Ship List - Asama Maru, San Francisco, 10.9.30

List or Manifest of Alien Passengers 
for the
United States Immigration Officer 

Port of Arrival - San Francisco, California
Oct. 9, 1930

S.S. " Asama Maru" Passengers Sailing from 
Kobe, Japan Sept. 24, 1930
List Number 29662/14

          Name                    Age              Occup.        Race    Birthplace
                    Family      Given           Sex/Mar. 


 1. Neufeld, Jakob P. 73 M M    Farm Laborer    G       Tauride
  2. Neufeld, Helena 44 F M    None    G       Tauride
 3. Neufeld, Jakob J. 20 M S    Farm laborer    G       Tauride
 4. Neufeld, Johann 17 M S    Laborer    G       Selo Raevka
 5. Neufeld, Heinrich J. 16 M S    Laborer    G       Selo Raevka
 6. Neufeld, Helena J. 14 F S    None    G       Selo Raevka
 7. Neufeld, Franz 11 M S    None    G       Selo Raevka
 8. Neufeld, Wilhelm  9 M S    None    G       Selo Raevka
 9. Neufeld, David  7 M S    None    G       Selo Raevka
 10. Neufeld, Abram  4 M S    None    G       Selo Raevka
 11. Neufeld, Herman J.  3 M S    None    G       Selo Raevka
 12. Neufeld, Jakob 21 M S    Farm Laborer    G       Tiegerweide
 13. Neufeld, Abram H. 17 M S    None    G       Tiegerweide
 14. Neufeld, Maria H. 15 F S    None    G       Tiegerweide

Col. 17:"Name and Address of nearest relative or friend in country whence alien came:"
1. Daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Wiebe, Saskatchewan, Canada [note lists Kornelius Neufeld in Harbin as son, and he is listed as brother for 3-11]
12-14. Friend: Mr. Kasroff , 28 Intendamskaya St., Harbin, China

Col. 23: "Whether going to join a relative or friend; and if so, what relative or friend, and his name and complete address."
Number 1-11 lists nephew they are joining as, Jakob Neufeld, Reedley, California
Numbers 12-14 states :Mother Mrs. Neufeld will come to the boat at S.F." And also lists John H. Friesen.

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