St. John, St. Stephens Marriages 1828-1842, South Carolina Tri-County Genealogy Genealogy information for the genealogical researcher. Research centered in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester Counties of South Carolina. Research includes census reports, cemetery reports, will abstracts, genealogy helps and more.
St. John, St. Stephens Marriages

Berkeley County, SC
Charleston County, SC
Dorchester County, SC

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Groom Surname
Groom Given Name
Bride Surname
Bride Given Name
Place or Parish
Dubose Charles Smith Harriet
7 Feb 1828
Goose Creek
Stroutramur Daniel Canady Ann
6 Mar 1828
St. Stephens
Porcher Thomas W. Gailard Ellinor C.
25 May 1828
Heydon Hill
Boswell Thomas J. Hashagen Catharine
27 Mar 1828
Pineville, St. Stephens
Davis John Bochette Catharine
6 Nov 1828
St. Stephens
Dubose Theodore S. Porcher Jane Sinkler
20 Nov 1828
St. Johns Ophir
Haynes No Given Boineau Rebecca
25 Dec 1828
Bell Isle, St. Stephens
Cain William Palmer Ann
6 Jan 1829
St. Johns
Parker Moses Bochette Mary
8 Jan 1829
St. Stephens
Tyler James Williamson Anna
15 Jan 1829
St. Stephens
Holbrook Siles Gourdin Esther
26 Jan 1829
Pineville, St. Stephens
Couturier Theodore Marion Charlotte
14 May 1829
Mt. Pleasant, St. Johns
Barnet John Haines Sarah
8 Oct 1829
St. Johns
Yeadon Richard Marion Mary V.
23 Dec 1829
Mt. Pleasant
Yeadon of Chas/Marion of St. John's
Palmer Dr. John Palmer Simons
4 Feb 1830
Spring Field, St. Johns
Palmer of St. Stephen/Palmer of St. Johns
Palmer John G. Marion Catharine
11 Feb 1830
Mt. Pleasant, St. Johns
Calcut Henry Williamson Louisa E.
14 Feb 1830
St. Stephens
Smith John Porcher Ann
6 Apr 1830
Cedar Spring, St. John's
Smith of Chas/Porcher of St. John's
Stoney P. Gaillard Porcher Anna Maria
23 Dec 1830
Ophir, St. Johns
Stoney of Chas
Guild Virgil Russell Ruthe Ann
3 Mar 1831
St. Stephens
Couturier Theodore M. D. Marion Harriet
8 Jun 1831
St. Johns
Robertson James Russell Eliza
10 Dec 1831
St. Stephens
Thomas Walter Kirk Elizabeth
15 Dec 1831
St. Stephens & St. Johns
Stall John Harpoldt Eliz
22 Dec 1831
Clarke Elijah Parker Mary
27 Dec 1831
St. Stephens
Palmer Samuel Palmer Marianne
29 Dec 1831
St. Stephens & St. Johns
Palmer Peter M. D. Palmer Harriet
26 Jan 1832
St. Stephens & St. Johns
Cooper Thomas Marion Maria
4 Apr 1832
St. Johns
Mazyck Robert Ravenel Caroline
12 Apr 1832
St. Johns
Hamilton Alexander Haines Hannah
24 Oct 1832
St. Johns
McWhite Joshua Locklayer Margaret
1 Nov 1832
St. Stephens
McCants Thomas Anderson Elizabeth
30 May 1833
St. Stephens
Couturier Peter James Couturier Mary Rebecca
12 Dec 1833
Mt. Pleasant, St. Johns
Kirk Philip Marion Gabriella
24 Feb 1834
Mt. Pleasant, St. Johns
Taylor William Thomas Cowen Sarah
15 May 1834
Taylor of St. Stephens/Cowen of Charleston
McBeth Charles Ravenel Henrietta
29 Jan 1835
Walnut Grove, St. Johns
Gaillard Samuel Procher Payre Mary
16 Apr 1835
White Hall, St. Johns
Palmer Warren Couturier Ann
Sep 1835
St. Stephens
Palmer Maham Snowden Matilda
28 Jan 1836
Town Hill, St. Stephens
Thomas John M. D. Couturier Charlotte Henrietta
12 May 1836
B. P. St. Johns
Palmer Robert Marion St. Julien
Jan 1837
Gothan, St. Johns
Peagler Robert Linson Emily C.
18 May 1837
St. Stephens
Siloan William C. Campbell Ann
7 Dec 1837
St. Stephens & Pineville
Lockelier John Welch Jane
28 Dec 1837
St. Stephens
Smith Robert Press Gaillard Mary
16 Jan 1839
St. Stephens & Chas
Schipman Harm. B. Harris Elizabeth
23 Jan 1840
St. Stephens
Porcher Isaac Gaillard Elizabeth
30 Apr 1840
St. Johns
Cochran Charles B. Cordes Charlotte Lavinia
22 Dec 1842

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