeld,            938
        Jakob                                                           Ekaterinoslav
Tiessen, Anna G.        30      F       Housewife       Y/Russ.         Paulsheim, Tauride    939
Tiessen, Egon N.         1+10   M           No          No              Schonfeld             940
Tiessen, Anna Loisa         2mo F           No          No              Harbin, China        None

Nearest Relative at point of departure:
Nikolaus Tiessen lists mother: Mrs. Zara J. Tiessen, Poselok Lugovoy, Amour [sic], Russia
Anna Tiessen lists mother: Mrs. Margaret P. Wiens, Ishalka Colony, Samara, Russia

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