2nd Presbyterian Church Marriage Records 1833-1870, SC Tri-County Genealogy Genealogy information for the genealogical researcher. Research centered in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester Counties of South Carolina. Research includes census reports, cemetery reports, will abstracts, genealogy helps and more.
2nd Presbyterian Church Marriage Records 1833-1870

Berkeley County, SC
Charleston County, SC
Dorchester County, SC

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Marriage Records from the 2nd Presbyterian Church 1833-1870. Please use these marriages as a starting point. I have done my best to make sure the records are accurate but they were typed by human hands and could contain errors.

Indexed by Groom in each Year
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Logan, William Daniel Young, Mary Ann 1 Jan 1833 Both of Charleston  
Snowden, Charles Blair Kennedy, Ann Lawrence 16 May 1833 Groom-Charleston  
Adger, John B. Rev Shrewsbury, Elizabeth K. 29 Jun 1834 Bride-Charleston  
Dickson, William Johnston, Mary C. 17 Mar 1834 Groom-Florida
Fogartie, Edward Montgomery, Mary M. 26 Nov 1834 Bride-Charleston  
Gary, Jesse Reeder O'Neale, Elizabeth A. B. 1 Jul 1834 Bride-Charleston  
Jones, Thomas S. Ripley, Elizabeth C.F. 25 Feb 1834 Both of Charleston  
Kershaw, Thomas Cunningham, Mary Jane 15 Oct 1834 Bride-Charleston  
Maxey, Samuel T. Burgoine, Mary M. 14 May 1834 Groom-Mobile  
Reeder, Oswell Martindale, Louisa 1 Jul 1834 Bride-Charleston  
Stokes, E. R. Sweeny, Helen L. 29 May 1834 Groom-Philadelphia
Dixon, Thomas Long, Elvina 19 Nov 1835 Groom-Charleston Performed by Rev. John Dickson
Freeman, Elijah Simonds, Eliza Ann 18 Nov 1835 Groom-St. Paul's Parish
Jones, Richard V. Wright, Mary Elizabeth 3 Feb 1835 Bride-Charleston  
Logan, George Christian Turner, Rose Isabella 2 Apr 1835 Bride-Charleston  
Raine, Henry John Laats, Adaline Eliza 5 Feb 1835 Bride-Charleston  
Randall, Thomas Friarson, Susan M. Oct 1835 Bride-Charleston  
Bevan, Daniel Kottmeyer, Mary 8 Dec 1836 Bride-Charleston  
Caldwell, James M. Robinson, Ann Frizel 18 Oct 1836 Groom-Charleston Performed by Rev. E. T. Buist in absence of Pastor
Hughes, William L. Auld, Harriet 7 Jan 1836 Groom-Charleston  
Jones, William H. Benoist, Catherine R. S. 11 May 1836 Bride-Charleston  
Name Omitted Richards, Mary 9 Feb 1836 Bride-Charleston  
Peterson, George W. Jones, Sarah Harris 12 Jun 1836 Bride-Charleston  
Ragin, John H. Dukes, Mary Elizabeth 20 Dec 1836 Groom-Sumpter
Reath, Simeon Spicer Thompson, Mary Jane 15 Jun 1836 Bride-Charleston  
Smith, James Laats, Maria Elizabeth 38 Mar 1836 Bride-Charleston  
Steedman, James Smith, Deborah 3 Jul 1836 Bride-Charleston  
Stillman, James Raymond, Ann 1 Nov 1836 Bride-Charleston  
Cannon, George Mr. Taylor, Mary R. Miss 17 Oct 1837 Groom-Charleston  
Douglass, Rev Mr. Marchant, Francis G. Miss 1 Jun 1837 Groom-Chester
Performed by Rev. Mr. Dana in absence of Pastor
Fitzpatrick, Thomas Mr. Crovat, Cecelia Louisa Miss 12 Apr 1837 Bride-Charleston  
Harn, William R. A. Moore, Elizabeth A. 13 Feb 1737 Groom-Charleston  
Harrall, William Mr. Vardell, Ann Miss 15 Aug 1837 Groom-Charleston  
Holmes, T. V. Sweeny, Lavinia 9 Apr 1837 Groom-Charleston  
Robinson, Samuel Johnson, Sarah Ann 20 Sep 1837 Both of Charleston  
Auld, Donald I. Rev Hughes, Aldine H. Miss Feb 1838 Groom-Charleston  
Fraser, Charles P. Mr. Raymond, Hannah Miss 17 Apr 1838 Groom-Charleston  
Mack, James Mr. Walsh, Mary Mrs. 3 Apr 1838 Groom-Charleston  
Sparks, Charles I. Mr. Ruberry, Susan V. Miss 24 Apr 1838 Groom-Charleston  
Whitesides, Moses Mr. Barnes, Mary Mrs. 1 May 1838 Groom-Christ Church Parish
Ellison, Mr. William H. Adger, Miss Elizabeth Ann 7 May 1839 Groom-Winnsborough
Dewees, Mr. John Lequeux, Miss Sarah H. Oct 1840 Groom-Charleston  
Gervais, Dr. I. Louis Wilson, Miss Louisa 18 Feb 1840 Groom-Charleston  
Graves, Mr. Charles W. Thomas, Miss Julia M. M. 21 Apr 1840 Groom-Charleston  
Whitney, Mr. Fredrick Anthony, Miss Sarrah 30 Dec 1840 Groom-Charleston  
Seibels, Mr. J. J. Burney, Miss Philippa Apr 1841 Groom-Montgomery
Bolger, Mr. Christopher Smith, Mrs. Maria 24 Nov 1841 Groom-Charleston Witnesses: Andrew Smith & Mrs. Smith
Kirker, Mr. James McKensie, Miss Margaret 21 Oct 1841 Groom-Charleston  
Leman, Mr. William Walker Rembert, Miss Catherine Ann 12 Oct `841 Groom-Charleston  
Mousseau, Mr. Adolphus Bize, Miss Henrietta H. 22 Dec 1841 Groom-Charleston Ceremony by Rev. Mr. Dupont of The Epis Church
Scott, Mr. Edward C. Campbell, Miss Eliza T. 2 May 1841 Groom-Charleston  
Brocklebank, Mr. William Carter, Mrs. Margaret E. 23 Mar 1842 Groom-Charleston  
Miller, Mr. William Grey, Miss C. Louisa 1842 Groom-Charleston
Bride-Beach Island
Church, Mr. Robert Stewart, Miss Eliza James 27 Feb 1843 Blank  
Poole, Mr. Edward Gibbs, Miss Victoria 9 Nov 1843 Blank  
Drayton, Mr. James Shoolbred Elford, Miss Louisa Eleanor 19 Nov 1844 Groom-Charleston  
McClintock, Mr. H. H. Tovey, Miss Juliana 28 Mar 1844 Groom-Walterboro
McDermaid, Mr. Robert Chalmers, Miss Susan 25 Dec 1844 Groom-Charleston  
McElheran, Mr. William Burnsides, Miss Rachel 25 Dec 1844 Groom-Charleston  
Man, Mr. Robert Whittaker, Miss Elisa I. 14 May 1845 Groom-Charleston  
Teague, Mr. I. M. Hammet, Miss Elizabeth C. 4 Nov 1845 Groom-Charleston  
Blinn, Mr. Robert Nelson, Miss Charlotte 17 Mar 1846 Groom-Charleston  
Brown, Mr. Benj H. Mills, Miss Eliza T. 24 Dec 1846 Groom-Charleston  
Drayton, Dr. Charles Parker, Miss Sarah Kasther 18 Dec 1846 Groom-Charleston First names written in pencil.
Gray, Mr. Andrew Turnbull, Miss Isabel 27 Jan 1846 Groom-Charleston  
McMaster, Mr. Martin Name Blank Oct 1846 Groom-Charleston  
Stothert, Mr. William Leslie, Miss Lucinda 15 Nov 1846 Groom-Charleston  
Timmons, Mr. William L. Simonton, Miss Margaret I. 4 Mar 1846 Groom-Charleston  
Spears, Mr. John W. Stillman, Miss Mary Ann 26 Oct 1847 Groom-Augusta, Ga
Taylor, Mr. James Milnor Bird, Miss Maria Henry 18 Feb 1847 Groom-Charleston  
Wright, Mr. Robert Dewees, Miss Jane 13 Oct 1847 Groom-Charleston  
Adger, Mr. Joseph Ellison Johnson, Miss Susan C. 27 Jun 1848 Both of Charleston  
Cain, Dr. James Dukes, Miss Susan 8 Jun 1848 Groom-Charleston  
Clark, Mr. Robert A. Chambers, Miss Elizabeth 22 Jun 1848 Groom-Winnsborough  
Eager, Mr. William Bell, Miss Susan Apr 1848 Groom-Charleston  
Goddard, Mr. William H. White, Miss Euphemia 22 Nov 1848 Groom-Georgetown
McClure, Mr. James Elder, Miss Mary 26 Oct 1848 Groom-Charleston  
Smith, Mr. Wm C. Shrewsbury, Miss Ann May 1848 Groom-Charleston  
Anderson, Mr. Andrew T. Johnson, Miss Mary A. 3 Apr 1849 Groom-Charleston  
Kremer, Mr. Fredrick King, Miss Mary 13 Mar 1849 Groom-Charleston  
McNeil, Robert Gilmore, Margaret 20 Dec 1849 Groom-Charleston  
Mazyck, Mr. John W. Vardell, Miss Elizabeth 10 Apr 1850 Groom-Charleston  
Yeadon, Mr. Sleedman Day, Miss Feb 1850 Blank Miss Day written in pencil.
Rogan, Mr. Charles Schwartz, Miss Louisa 16 Nov 1851 Groom-Columbia
Greenland, Dr. Melvin Marshall, Miss Elizabeth 29 Jan 1852 Groom-Charleston  
Chambers, Mr. James Jameson, Miss Christiana 25 Dec 1853 Groom-Charleston  
Dukes, Mr. T. Charlton Lanneau, Miss Elizabeth 14 Jan 1853 Groom-Charleston  
Hanahan, Mr. R. B. Wilson, Miss Adelaide 30 Mar 1853 Groom-Charleston  
Scarilan, Mr. Charles A. Houston, Miss Mary E. 6 Apr 1853 Groom-Charleston  
Bowler, Mr. John Varney, Miss Eleanor 21 Apr 1854 Groom-Charleston  
Huggins, Dr. Herman H. Gray, Miss Louisa E.
4 May 1854 Groom-Sumterville
Moffett, Mr. George H. Simonton, Miss Elizabeth 15 Apr 1854 Groom-Charleston  
Roy, Mr. Thomas Quigley, Miss Ellen 26 May 1854 Blank  
Bell, Mr. Anthony, Miss Jane C. 20 Jun 1855 Groom-Charleston Mr. Bell written in pencil.
Gamble, Mr. Samuel Butler, Miss Catherine 12 Feb 1855 Groom-Charleston  
McNeil, Mr. Thomas Gilmore, Miss Rachel 31 Jan 1855 Both of Charleston  
Neal, Mr. George Marshall, Miss Elizabeth 16 Jan 1855 Groom-Edisto
Pratt, Mr. Charles D. Haslitt, Miss S. Jeannie 12 Jun 1855 Groom-Charleston  
Taylor, Mr. I. B. Hughes, Miss B. F. 29 Mar 1855 Groom-Charleston  
Bancroft, Mr. Burkmeyer, Miss Emily Jun 1856 Groom-Charleston  
Vardell, Mr. William Bell, Miss Jane Dickson 20 May 1857 Groom-Charleston  
Cain, Dr. James Dukes, Miss Louisa 11 Nov 1858 Groom-Charleston  
Reid, Mr. James Burke, Miss Mary 15 Jun 1858 Groom-Charleston  
Rumley, Mr. James G. Percival, Miss Sarah S. 20 Apr 1858 Groom-Beaufort
Thomson, Mr. Daniel Manders, Miss Catherine 24 Apr 1858 Groom-Charleston  
Wilden, Mr. Marshall, Miss Apr 1858 Groom-Charleston  
Raworth, Mr. Geo F. Jones, Miss Lizzie A. 12 Jan 1859 Groom-Charleston  
Eason, Mr. Fred Dewees, Miss Hannah 5 Dec 1860 Groom-Charleston  
Erving, Mr. James Chalmers, Miss Barbara 13 Mar 1860 Groom-Charleston  
Furlong, Mr. John J. Beatty, Miss Margaret 24 Jul 1860 Groom-Charleston  
Hazlehurst, Mr. George Edward Fogartie, Miss Mary M. 25 Feb 1860 Groom-Charleston  
Hughes, Mr. William H. Fraser, Miss Geraldine 21 Mar 1860 Groom-Charleston  
Meyer, Mr. S. B. Magarth?, Miss Georgiana 8 Nov 1860 Groom-Charleston  
Smyth, Mr. James Adger Briggs, Miss Annie R. 14 Mar 1860 Groom-Charleston  
Baker, Rev. Archibald Gilchrist, Miss Mary Eliz. 15 May 1861 Groom-Florida
Carrere, Mr. M. E. Jones. Miss Elizabeth C. 18 Apr 1861 Groom-Charleston  
Albee, Mr. Charles H. McAndan, Miss Nov 1866 Blank  
Glenn, Mr. Daniel Eager, Miss 1866 Blank  
Prince, Mr. McNeill, Miss 1866 Blank  
Vince, Mr. William Rain, Miss Mary Julia 2 Sep 1866 Blank  
Bell, Mr. E. Hamerick Houston, Miss Julia L. 10 Feb 1867 Blank  
Duncan, Mr. Alexander Duncan, Miss Mary Ellen 18 Jul 1867 Blank  
Utes, Mr. John Dumas, Miss Leonora 24 Feb 1867 Blank  
Dupont, Dr. W. Fogartie, Miss Sarah Ann 15 Dec 1868 Blank  
Halsall, W. H. Garrison, Mrs. A. 18 Mar 1869 Blank  
Miscally, Edwin Frances McDermid, Barbara Lobban 27 Jan 1869 Blank  
Burleigh, William H. McNeill, Miss Margaret 17 Mar 1870 Blank  
Sanders, Paul W. Marshall, Lizzie 12 Apr 1870 Blank  

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