Ship List - Taiyo Maru - arrived S.F. 1/29/30

List or Manifest of Alien Passengers 
for the
United States Immigration Officer 

Port of Arrival - San Francisco, California
Jan. 29, 1930

S.S. "Taiyo Maru" Passengers Sailing from 
Kobe, Japan Jan. __, 1930
List Number ____/16

              Name                          Age              Occup.       Race    Birthplace
                    Family      Given                         Sex/Mar. 
 1. Balzer, Maria H. 63   F W Seamstress G   Tauride
 2. Ermenko, Evdokia S. 57   F W Housewife R   Dubovka
 3. Frose, Gerhard H. 27   M M Farmer G   Andrepol
 4. Frose, Maria P. 33   F M Housewife G   Kotlare wka
 5. Tatuloff, Alexander
24   M M Auto Mechanic R  Harbin
 6. Gorloff, Ekaterina M. 40   F W None R   Moscow
 7. Gorloff, Valentina M. 20   F S Student R   Vladivostok
 8. Kern, Lidia 58   F W None G   Saratof
 9. Koslowsky, Heinrich H. 24   M S Agriculturist G   Kharkoff
10. Klippenstein, Gerhard I. 47   M M Agriculturist G   Tauride
11. Klippenstein, Anna I. 44   F M Housewife G   Tauride
12. Klippenstein, Ivan G. 18   M M Agriculturist G   Siberia
13. Klippenstein, Helena G. 15   F S Schoolgirl G   Petrovka
14. Klippenstein, Peter G. 14   M S Schoolboy G   Petrovka
15. Klippenstein, Gerhard  9   M S Schoolboy G   Siberia
16. Langemann, Agata F. 28   F M Housewife G   Omsk
17. Langemann, Aron H. 29   M M Agriculturist G   Omsk
18. Makaroff, Anna 28   F M Housewife R   Charcov
19. Makaroff, George  3   M S None R   Frisco
20. Penner, Peter P. 32   M M Agriculturist G   Ekaterinoslav
21. Penner, Anna G. 23   F M Housewife G   Omsk
22. Penner, Anna P.  1   F S None G   Omsk
23. Skoblin, Vladimir S. 20   M S Student R  Harbin
24. Sidoroff, Peter F. 23   M S Student R   Harbin
25. Selezneva, Theodosia 22   F S Student R   Harbin
26. Tielman, John H. 22   M S Agriculturist G   Ekaterinoslav

Col. 17: "Name and address of nearest relative or friend in country whence alien came."

1. Heinrich Dück, Brother; Village of Shinof, Tauride Province, Russia
2. Pavel S. Ermenko, Son ----?---- China
3. H.H. Frose, Father; Chunaevka, Omsk, Russia
4. H.H. Frose, Father in law
5. Tatuloff, Christoford, Father; 20/305 Novotorgovaia St., Harbin, China
6-7. N.N. Skorohodova, Mother, Serpunoff, Moscow, Russia
8. Bro. Johann Felzing; Kanatnaya Street #1, Harbin, China
9. Helena Koslowsky, Mother; Moskalenki, Omsk, Siberia, Russia
10. Helena Klippenstein, Mother; Aleksanderkron, Omsk, Russia
11-15. Zara I. Friesen, Mother; Gliaden, Omsk, Siberia, Russia 16. F.F. Baltzer, Father; Selo Chenaevka, Omsk, Russia
17. E.H. Langemann, Mother; Selo Chenaevka, Omsk, Russia
18-19. T.Beshifko; 75 Pochtoyay, Harbin, China
20-22. Katarina D. Penner, Mother; Poselok Uglovoy, Omsk, Russia
23. Father, S.F. Skoblin; 6 Konnaia Street, Harbin, China
24. V.A. Sidroff, Mother; 30 Novtorgovaia St., Harbin, China
25. Mother, Maria M. Selezneva; 61 Gogolevskaia St., Harbin, China
26. Mother, Zara (?) Tielmann; Kudashevka, Ekaterinoslav, Russia

Col. 23: "Whether going to join a relative or friend; and if so, what relative or friend, and his name and complete address."

9. J.H. Friesen; 13th Street, Reedley California
10-15. Mrs. M.H. Wiens, Friend; 2213 11th St., Reedley, Calif.
16-17. Mrs. M.H. Wiens, Aunt; 2213 11th St., Reedley, Calif.
20-22. Mrs. M.H. Wiens, Friend; 2213 11th St., Reedley, Calif.

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