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St. James Parish, Goose Creek Church & Cemetery

Berkeley County, SC
Charleston County, SC
Dorchester County, SC
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This church is located in Goose Creek on Vestry Ln. We could not go into the church to photograph because the caretaker was not available, but hope to in the future. The first half of this page is the information from inside the church transcribed by the DAR. The second half is the cemetery both inside and outside the brick wall with pictures of each headstone.

Click on Image for a larger view:

Back of Church

Left side of Church

Right Side of Church

Cememtery Gate & Dedication Placques

The following tablets are within the church.

(At left of chancel):

St. James Parish Goose Creek
estiblished by act of assembly
November 30th 1706
organized April 14th 1707
First church built about 1707
Present church built about 1713
Church consecrated April 17th 1745


Rev. Francis Le Jau D.D. 1707-1717
Rev. Richard Ludinm A.M. 1723-1728
Rev. Timothy Millechamp A.M. 1732-1748
Rev. Robert Stone A.M. 1749-1751
Rev. James Harrison A.M. 1752-1774
Rev. Edward Ellington A.M. 1775-1793
Rev. Milward Pogson 1796-1806
Rev. John Thompson 1806-1808

(At right of chancel):




(In North Wall near door):

To perpetuate the Memory of:

Edward Middleton Esq. who arrived in the Province of South Carolina in the year 1678, settled at the "Oaks" near this church, was of the Grand Council of Carolina and died in 1685.

(In Floor in front of chancel):


(On wall to left of chancel):


(On south wall near door.)


Grave stones in yard of church.


  • Major General William Moultrie
    South Carolina
    Major General
    Continental Army
    December 4, 1930
    September 27, 1805
    Thanks of Congress
  • Major William Moultrie
    Sacred to the memory of Major Wilm Moultrie who departed this life Dec 10, 1796, 44 years old.
    He was a man of ???? Worth whose ???? of manner and uniform ???? throughout life Sacred to him, the esteem & Admiration of all who knew him.
    View Footstone
  • Edward Ainslie Brailsford
    Sacred to the memory of EDW Ainslie Brailsford died Oct 19, 1805 age 4mo, 3 days, Best Loved Babe. Wait till the mighty ill then be unchanged and be an angel still.
  • William Ainslie Moultrie
    Underneath are deposited the remains of William Ainslie Moultrie, Esq. who departed this life on the 29th of August 1811. He lived in the anxious pursuit of TRUTH & JUSTICE and in the constance observance of the social and manly virtues.
    He Died (Alas How Soon!) with the Piety & Resignation of a Christian. His inconsolable sister a dedicated friend.
    ????? this tablet. To His Worth & Their Affection.
    "He was of Soul Sincere"
    "In Action Faithful & In Honor Clear."
  • Smith (On top of brick vault inside brick wall)



    View Sinkler Stone          View Sinkler Footstone



    View Archibald's Stone               View Mary's Stone
    View Archibald's Footstone          View Mary's Footstone


    View Elfe Stone


    View Ann Mazyck Stone     View Mary Mazyck Stone     View Ann Mazyck 1785


    View Desel Stone     Read Stone     Read Stone Cont.


    View Stitt Stone

    Cambridge (Table Stone with coat of arms.)


    View Glover Stone          View Glover Footstone


    View Withers Stone          View Withers Footstone


    View Pennington Stone          View Pennington Footstone


    View Henry's Stone

    Side One     Side Two     Side Three     Side Four


    View Coachman Vault          View Inscription


    View McBride Headstone          View McBride Footstone


    View Hesley Stone          View Hesley Footstone


    View Collins Stone


    View Broun Stone


    (This first stone, inscribed in Latin, does not mark the grave of Thomas Bromley who was buried at "Steepbrook", 1765, but was placed here at a much later date.)

    View Bromley Stone


    Graves Outside Brick Wall


    View Stone          View Inscription


    View Ferdinanda's Stone          View Ferdinanda's Inscription
    View Joseph's Stone          View Joseph's Inscription


    View Stone     View Inscription     View Louisa Marker


    View Stone          View Inscription


    View Kenneth Jr. Stone     View Kenneth III Stone     View Yvone Stone


    View Stone          View Inscription


    View Thomas' Stone          View Thomas' Inscription
    View Helen's Stone          View Helen's Inscription


    View Robert's Stone          View Patti's Stone


    View Monument Front     View Albert's Side     View Caroline's Side

    Photographed and Transcribed by Ginny Magee and Sue Snodgrass, November 2002

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